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Green Kratom Variety Packs

Native to Southeast Asia, Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is a unique plant that has evolved to have many variations, including three vein color varieties and numerous strains, which are usually named for the location where the strain originated (or the location where the strain is primarily traded.) One of the three kratom varieties is green kratom, which is favored as a “middle ground” kratom with effects that sit between the more relaxing and analgesic red vein strains and a more energetic and euphoric white vein strains.

In this package you will get 0.5 ounce of each of all our green leaf varieties: Green Thai, Green Malay, Green Borneo, Maeng Da Indo, Green Sumatra, and Maeng Da.

Kratora’s green vein kratom variety pack offers a wonderful opportunity to discover several of our most popular strains, which carry effects that range from euphoric and energetic, to relaxing and mood-lifting. Our variety packs are also available for red vein, white vein, and kratom alternatives including blue lotus, akuamma seeds, mitragyna hirsuta, and kanna.

Green vein kratom is known as such due to the color of the stems and veins that run through the leaf. The kratom tree is native to Southeast Asia, which is the site of numerous islands, each with an isolated population of kratom that lives and thrives in a unique microclimate. These slight climate variations have given rise to literally dozens of different kratom strains which continue to evolve even today. The result is a significant degree of variation amongst the various types of kratom and effects.

Green vein kratom strains tend to be moderate, blending the long-lasting, analgesic, and relaxing properties of red vein, and the euphoric, mood-lifting, and energy-boosting properties of white vein. Here is a look the strains that are included in our green vein kratom variety packs.

Green Thai Kratom

The green Thai kratom strain originated in Thailand, where the working classes enjoyed this plant for many generations. This and other Thai kratom strains are no longer cultivated and traded in this nation due to the 1943 kratom ban, which arose due to to the unique political climate in the region. There have been many recent efforts to legalize kratom in Thailand, but until that occurs, this popular strain will continue to be sourced from Indonesia. Our green vein Thai kratom is a strain that’s extremely popular due to its long-lasting and energetic nature, along with its ability to relieve discomfort. This product is a year-round best-seller and a sure favorite in our green vein kratom variety pack.

Translated, the term “maeng da” literally means “pimp grade” and it is some of the strongest kratom available on the market today. Our green vein maeng da kratom is favored amongst those who are seeking a potent and energetic strain that can relieve discomfort. Many compare maeng da to bali kratom strains in terms of the overall effects. This particular variety originated in Thailand, but due to legal restrictions, it is now cultivated and traded primarily from Indonesia. Green vein maeng da strains are amongst the most carefully cultivated, having undergone intensive grafting — a process used to combine to two plants with favorable properties to form a new, more desirable kratom variety.

Many of our customers prefer our green vein Malay kratom as their favorite go-to strain, as this potent variety is described as extremely euphoric, energetic and long-lasting. Larger quantities are said to be more relaxing in nature. This is a great strain that can be used alone or blended with other kratom strains to fine-tune the nature and duration of the effects. Green Malay kratom originated in the rich forests of Malaysia, which are home to green, red, and white vein varieties. Green vein Malaysian kratom is typically much more potent than strains such as Thai red vein or Bali; in fact, it’s often called “super kratom” due to its potency and effects. Those who find green Malay to be too potent may opt to use it in a blend of multiple kratom strains. Our kratom variety packs are a great choice for those who enjoy mixing kratom strains.

Green Borneo kratom is native to the island of Borneo, which is largely within the nation of Indonesia. Borneo’s biologically diverse jungles are home to many species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on the planet, including this unique green vein Borneo kratom strain. Borneo green vein kratom is still cultivated on this Indonesian island even today, where native cultures have long prized the strain for its energizing properties. This type is often compared to Green Thai and it is said to be quite effective in relieving discomfort without causing sedation as is commonplace with red vein strains. Our green vein Borneo is regarded as being quite stimulating in small quantities, while also bringing some degree of the many other effects that are associated with kratom. This is certain to be a must-try item in your green kratom variety pack!

Our green Sumatra kratom is native to the jungles of this beautiful Indonesian island. Indonesia is a large exporter of green vein Sumatra kratom, which grows wild in many of the island’s old growth forests. These plants have been found to bear leaves with some of the highest alkaloid concentrations, resulting in exceptional potency. Sumatra green vein kratom is commonly regarded as having some of the most energetic properties of all strains, while also promoting a sense of well-being, relaxation and euphoria. This is also a popular strain amongst those who enjoy Thai green vein kratom.

Our maeng da Indo kratom is a more affordable, yet potent strain of maeng da or “pimp grade” kratom. This kratom variety is amongst the most potent and it is said to be associated with intense euphoria and energy. Like virtually all maeng da kratom strains, this Indo kratom strain was developed and perfected over time using grafting. Grafting is a manual process that blends two plants into one, resulting in a more potent, refined kratom strain. This particular maeng da kratom variety is cultivated in Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s most prolific kratom exporters.

Kratora’s team has quite literally traveled the planet searching out new, potent, and unique varieties and strains of kratom. We’ve also expanded our selection to include a number of kratom alternatives, which are now available in a variety pack. In this premium set of green kratom strains, you will receive 0.5 ounces of each of Kratora’s green kratom products, all within one convenient pack! In addition to our green vein kratom variety packs, we also sell variety packs for white vein and red vein strains. This provides enthusiasts with a wonderful opportunity to discover the many different types of kratom, which can then be blended together to achieve the perfect mix for your unique needs and preferences.

In addition to selling a wide range of different kratom strains, we also now offer an array of unique herbs and botanicals, sourced from Africa, Asia and South America. These new products include kanna, kava, akuamma seeds, sakae naa, mitragyna hirsuta, blue lotus and many others. So we invite you to sample our many top quality product offerings, sourced from locations worldwide. Scroll to the top of the page to browse our selection, filtering by region, by effects, and by product type.

The US FDA has not approved this herb to be sold for internal use. Sold for external use only.