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Blue Lotus & Muira Puama – South American Herbs

Central and South American cultures have a rich history of using native plants, herbs, and botanicals for a wide range of applications. From South American herbal remedies, to culinary dishes and tea, to building materials and everyday items such as toothbrushes, ancient civilizations such as the Mayans had no shortage of uses for the hundreds of different local plant varieties. While kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is only found in Asia, there are a number of rather remarkable Central or South American herbs. One notable botanical is called muira puama. Muira puama is regarded as a popular kratom alternative and it is just now beginning to gain popularity in the U.S., Europe and beyond.

About Muira Puama and South American Herbs

South America has some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, to the Andes mountains that span several nations including Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. As a result, native cultures had access to a vast array of herbs and botanicals, which have been harvested and traded for millennia. This eco-diversity has led to the formation of some very unique South American herbal remedies, dating as far back as the Aztecs and Mayan cultures.

Muira puama is just one of the many plants that have been used by South American cultures for  countless generations. But notably, there was another plant that South Americans and ancient Egyptians treasured: the blue lotus flower. Today, this water lily only grows in Africa, including in the famed Nile River. But back when the Mayan Civilization was in existence, the blue lotus flower was also found in South America, where it was prized for its very unique properties.

At Kratora, we carry both muira puama and blue lotus products, including blue lotus extract, dried whole flowers, and flower powder. Here is a closer look at muira  puama and its unique properties.

  • Muira puama – Muira puama (ptychopetalum olacoides) is a tree that’s native to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Reaching heights of up to 50 feet, the muira puama tree has small white flowers with a scent that’s similar to jasmine. Native Amazonian cultures used muira puama for a number of different applications, including as an aphrodisiac for both men and women, as an energy booster, and as a way to relieve discomfort. In fact, it was regarded as such an effective aphrodisiac that it came to be known as “erection root” and “potency wood.” Traditionally, it was soaked overnight with catuaba bark and water. Researchers have also found that muira puama contains compounds that promote lucid dreaming, improved memory, and enhanced cognition. The compounds are said to inhibit acetyl cholinesterase — a compound which degrades a key neurotransmitter that has been identified as vital for a good memory and healthy cognitive function. At Kratora, we carry a 4:1 muira puama extract which is made from the tree’s shredded bark.

Our muira puama extract is more concentrated than raw muira puama bark, but it’s vital that shoppers understand that the extraction figure may not necessarily align with the increase in potency. For instance, a 4:1 extract is not necessarily 4 times more potent; instead, this figure simply indicates that 4 parts have been concentrated into 1 part. But some potency can be lost during the extraction process, so it’s important to keep this in mind when purchasing extracts. This rule of thumb tends to be true for all extract products, regardless of the manufacturer or the extract’s concentration.

Kratora is continually searching the globe for new, fascinating botanicals that our customers will enjoy. Our team travels worldwide to seek out the best and most potent herbs and botanicals, from the many well-known varieties and strains of kratom, to lesser-known plants such as muira puama, kanna, and akuamma seeds. If there’s a particular kratom alternative or other botanical offering that you’d like to see added to Kratora’s e-shop, we encourage you to contact us today. Scroll to the top of the page to browse our selection, filtering by region, by effects, and by product type.