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Cooking With CBD Oil: New Ways to Incorporate Your Favorite CBD

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With all the delicious flavors of CBD oil that we sell here at Kratora, it’s no wonder we’ve been asked about ideas for cooking with CBD oil. Paradise Punch with a side of reduced inflammation, decreased anxiety, and improved sleep? Yes, please! Check out our top tips for creating the best CBD isolate recipes with our online collection of premium CBD oils.

Tips for Cooking with CBD Isolate

A flashback to the days of infused brownies and space cakes, Cannabis sativa and its derivatives have come to be closely associated with sweet treats over time. However, the latest CBD isolate craze has turned this around. Not only are cannabidiol (CBD) isolates completely free from the psychoactive cannabinoid THC — meaning that these oils won’t get you “high” — they also offer the convenience of an oil as opposed to dry herb or potent tincture.

Fat’s Best Friend

Many CBD enthusiasts already enjoy the energizing perks of CBD with their morning cup of caffeinated joe, but the uses of CBD go beyond just beverages. CBD oil, unsurprisingly, is absorbed more effectively when eaten along with other fats. Butter, cream, milk, oily fish, and cold-pressed oils (like that of coconut, avocado, linseed, etc.) are some of the best fats to include in your CBD isolate recipes! So whether you’re whipping cream for a summer pie or baking fish, CBD’s naturally fatty composition lends itself to a variety of uses!

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Be Careful with the Heat

The second thing to keep in mind when cooking with CBD oil is the effect that heat has on CBD’s nutritional profile. According to Project CBD, the vaporization point of cannabidiol is around 320–356°F (160–180°C), which is around the temperature of a standard oven. This is helpful to know because you wouldn’t want to invest in a high-quality CBD oil and then watch it evaporate in front of your eyes!

The good news when using CBD isolate in recipes is that the center of baked goods rarely reaches the temperature of the air inside your oven, so there’s still likely to be a good amount of CBD content left after the baking process is complete. What you do want to avoid, however, is frying or sautéeing your CBD oil directly when cooking with CBD isolate. For these types of cooking, looking for a specialty CBD oil crafted with premium cooking-grade oil will help maintain the integrity of the CBD and still taste good!

Time to the Table

Our third tip for creating CBD isolate recipes is to minimize the time between the moment your CBD leaves the bottle and the time it’s served up on the plate. As oxygen exposure reduces the potency of your oil, adding CBD as the very last ingredient to your meal is best!

You can easily add CBD at the end by mixing the rest of the ingredients first and then adding the CBD oil just before you eat. For salad dressings, add as the last ingredient before whisking, and for desserts, add as the final raw ingredient over fruit or in whipped cream. Oh — and you might want to skip the vinegar and lemon juice because acids can affect CBD’s potency, too!

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How Much CBD Isolate to Use in Your Recipes

When cooking with CBD oil, it’s better to start with less oil rather than more. For one cup of liquid, many CBD manufacturers advise adding 3–7 drops of CBD oil. You can apply this general rule to most recipes, though there are specialty CBD blogs across the internet that can help you tailor your dosage to your meal.

Get Your Recipes Right Every Time

Being successful when cooking with CBD oil depends on starting with a quality oil and processing it as little as possible. At Kratora, we offer a premium, all-natural CBD isolate with 100% of the THC removed — so you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of cannabidiol without worrying about a positive drug test.

The seven delicious flavors in our range are ideal for experimenting with cooking with CBD isolate. Our collection also includes a natural, flavorless oil as well for those times when you want to prepare CBD isolate recipes without altering the flavor of your food. Want to prepare something for your dog or cat? Our CBD liquid for dogs and cats is made especially for the needs of your furry friends.

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