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Crazy Canines: How CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs Can Help Energetic Pups

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Man’s best friend enriches our lives in so many ways: with walks, companionship, and snuggles on the couch. However, what started as a cute little puppy can soon turn into a nightmare when you have to replace piece after piece of chewed-through furniture all-around your house and yard.

Natural-minded pet owners are starting to turn to CBD oil for hyper dogs to help them reign in their crazy canines’ behavior. But does CBD for pets work? And is it the best solution? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and to identify the best CBD for pets!

Before Buying the Best CBD for Pets: Understanding Hyperactivity in Dogs

First of all, it’s important to understand why dogs behave the way they do. Then, we can begin to explore CBD oil for hyper dogs in its proper perspective.

According to dog whisperer César Millán, dogs need three things in life to be healthy and happy:

  • 1. 50% Exercise
  • 2. 25% Discipline
  • 3. 25% Affection

Couple these pillars with excellent nutrition, clean water, and a warm place to sleep, and you should have one happy canine on your hands!

Unfortunately, many modern dog owners give their four-legged friends lavish amounts of affection and neglect exercise and discipline—and that is when problems begin.

A golden retriever puppy sprints down a sidewalk.

How Much Exercise Does My Pup Need?

While the best CBD for pets can help with hyperactivity, it’s also important to understand how much exercise your dog breed needs. Depending on the breed of your canine friend, your dog could need anything between half an hour to two-and-a-half hours of exercise every single day. And don’t think that just because your house has a large yard or you have two dogs who can play together, that you no longer need to walk your pooch!

In the wild, dogs (and wolves) are pack animals that spend most of their time walking, running, and hunting as a group. An alpha male leads the pack and the rest of the members fall in line behind him.

When you take a dog out of this evolutionary context, you need to provide that same experience of walking and running in a “pack” every day and establish yourself as the “alpha” leader with clear boundaries and commands. Before giving you pooch CBD oil for hyper dogs, go with your puppy or adolescent dog to a pet obedience school to help you and your furry friend establish healthy patterns of discipline and command.

Mental Stimulation

In general, a tired-out dog will spend more time sleeping and less time tearing around the house and yard. But there are some things you can do to keep your dog mentally stimulated at home as well as giving them the best CBD for pets so that they don’t become bored and destructive.

Chew Toys

Dogs love to chew and need to chew frequently to keep their teeth and jaws in good condition. Prevent (or fix) the problem of a hyper pup chewing on everything in your home by providing appropriate chew toys and training your dog to latch on to the toys you provide rather than your favorite pair of slippers (or brand-new mattress!)

Food Puzzles

Dogs in the wild have to hunt for their food, so making your pet’s mealtime something of a challenge will keep your pooch entertained and help to prevent inappropriate behavior. Calculate your dog’s daily calorie needs, and put around half of their dry food in toys that they need to roll around and manipulate to get the kibble out. You can even bake treats with pet CBD oil for hyper dogs to pack into these toys as well. For a wilderness simulation, you might consider hiding bones for your dog to sniff and dig out around the property.

However you decide to turn your dog’s food into a game, make sure that you use only vet-approved brands of dry food, the best CBD for pets, and include fresh food in your dog’s diet as well—as sugar and other fillers in cheaper brands of kibble can contribute to your dog’s hyperactivity and restlessness.

A black dog takes a doughnut-shaped treat out of its owner's hands.

Considering CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs

If you are giving your dog plenty of exercise, discipline, affection, and a healthy diet and they continue to behave erratically, it’s possible that your pet’s hyperactive behavior has to do with anxiety.

If this is the case, CBD oil for hyper dogs may be of use in helping your dog to calm down and settle into the healthy routines you’ve established. While not yet studied extensively in dogs, human and rodent trials show that the best-quality CBD for pets could be useful for:

A vet survey shows that many vets consider CBD to be effective in reducing anxiety in dogs, and as pure CBD oil for sale with 0.00% THC is not harmful to dogs, it is definitely worth trying if your dog is hyperactive or anxious.

Purchase Pure CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs at Kratora

If you’ve decided to give CBD oil for hyper dogs a try, give your four-legged friend the best with our 100% THC-free CBD pet oil. Our CBD oil has been extracted from all-natural organic hemp plants and mixed with a neutral, animal-safe carrier oil for ease of administration.

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