7 Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

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No one wants to live with pain, and particularly pain that goes on and on for weeks, months, and even years. Sometimes pain begins with a traumatic accident or surgery. Other times, pain comes on slowly as the result of inflammatory, autoimmune, or degenerative disease. However it starts, chronic pain can make even the most basic of day-to-day activities more difficult.

Fortunately, many natural remedies for pain exist that offer alternative health solutions. We’ll take a look at seven of these promising holistic living remedies and how they can provide organic pain relief to your pain.

Organic Pain Relief Choices: 

Virgin Olive Oil

A staple of Mediterranean diets for centuries, virgin olive oil is produced by crushing olives mechanically without heat or chemicals. Traditionally associated with a longer and healthier life, it is only recently that the mechanisms by which virgin olive oil may work to slow down the progression of chronic diseases are beginning to be understood.

In 2011, researchers discovered a phenolic compound in virgin olive oil called oleocanthal that demonstrates powerful anti-inflammatory effects and may contribute to the oil’s ability to fight disease. In fact, the effectiveness of this compound as an anti-inflammatory has been likened to that of ibuprofen (an over-the-counter NSAID drug) while avoiding the risks that NSAIDS pose to heart, stomach, and kidney function.


Heading across to India, we find a spice that is ubiquitous in traditional cooking and is also used among natural remedies for pain in ayurvedic medicine: Curcuma longa or turmeric. While this spice is usually dried and ground into a powder for culinary use (think curries and golden milk), scientists are now studying the therapeutic potential of standardized turmeric extracts.

A 2014 paper from three Belgian universities describes the effects of the standardized Curcuma extract Flexofytol® when taken in capsule form by patients suffering from osteoarthritis. When taken at a dosage of 4-6 capsules per day for 6 weeks, the patients found that their pain levels decreased, their joint mobility improved, and their quality of life also improved—all with no unwanted side effects! While randomized controlled trials are still needed for this and other natural remedies for pain, the study appears very hopeful that turmeric could provide organic pain relief in people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions.



If you need another reason to love Indian cuisine (or an excuse to drink more cups of delicious Masala chai), the Zingiber officinale root—commonly known as ginger—is a low-cost and accessible option among natural remedies for pain.

Ginger and Knee Arthrosis

In 2017, a team of researchers from Italy studied the effects of a standardized ginger and Echinacea extract on patients with knee arthritis who did not respond to NSAIDs. The results of this pilot study were overwhelmingly positive, with pain levels and knee circumference measures (related to inflammation) decreasing after 30 days of supplementation with 25 mg of ginger and 5 mg of Echinacea.

A Meta-Analysis of Ginger and Pain Relief

A systematic review and meta-analysis from several universities worldwide in 2015 also found that natural remedies for pain from the Zingiberaceae family (including turmeric, ginger, galangal, and Javanese ginger) demonstrate significant pain-relieving properties without the renal (kidney) problems associated with NSAIDs. 

While these studies examined standardized extracts of ginger, echinacea, and members of the ginger family, using fresh or powdered ginger and turmeric in your home cooking could still provide organic pain relief for your overall health—as well as delighting the taste buds!


An extract of the hemp plant, CBD has become one of the most popular natural remedies for pain in the last decade. 
An animal study from the European Journal of Pain showed that topically applied CBD could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Another study also found that CBD can help inhibit hard-to-treat chronic pain like inflammation and neuropathy. Not all cannabis-based pain-relief studies focus exclusively on CBD: a 2019 study with rats found that cannabidiol (CBD) had an analgesic effect and reduced anxiety in the face of neuropathic pain.


Essential-Oil Infusions for Topical Use

Not too keen on taking natural remedies for pain orally? A cream that has been infused with essential oils might be the answer for organic pain relief if your pain is concentrated in a specific area. In a 2014 study, patients suffering from neck pain applied 2 g of a cream infused with marjoram, lavender, black pepper, and peppermint essential oils or a placebo (an unscented cream) every day after bathing for 4 weeks. The results were measured using both pain and mobility tools and it was found that the essential oil cream group performed better than the control group with regards to pain tolerance and range of motion.

Speaking of oils, you can even add a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite cream or lotion and apply topically for organic pain relief, too!

Aerobic Exercise

When you suffer from chronic lower-back pain, exercise is often the last thing on your mind. However, a 2015 meta-analysis from China shows that regular aerobic exercise could reduce the intensity of pain experienced by CLBP sufferers as well as improving their mental and physical health in general. As a treatment that costs little or nothing, simply getting out and moving could turn out to be one of the easiest natural remedies for pain that exists.

Natural Sunlight 

Exercising outdoors has more than just the exercise advantage if you are trying to lower your pain levels. A 2005 study from Pennsylvania found that natural sunlight alone can actually lower perceived levels of stress, reduce pain levels slightly, and lower the use of analgesic medications by 22%. If your mobility is severely reduced, spending the majority of your time in a sunny room can enable you to make the most of this mood-boosting organic pain relief method without even leaving the house!

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