CBD With Yoga: How CBD Can Benefit Your Yoga Practice

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As people have discovered what CBD is, the product has risen from relative obscurity to become one of the most popular alternative substances of our time. The cannabinoid’s ability to elevate mood, reduce discomfort, and decrease inflammation while remaining non-intoxicating have earned CBD significant acclaim, including the creation of CBD laws and support of lawmakers around the world.

Perhaps best of all, CBD is a versatile substance, which allows users to seamlessly integrate it into their lives in various ways. For instance, while other substances — whether plant-derived or not — don’t mix well with aerobic activity, CBD and exercise go hand-in-hand. In fact, cannabinoid oil has gained considerable popularity within the yoga scene, where yoga enthusiasts are using CBD to enhance their practice in various ways.

CBD With Yoga: Increase Your Energy

Sometimes, mustering up the energy to attend a yoga class is difficult. While exercise has been proven to raise our energy levels by boosting mitochondrial function, everyday stressors can rapidly drain us of our will to exercise — even if we know it’s good for us.

Thankfully, CBD can increase your motivation to attend a yoga class, but not by giving you energy in the way that a stimulant like caffeine might. Instead, CBD and exercise promote energy by reducing inflammation — a natural protective function of the body that, when kicked into overdrive, can drastically reduce our energy levels.

By suppressing cytokine and chemokine production — two pro-inflammatory proteins found in the body — CBD can help decrease the pain, discomfort, and soreness that might otherwise prevent us from attending a yoga class. 

As you might imagine, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make CBD with yoga or other forms of exercise a stellar combination — and yoga enthusiasts have definitely caught on. Experienced yoga practicers often rely on CBD to reduce physical discomfort and increase their mobility before challenging yoga classes. On the other hand, CBD can also benefit yoga beginners by helping to alleviate the soreness and stiffness often encountered during first-time sessions.

Other evidence suggests that CBD and exercise are complementary because, in small doses, CBD acts as a mild stimulant. In this study, the authors noted that “low-dose CBD has been associated with increased wakefulness,” while affirming that high-dose CBD had the opposite effect. As a result, CBD in small quantities could give you an extra energetic edge before a yoga session. Just make sure not to overindulge, or you might catch yourself nodding off in the middle of a class!


Enhance Your Focus by Alleviating Stress

Yoga can be an exhilarating experience, but the satisfaction of an intense yoga session can be dampened if your mind is elsewhere. From financial concerns to worrying about our loved ones, we often enter yoga class with the intention of leaving our stressors at the door, but they can sometimes follow us inside despite our best intentions.

Thankfully, CBD and exercise can work synergistically to help you increase your focus during yoga sessions. With the right amount of CBD for focus, you can gain the clarity you might need to maximize the therapeutic value of each and every pose.

As researchers have found, CBD has anxiolytic properties, meaning that it actively reduces stress responses in the body. In particular, one study found that CBD reduces levels of cortisol, a hormone that moderates stress. 

Although some amount of cortisol is normal, high cortisol levels can exacerbate anxiety and cause us to worry needlessly. Aside from distracting you during a yoga session, elevated cortisol levels are also associated with weight gain, heart disease, and impaired memory and learning.

The good news is that CBD and exercise are highly effective at reducing cortisol. And, by pairing CBD with yoga simultaneously, you can deliver a powerful one-two punch to your stress levels. Namaste, indeed.

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Promote Recovery

Once you’ve rolled up your yoga mat, rehydrated, and called it a day after your yoga session, the benefits of CBD don’t stop there!

After consumption, CBD has an active duration of up to 4-5 hours and a lengthy half-life of 18-32 hours. As a result, taking CBD before exercise will allow you to reap the cannabinoid’s benefits long after your class ends — many of which can help boost recovery.

As we mentioned previously, reducing your cortisol levels is a great way to stay focused during yoga practice — something that CBD excels at. However, outside of yoga class, elevated cortisol levels can continue to affect your training by impairing recovery and slowing muscle growth. Fortunately, CBD with yoga can promote healthful recovery by keeping your cortisol levels in-check and ensuring your body gets the opportunity to recharge and recuperate before your next session.

Aside from lowered cortisol, sleep plays a foundational role in recovery from exercise like yoga. Without proper rest, our bodies aren’t able to repair and rebuild themselves in anticipation of future aerobic or strength training.  

Fortunately, CBD and exercise work well in-tandem here, too. Your sleep quality is highly dependent on your body’s level of a neurotransmitter called adenosine, which gradually increases throughout the day and helps prep the body for rest. As studies have illustrated, CBD actively raises adenosine levels by lowering adenosine reuptake, resulting in a stronger desire to sleep and in turn, increased recovery.

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