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Top Quality CBD Oil for Sale Now on Kratora

Kratora now offers more than just the most popular premium kratom varieties, kanna, kava kava, blue lotus flower and other botanicals; we now have top-quality CBD oil for sale! CBD oil—also known as cannabidiol oil—is available in a number of delicious flavors and varieties, including Forbidden Fruit, Paradise Punch, Tiger’s Blood and Pleasant Peppermint.

CBD oil has gained favor amongst many individuals. Studies have found that CBD oil can serve as a stimulant, lessen anxiety, reduce the symptoms of depression, reduce inflammation, minimize pain and discomfort, improve acne and inflammatory skin conditions, and reduce seizure frequency and intensity.

Notably, Kratora only sells isolates, so our CBD oils do not contain THC. This means that there is no chance that you’ll accidentally get a false-positive on a drug test that screens for the presence of THC. That’s great news for federal employees, individuals who must take court-ordered drug tests, and individuals working in a private sector industry that requires routine drug testing.

Note: These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

What Are the Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oil effects are many and varied. In fact, researchers are still investigating new uses and therapeutic applications of CBD oil. Studies have found that CBD oil’s effects can include improvements in anxiety and depression, reduced pain levels, reduced inflammation, improvements in acne, and a reduction in seizure intensity and frequency. CBD oil has gentle stimulant effects, although some individuals with insomnia have also found success with CBD oil.

There are lots of ongoing studies surrounding a range of other CBD oil effects and potential therapeutic uses, which may include reducing cancerous tumor growth, reducing the risk of developing diabetes, reversing the neurological effects of addiction and even antipsychotic properties. In June 2018, the FDA even approved a CBD oil-based drug for patients with Dravet Syndrome, a form of epilepsy.

Is CBD Oil the Same as Hemp Oil?

No. CBD oil is different from hemp oil. CBD oil is derived from the leaves, stalks and flowers of the hemp plant. Meanwhile, hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds. Hemp oil and CBD oil contain many of the same components and even share lots of the same properties. But they are two distinct and different oils created from different parts of the hemp plant.

Can You Get High Off CBD Oil?

No. CBD Oil has no THC or very low levels of THC. THC is the compound that’s believed to be primarily responsible for a marijuana high. Kratora sells isolates only, meaning that our CBD oil does not contain any THC. But even the THC levels found within even the purest, highest quality CBD oil are far lower than what are found in marijuana.

As a comparison, a typical serving of a CBD oil with THC will contain less than 0.1mg per serving, which is 400 to 600 times lower than the 40mg to 60mg of THC that may be contained within a single marijuana cigarette. Since Kratora’s CBD oil is free of THC, you won’t need to worry about any unexpected effects.

Will CBD Oil Cause Me to Test Positive for Marijuana on a Drug Test?

Generally, no, CBD oil will not cause you to see a positive test result on a drug test for marijuana. This is particularly true of isolate CBD oil, such as the products we sell here at Kratora. Our CBD oil is THC-free, so it does not contain the most common compound that drug screens are seeking. It should be noted that some the older and more simple, unsophisticated drug tests may register a false “positive” result from CBD oil containing THC. These simple “yes or no” tests do not have the ability to detect the amount of the key compounds like THC and metabolites.

But these false-positives are fairly rare now. That’s because drug test manufacturers have adapted their tests in response to the popularity of CBD oil and other hemp-related products. A more sophisticated drug test can detect not only the presence of various compounds; it can also measure the approximate amount of those compounds. As a result, virtually all modern, good quality drug tests can easily differentiate between CBD oil and marijuana use. And since Kratora’s CBD oil is THC-free, there is virtually no chance of seeing a false-positive result, even on older, less sophisticated drug screens.

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