Mitragyna Hirsuta

You’re probably familiar with kratom powder (Mitragyna Speciosa); however, you might not have heard of Mitragyna Hirsuta. This botanical (also known as kra thum khok) is a kratom alternative from Southeast Asia and resides in the same family as kratom, meaning that it also offers similar effects: energizing properties at lower doses and relaxing properties at higher doses. Like kratom strains for relaxing, Mitragyna’s effects are generally thought to be milder than kratom making it a great option for first-time users and those seeking general relaxation. This plant contains mitragynine and mitraphylline, two of the best-known alkaloids found in kratom. 


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Bottle of Green Kratom Liquid Extract

I don't usually leave reviews (anywhere) but I have to say this about liquid kratom. I also use powder and gummies but the liquid has a different effect. A dose, for me, is about 1/4 a bottle and the effect is different from gummies and powder -- really subtle. I work on very detailed computer programs and I suddenly realize I've been working productively for a lot longer than usual. As someone who finds it hard to sit still more than an hour at a time, this is pretty incredible for me! So once again, kudos to Kratora for a wonderful product and, as always, fantastic customer service!


Jun 4 2024

Buy White Maeng Da Kratom

Try equal parts of white maeng da with maeng da or green strains . You’ll thank me later.


Jun 1 2024

Pouch of Maeng da Mitragyna speciosa

The best. Mixes well with other strains


Jun 1 2024

Buy White Sumatra Kratom

Uplifting ,balanced energy boost,and mood boost.


May 25 2024

Buy Red Malay Kratom

Relaxing, calm ,night chill tea!


May 25 2024

Pouch of Maeng da Mitragyna speciosa

When I need a boost in energy plus helps discomfort, this is what I use. My staple is Red Thai, but when I need that extra lift in energy, Maeng Da is fantastic and like no other strain that I have tried. This is likely not for beginners or new users as it is a strong strain. I would suggest building up to it OR starting with small doses. If you are a veteran user and haven't tried this strain, the extra cost is justified. You will not need as much to get the effect you seek. I love this one, but do so only occasionally depending on my discomfort and motivation levels. Enjoy!!


May 21 2024

Thai Red Vein Kratom Capsule

I have been using this strain for over 8 years, have tried others, but ALWAYS come back to this one as my staple. As far as effect, it is most useful for discomfort/body effect with a euphoric side effect with the correct dosage. The other part of this strain that i appreciate is the taste. I can mix this powder with a simple liquid like chocolate milk and down it goes without a problem. For discomfort and uplifting mood enhancement, this is a great choice.


May 21 2024

Kratom Bundles

This is a great value for a variety of strains of kratom!


May 15 2024

Buy Maeng Da Kratom Indo Kratom

Kratora kratom is always far superior to the stuff that's sold locally where I live.


May 13 2024

Cherry lime kratom gummies package

Gummies are the most efficient and practical in public bar none. The flavors (which I’ve tried all of them) are what they are, except the cherry limeade which is delicious. I have noticed they hit slower but I’ll trade that in for ease of usage in certain situations any day. A great product!


May 12 2024

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About the Hirsuta Plant

Known colloquially as “kra thum khok,” this tree grows naturally in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and. Similar to kratom, kra thum khok has been used in traditional medicine throughout the region for a long time.

Mitragyna Hirsuta is said to have milder but longer-lasting effects when compared to kratom and is often used as a kratom potentiator as well as being used by itself. If you’re planning to try a different type of kratom, you might like to try this alternative between strains.

Buy Hirsuta Powder from Kratora

Whether kratom is illegal in your state or you are simply looking to buy hirsuta for its mild effects, this Southeast Asian herb is a popular choice. At Kratora, we source pure, organic crushed Mitragyna Hirsuta from our trusted suppliers and are pleased to be able to offer this premium ethnobotanical herb to our customers.

Order hirsuta powder and other kratom alternatives today to receive same-day shipping on orders submitted before 3 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday and 1 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturdays (excluding holidays). For shipping and ordering information, please contact us.


Is Mitragyna Hirsuta legal in the U.S.? 

Our Mitragyna Hirsuta contains mitragynine and mitraphylline which are two of the most known alkaloids in kratom. Since Mitragyna Hirsuta contains many of the same alkaloids as kratom, it may be illegal in the states where kratom is illegal. Customers should always research state or city laws before ordering hirsuta powder.

Does Hirsuta contain 7-hydroxymitragynine? 

Yes. This plant contains low levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine which is one of the main alkaloids from kratom.

Are there different strains of Hirsuta?

No. Hirsuta doesn’t have the wide range of genetic variations that kratom has. However, it can offer effects similar to white-vein kratom in low amounts and effects similar to red-vein kratom in high amounts.

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