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Eight Dimensions of Holistic Wellness

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Learning and living holistic wellness practices can lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. Understanding the eight dimensions of holistic wellness is a way you can get closer to the levels of wellness you are looking to achieve. Learn the eight dimensions and get a comprehensive understanding of each one so you can focus on what means more to you in the article below. 


Being able to handle the roller coaster ride of your emotions without suppressing them is how you get to true emotional and mental wellness. You need to acknowledge if you aren’t feeling well in order to identify ways in which to improve and get better. Using additional products like ethnobotanicals can help with improving your emotional wellness. 

Emotional wellness dimensions are less about feeling good all the time and more about your ability to cope with life stress and emotions to get to a healthier place. An emotionally well person expresses their feelings without restraint and finds ways to connect with others on an emotional level. 



The ability to have financial wellness encompasses more than just material wealth. In order to get to these levels you’d need to work on the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of your relationships to your finances. Educate yourself on debt, income, savings, and tracking and understand how these areas affect you physically and mentally. 

When you have a solid foundation, you’ll be able to use resources for long-term financial gain to achieve goals. You’ll be able to live within your means, make smart decisions about your investments, and set clear short- and long-term goals. Early development of this dimension of wellness can set you up for rewards to manifest sooner in your life. 



The environmental wellness dimension considers how safe you feel physically and emotionally in all your settings. Whether it be at work, at home, or with friends, in order to feel environmentally well you need these surroundings to be pleasant and support your well-being. 

This also includes your relationship with nature and how you interact with it on a daily basis. By reducing your overall negative impact on the natural environment, you can contribute to a more peaceful and healthy relationship to the outdoors for yourself and for others. You don’t need to volunteer, join a non-profit, or spend a lot of money in order to contribute to this dimension of wellness but it can be an introduction to these practices and get you in a better mindset. 



Intellectual wellness isn’t just about getting smarter and learning more in school. You need to become involved in creative and stimulating activities to expand your comprehension and develop a diverse point of view by interacting with others. 

By focusing on your own strengths and contributions to conversations you can begin to take others’ perspectives into consideration. Improving this dimension of wellness can improve your creativity and growth but it can also strengthen your concentration, memory, and critical thinking skills. 



A group of friends taking a selfie and boosting their social wellness dimension.

By developing stronger relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, and your community, you are directly contributing to your social wellness dimension. But it’s important these relationships are generally supportive and positive for you to feel the full effects. 

This is because using healthy communication skills, respecting yourself and others, and showing concern and interest for those in need are part of your social wellness. In order to be able to do this, you need a strong self-esteem, sense of belonging, and assertiveness. All of these characteristics will lead to a stronger support system and give you greater social wellness. 



Finding a job that matches your personal values and beliefs is key to reaching this dimension of wellness. Your job must also match your lifestyle needs and goals in order to find wellness that leads to more self-awareness. This self-awareness will lead you to understand more about your work-life balance. 

This understanding allows you to build relationships with colleagues, explore career choices, and engage in continued education to raise your self-worth. It may lead you to better job positions that are closer to your beliefs and goals. These levels of growth will lead to better occupational wellness, unique talents, and professional rewards. 



Your physical wellness dimension is more straightforward and deals with how you treat and manage your body. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, health care, stress reduction, and overall health are all aspects of a physically well person. 

Physical wellness involves being more aware of what your body is trying to tell you and listening to issues before they become full-blown problems. Developing a consistent practice of physical wellness is key to feeling healthier and will lead to other dimensions of wellness improving. 



A woman practicing yoga on the bluffs, enhancing her physical and spiritual dimensions of wellness.

Finding meaning in something bigger than yourself, believing there is purpose in life, and having a sense of meaning is how you reach your spiritual dimension of wellness. Religion can be one aspect of personal wellness but it’s not the only route. Your belief system, whatever that may be, will offer you this security.

By developing a need to find meaning behind your human existence, you will increase your spiritual wellness and be able to incorporate it into your personal beliefs. 


Maintaining Wellness

You are not always going to be able to maintain all eight dimensions of your wellness at all times. At some point you would need to focus on specific areas before you stretch yourself too thin and begin to feel that none of the areas are getting the attention they deserve. 

Your goal with holistic wellness should be to find a personal harmony in which you consider your personal priorities, approaches, and aspirations. Your own definition of what a happy and fulfilling life is will determine exactly which dimension of wellness means more to you and requires more of your time.  


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