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Our Kratom Guide: Types of Kratom & Location

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Across the tropical landscapes of Southeast Asia, the kratom tree has grown in abundance for hundreds of years. From Indonesia to Thailand, few other plants have played such an integral role in the shaping of Southeast Asia’s societies, cultures, and global commerce.

Such a variety, however, can make it difficult to compile one distinctive kratom chart of types or strains. Today, kratom’s legacy lives on through the many kratom variants or “strains” that are unique to various Southeast Asian regions. Just as Borneo’s climate differs from that of Sumatra, each type of kratom is imbued with distinctive properties.

While the sizeable diversity of kratom strains allows for a greater breadth of options, the sheer scope of choice can also be intimidating for buyers. So, whether you’re a kratom newcomer or a kratom enthusiast, we hope this kratom guide can help shed light on the different types of kratom powder — and if they might be right for you.

Kratom Types and Locations


Kratom Types Seen in Our Kratom Chart

Bali Kratom

Hailing from the mountainous Bali province of Indonesia, Bali kratom consistently tops the kratom charts as one of the most popular kratom variants available. Due to Bali’s high temperatures, humidity, and heavy seasonal volume of rain, the region is particularly suitable for kratom trees which grow naturally and deliberately throughout the island.

Although Bali kratom is available in various strain colors, Red Bali kratom is perhaps the best-selling variant. As indicated by kratom guides, quality Red Bali kratom powders possess a relaxing and soothing aroma and are recommended for those looking to unwind or de-stress. You can tell a premium-grade Bali kratom powder apart from other, inferior-grade products by assessing its consistency: high-quality Bali kratom is light, finely-ground, and aromatic. If you’re trying to determine where to start your kratom journey, Bali kratom is unlikely to disappoint — there’s a reason it’s at the top of most connoisseur’s kratom charts! The strain’s rich history is matched only by its potency which continues to impress even the most seasoned kratom enthusiasts to this day.

Tropical island

Malay Kratom

As one of the most biodiverse areas of the world, perhaps it’s no surprise that Malaysia and kratom share a common history. The plant thrives in Malaysia’s tropical rainforest climate, receiving plenty of moisture and sun year-round. As a result of the plant’s accessibility, various indigenous Malaysian populations have traditionally used kratom to alleviate aches and pains, insomnia, fever, anxiety, and other maladies.

However, unlike other regions covered in this kratom guide, Malaysia has taken a strict political stance on kratom. In 1952, the country enacted the Poisons Act, effectively deeming the once naturally-present plant illegal.

As depicted by kratom charts, Malay kratom strains are held in high regard by consumers and experts alike. Green Malay’s aroma is generally considered to be mood-lifting and energizing, while Red Malay’s aroma is usually described as mood-lifting and relaxing.

Thai Kratom

Often ranked among the most iconic kratom variants, Thai kratom is also considerably perplexing. Many kratom guides suggest that these strains originate in Thailand. However, given Thailand’s kratom ban and restrictive kratom policies, it’s more likely that they’re grown, harvested, and exported from elsewhere.

By all accounts, Thailand’s climate is ideal for kratom cultivation: monsoon seasons drive warm, moist air across the country, producing hot and humid conditions in which kratom can thrive. However, in 1943, Thailand enacted the Kratom Act 2486 which made planting the kratom tree throughout Thailand illegal. Several decades later, the Thai government would classify kratom as a Category V narcotic, further stunting the possibility of industry growth. As a result, Indonesia would eventually fulfill the world’s trade demands and surpass Thailand on the kratom charts to become the world’s largest supplier of kratom.

Today, the aromas of the most popular Thai kratom strains — Red Thai and Green Thai — are described by kratom guides and kratom charts as relaxing and stimulating, respectively.


Borneo Kratom

As the third-largest island in the world, Borneo is home to a diverse selection of endemic flora and fauna. Its vast stretches of rainforest cover and shade hundreds of life forms — one of which is the kratom tree.

Although Borneo is politically divided, the island’s Indonesian and Malaysian territories house hundreds of kratom plantations with strains that consistently rank at the top of kratom charts. In recent decades, the region’s economy has primarily revolved around oil, gas, and lumber, but Borneo kratom has maintained local and global popularity as a valuable commodity.

In kratom guides, Borneo kratom strains consistently rank among classics like Maeng Da and Bali. One of the most popular Borneo variants, Green Borneo, is renowned for its energizing and mood-boosting aroma. Those left unsatisfied by Green Borneo would be well-advised to try its white-veined counterpart, White Borneo, which features a potent stimulating and uplifting aroma.

Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra kratom originates from Sumatra, an island of Indonesia. The region is home to many unique species of plants and animals, including the Sumatran rhinoceros, Sumatran elephant, and Sumatran tiger — many of which are endangered. What isn’t endangered, however, is the island’s kratom population which has continued to flourish due to the island’s ideal growing conditions.

Although Sumatra kratom (sometimes referred to as Sumatran kratom) can be somewhat rare and difficult to find, some kratom guides have noted that Sumatra kratom appears to be longer-lasting than other kratom strains. As a result, Sumatran kratom strains might be particularly suitable for shoppers who are looking to maximize the value and “mileage” of their purchases.

Kratom charts often regard White Sumatra’s aroma as stimulating and mood-boosting, while the aroma of Red Sumatra is soothing and relaxing in comparison. Green Sumatra exists as a “middle-ground” option between the two and appears to possess a somewhat energizing and uplifting aroma.

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