50x Extract Kratom

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Kratora’s full spectrum 50x Kratom Extract is a super fine silky powder, with consistency much like talcum powder. To produce this extract, various extraction methods are used resulting in the best Kratom alkaloid content possible. The extraction concentrates on the main alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The US FDA has not approved this herb to be sold for internal use. Sold for external use only.

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Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) has gained popularity in the Western world only in the past decade, but the cultures of Southeast Asia ‘ where kratom trees grow in the wild ‘ have been using this plant for thousands of years.

While Malaysia’s and Thailand’s native cultures have a rich history of kratom use, this is not true for Indonesia, where kratom lacks the tremendous local popularity in modern culture. Although there is evidence that past generations and indigenous Indonesian cultures have used kratom quite extensively.

Native Indonesian cultures long used kratom as a folk remedy for diarrhea, anxiety and pain. It was also used by laborers who enjoyed kratom because it would ease their pain, while also offering a boost of energy and improved mood.

The strains of kratom native to Indonesia have long been used by native cultures who favored the plant for its potent sedative and pain relieving properties. It’s said that Indo kratom has long been favored due to the lower incidence of side effects, particularly when compared to Bali strains, which have been linked to a high incidence of nausea and “the wobbles”.

In Indonesia, kratom grows plentifully in the southern regions of the country. Locally, it is called “Ithang” and “Kakuam”.

Notably, kratom is not illegal in Indonesia. As a result, Indonesian people are free to grow, sell, use and export kratom. In fact, Indonesia has become a top exporter of kratom, largely due to the plant’s illegal status in other areas where it grows naturally, such as Malaysia and Thailand.

In the past few decades, Indonesian kratom – better known as “Indo kratom” – was regarded as being of a lesser quality when compared to kratom leaves that were grown in Thailand or Malaysia. But this differential has been attributed not to the actual Indo kratom strain, but rather, to the lack of local knowledge concerning kratom cultivation.

Up until relatively recently – the past couple decades – Indonesian kratom farmers and harvesters lacked the knowledge required to produce a high quality kratom that is comparable to the quality of leaf that comes out of other Southeast Asian nations, where it has been cultivated for many generations.

In recent years – thanks in large part to the internet and improved education – Indonesian kratom farmers have learned how and when to harvest kratom in a manner that maximizes potency. Most have also mastered other techniques, such as understanding which leaves to harvest and how long to wait until performing the first harvest on a plant.

So today, Indonesia is a top exporter of Indo kratom strains, along with many other varieties of kratom. In fact, Indonesia is home to some of the world’s largest and most productive kratom plantations and the nation’s favorable export laws make it a go-to source for kratom.

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8 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. dosage from plain to 25x 50x extracts

    ggmnk.3rd (verified owner)

    Im a vet using extracts and I just ordered 25x and the 50x. If ya curious of how the grams is equal to plain leaves, I CAN HINT YOU ON. 25X of 1 gram is equal to 5 grams of plain kratom. I like to use extracts as a booster with plain so I would use 3 grams of plain leaf and add .25 grams or 250milgrms to my serving. It adds that KICK to all strains. THE 50X is equal to 10 grms so you can do math there. Not sure of the enhanced ones because I use the 25x and 50x to enhance my favorite strains. Hope this helps.

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  2. No effect whatsoever...

    Kathryn (verified owner)

    I like Kratora, good company. But this product didn’t do anything. I bought 4 packets and now made me sleepy. I like the Horned White and Stem/Vein better.

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  3. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful


    Trey Dixon (verified owner)

    I would say that the 50x is not the product for a novice customer, but it is simply excellent.

    Harder to dissolve than 25x or non-enhanced, the 50x is much more potent than its 25x cousin.

    I recommend it highly.

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  4. A quality extract

    Chris G. (verified owner)

    Typically 50x Extracts are notoriously unreliable – they never come near their advertised and while they usually work their job it always sort of feels like you’re not getting your moneys worth in the end. Kratora’s 50x extract, however, came quite close to living up “as advertised.” Kratora’s 50x extract is not the greatest 50x extract I’ve ever bought, but it is in my top 3… and that deserves credit in of itself.

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  5. 1 out of 2 people found this helpful

    Great product, bad experience

    Sean (verified owner)

    First off, I have used the site for something like 2 years and have never had any problems. This time around, unfortunately, not so much. The products on this site are fantastic. Hands down. The prices are great too. But i racked up about 600 points and was given a 50 dollar gift certificate which i tried using towards my order. I put it through and the card was declined. Tried again. Same thing. For the past two days I have been corresponding with the company and they told me that i had wrong information on the card. This simply was not so. I checked. Double checked. And we called the bank to verify. My account was charged twice and then they were quickly removed. The third time I charged it to place the order it was charged and is currently still processing. i have contacted the bank to let them know that Kratora insists that they did not have the order or the payment so the bank can put a stop to the payment. Again today, I tried using two different cards and applied the discount. Funny thing is now the order went through only with the discount not applied. And my gift card has a zero balance when the order was never processed or sent. So all those points for literally absolutely nothing. Just very disappointing… Thanks Kratora. Note from kratora: Dear Sean, for security reasons, our system uses AVS (Address Verification System) which compares your billing information with the data your bank has on file. If the information doesn’t match, the transaction gets declined. You might see a pending line item in your online bank statement but this will clear automatically as soon as the payment is voided (usually in 24 hours). Your $50 gift certificate was applied to your last order with no problem. Please, contact us back with any further questions you may have. Thanks!

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  6. 1 out of 4 people found this helpful

    Always a pleasure!

    Austin (verified owner)

    So far I’ve loved all Kratora’s products. I’ve tried all the plain leaves so far and all were very good quality. I did some research about extracts before I bought this, and most said to make sure you get a full spectrum so you don’t loose some of those desirable affects. I was pleased to find this one is a full spectrum extract and a pretty fair price as well. Haven’t recieved it yet, but I know I can expect nothing but the best from Kratora. Next I’ll be trying the UIMD…..cause I’m a pimp!

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  7. One person found this helpful

    Can I give it 10 stars???

    Toby (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing kratom for more than 3 years, I have got scammed with tinctures and extracts before but since kratora has such quality products I thought I would give this one a try. All I can say is that this extract is absolutely wonderful, probably one of the best out there. This one along with the UEI are my absolutely favorites!

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  8. 3 out of 4 people found this helpful

    Great Extract!!!!!

    Samuel (verified owner)

    I don’t know why people give this product bad or medium ratings. This extract is excellent! Expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for, that is for sure! I have tried kratom extracts from some other vendors and the quality of kratora is far more superior. Kratora, you have a costumer for life!

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  9. One person found this helpful

    Best in the industry.

    John (verified owner)

    Most suppliers claim 50X for extra powdered product. There product is an actual extract. It is well woth it’s price if not devalued. Stick to this company and look no further. I will never go anywhere else. Thanks for being such a reliable business.

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