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Third-Party Lab Testing (Kratom Alkaloid Percentage & Purity)

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Request Lab Test Results For Any Of Our Products

At Kratora, we are committed to providing high-quality kratom that is fresh, natural, and safe. All of our kratom powders, kratom capsules, and other kratom products undergo 3rd-party lab testing, and we happily provide the test results so that you always know what you’re getting. When it comes to the kratom alkaloid percentage and product purity, we believe in maintaining total transparency.

Our Kratom Testing Commitment

  1. All testing is completed by a reputable 3rd-party lab. By outsourcing our kratom alkaloid testing to a neutral testing laboratory that specializes in chemical analysis, we’re able to ensure accurate, thorough results with no conflicts of interest.
  2. Our partner lab tests for kratom alkaloid percentages so that you always know how much mitragynine is in the kratom you buy.
  3. Our partner lab tests for foreign adulterants (additives) as well as heavy metals like mercury and natural contaminants like salmonella, E. coli, yeast, and molds. You can rest assured that the product you receive contains only natural kratom in its purest form.
  4. We continuously submit new batches of kratom for testing. You can be confident that your lab results are recent and accurate—the dates are posted right on the certificate.

How to View Kratom Alkaloid Testing Results

When you buy kratom products from Kratora, you have access to the lab testing results on demand. If you have detailed questions, we’re happy to provide a certificate of analysis on any of our products. And if you have questions about the lab results for any specific products, you can always reach out to our customer service team.

Request a Certificate of Authenticity for Any Kratora Products

Ensure premium quality and maximum peace of mind—always ask for the lab results.

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Request Lab Test Results For Any Of Our Products

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10 thoughts on “Third-Party Lab Testing (Kratom Alkaloid Percentage & Purity)

  1. As noted above, ‘………testing at an FDA-compliant, California facility.’ Does this mean Kratora participates in the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program?

    1. Hi Crystal! Thank you for visiting our shop. Kratora does participate in Good Manufacturing Practices, we just have not yet signed up with the American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices.

  2. Why do you not test for pesticides when it says organic Kratom? How can I be assured it’s organic and why not test for that? Asthat is the most important thing!

  3. Manuela,
    TY for your responses, however, I just checked again and even did a search for Kratora Kratom. Could your email be coming from a different name? TY

    1. Hi Maria,
      You should have received an email from Colleen Kratora with the lab results on May, 27th. I have also sent you an email right now from Kratora, please check your spam folder if you can’t see them. If you haven’t received them, please email us at [email protected].

  4. Hi, again.
    Just wondering how long it takes to receive a response from Kratora regarding a request for Certificates of Analysis? I placed my request about one hour ago, 12-1:00 EST. TY

    1. Hi Maria,
      We have already sent you the certificate. Kindly note that this submission is not an automated process, our team sends it manually, that’s why you didn’t receive it instantly.
      Please feel free to contact us if you need more info, we’ll be glad to help!

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