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Quick Start Guide to Kratom

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What You Need to Know as a First-Time Kratom Buyer

As a first-time kratom buyer, it’s important to note that kratom is not currently approved for human consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, we can only sell it as an unapproved dietary ingredient, sold for external use only.

We’re unable to sell or market kratom for human consumption, nor can we offer advice on taking it orally as this would be considered a violation of the current U.S. laws.

To this end, as a compliant vendor, we sell kratom for botanical uses and research purposes only.

How Much Kratom Do I Need?

In smaller quantities (usually ranging from 1 to 4 grams), kratom tends to have an “aroma” that is more stimulating and invigorating.

In larger quantities (5 grams or more), kratom’s “aroma” is more soothing and relaxing.

Remember that kratom extracts are more concentrated. It’s generally best to start with a smaller quantity of kratom when seeking a specific “aroma.” Remember you can always add more kratom to the mix if you decide you’d prefer a larger quantity. Whereas if you accidentally utilize too much kratom, you may encounter challenges (i.e. it’s impossible to remove excess kratom from a soap mix or incense blend.)

Which Kratom Variety Do I Choose?

Choosing the right kratom strain and variety can be a challenge. Don’t get overwhelmed. Each strain of kratom has slightly different properties. The strains are each named for the region where it is cultivated, including Bali, Sumatra, Thai, Indo (for Indonesia), Malay (for Malaysia) and Kali (for the Kalimantan region on the island of Borneo.)

In addition to kratom strains, you’ll also see reference to type or color. There are three basic types of kratom: green vein, white vein and red vein. The vein color refers to the color of the stem and the vein that runs through the leaves.

Each strain is slightly different in terms of the “aroma,” but generally speaking:

  • Red vein kratom varieties tend to have the most relaxing and soothing “aroma;”
  • White vein kratom varieties tend to have the most stimulating and invigorating “aroma.”
  • Green vein kratom tends to be a middle ground. Its “aroma” is both stimulating and invigorating in smaller quantities and more relaxing and soothing in larger quantities.

We recommend keeping it simple. Choose a kratom vein color from below based on your preferences. Once you have a baseline feel free to try a couple varieties of that color to see which kratom variety produces the most desirable “aroma” for you.


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