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Relax and Stop Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety and stress can be absolutely crippling. And while there are many treatments and medications available to help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety, some drugs carry side effects that are just as bad or even worse than the original problem! This leaves many Googling queries such as, “How to get rid of anxiety naturally” and “What are the best natural panic attack remedies.” As a result, many have turned to botanicals to stop anxiety naturally. Kratora sells a range of different plant-based products, including kratom, mitragyna hirsuta, fermented and unfermented kanna, akuamma seed powder, kava extract, and blue lotus flower extract.

Is it Possible to Relax and Stop Anxiety Naturally?

Anxiety and stress can be very disruptive on a mental, physical, and emotional level. As such, achieving true relaxation can be quite challenging since you’re dealing with the body, mind, and emotions. What’s more, each person’s experience with anxiety and stress is somewhat unique. One individual may have nearly all mental and emotional symptoms, while others may have significant physical manifestations of that stress response. This variance means that counteracting anxiety and stress is a very complex and highly individualized process.

The same degree of variation is also seen when it comes to actually finding relaxation; something that’s relaxing to one person may cause agitation in another individual. This means that it’s impractical to expect a universal relaxation remedy. In short, you’ll need to perform a bit of experimentation to find a solution that works well for your unique needs and situation. It’s also important to remember that when exploring different natural remedies for anxiety and relaxation, you will see different effects depending upon how a substance is used and the amount of a substance that’s utilized.

Red vein kratom strains are quite popular amongst those who use botanicals as they strive to get rid of anxiety naturally. That’s because this type of kratom is associated with sedation and relaxation, along with gentle euphoria and pain relief. But kratom isn’t the only plant that is popular amongst individuals seeking to stop anxiety naturally. Kanna, kava, mitragyna hirsuta, and blue lotus flower has also gained favor amongst those who are looking for ways to reduce anxiety with natural herbs and botanicals.

All products sold on Kratora’s website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.  All of our products on this website are not sold for human consumption, and are for incense or ethnobotanical research purposes only.

About Kratom and Relaxation

Native to Southeast Asia, kratom (mitragyna speciosa) has been used by many generations as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress, pain, and even depression. Kratom contains over a dozen alkaloids which have been found to act upon the brain’s receptors in a manner that’s similar to many different prescription medications.

Of kratom’s three basic varietiesgreen vein, red vein, and white veinit’s the red vein that’s renowned for its relaxing properties. Some of Kratora’s most popular strains include Thai red vein kratom, ultra enhanced Indo (UEI), red vein Sumatra, and red vein Kali. One of our newest kratom strains is Bentuangie, which is native to the jungle of Indonesia.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally With Herbs and Botanicals

Kratom isn’t alone in its popularity in home remedies to stop anxiety naturally. There are many other botanicals that are now very well-regarded amongst individuals seeking natural relaxation remedies and preparations. Some of the most popular products at Kratora include the following.

  • Mitragyna hirsuta – Also known as kra thum khok, this plant is a relative of kratom. Like mitragyna speciosa, this plant also originated in Southeast Asia where it has long been used as a natural remedy to promote relaxation and good mood. Researchers have found that mitragyna hirsuta contains an alkaloid called mitraphylline. Mitraphylline impacts receptors in the brain, resulting in pain reduction, relaxation, and other effects.
  • Fermented kanna – Fermented kanna (sceletium tortuosum) is made from the roots of the kanna plant. The fermentation process subsequently strengthens the kanna’s effects. The Hotentot tribe of South Africa has traditionally used kanna for pain relief and relaxation.  
  • Kava extract – Kava kava root has been prized amongst Pacific Islanders for hundreds of years, as they turned the root into a drink that brought a range of effects such as euphoria, relaxation, and freedom from anxiety and pain.
  • Blue lotus flower extract -The blue lotus flower (nymphaea caerulea)also known as the Egyptian lotus and the blue water lilyhas been used since ancient times. The flower contains a psychoactive alkaloid called aporphine, which has been associated with pain relief, relaxation, and a gentle euphoria. The extract is a bit more concentrated than the dried whole flower or blue lotus flower powder.

Kratora has sourced top quality botanicals from the furthest corners of the planet, including many strains of kratom, mitragyna hirsuta, blue lotus, kava, kanna and many others. Simply scroll to the top of the page to browse our selection, filtering by region, by effects, and by product type.

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