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Everything You Need To Know About Borneo Kratom

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You’ve probably heard about Borneo. It’s the third-largest island on Earth and the largest in Asia. It supplies so much of the world’s tropical timber that it’s at risk for severe deforestation. But beyond that, the island is home to one of the most popular ethnobotanicals on the market Borneo kratom. This isn’t just a high-quality kratom strain but also a highly effective herb traditionally used to boost energy and relieve discomfort.

Today, Borneo kratom is now a highly sought-after, high-quality ethnobotanical. It’s one of the most potent strains on the market, with an aroma said to offer different benefits. In this blog post, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about this kratom strain.


What is Borneo Kratom?

Borneo Kratom is a type of kratom that originates from Borneo, a Malaysian/Indonesian island. It is known for having sedative effects. The leaves of this specific kratom tree are considered to be very potent in terms of relaxation and mood-enhancing effects due to their high alkaloid content. It grows in the wild in Borneo, but it can also be found in Malaysia and Indonesia.

It’s typically sold as a greenish powder that ranges in potency, depending on harvest location. Like other kratom strains, it’s carefully harvested and dried in the sun for hours before being packaged. Borneo kratom has similar effects to Thai and Malaysian varieties but tends to be more relaxing than stimulating, resulting in a calmer effect.


Effects of Borneo Kratom

Most kratom users agree that Borneo kratom has a soothing effect that’s more intense than other strains. Some say it also has properties for improving mood, providing energy, and more. In a world where ethnobotanicals are increasingly researched, the effects of Borneo kratom are being studied for their potential to help in conditions such as anxiety and depression. 

Initial research has found that Borneo leaves have a chemical composition similar to other strains and may have an additional element of birch bark, which is thought to contribute to its calming quality. Research also reveals that it has the highest content of 7-hydroxymitragyne, terpenoid, and indole alkaloids. It’s popular for people who are looking for a natural alternative to medicines.

It’s important to note that Borneo kratom effects aren’t yet conclusively studied, and the FDA has not approved the use of kratom for medicinal purposes. The FDA states, “there is no reliable evidence to support this claim.” However, kratom users and supporters like the American Kratom Association are petitioning the FDA to reconsider its stance.


Varieties of Borneo Kratom Strains


Like other popular kratom strains, Borneo Kratom is available in different varieties. The most popular Borneo strains are:

  • White Vein Borneo Kratom – This strain offers the same positive effects as other white kratom strains, including soothing and calming properties for relief of pain or discomfort. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, this might be your choice. 
  • Green Vein Borneo Kratom – This strain is very similar to white vein Borneo, but its effects are not as strong. The green strain is considered a great starter kratom for those who want the benefits of Borneo without feeling overwhelmed by it.
  • Red Vein Borneo Kratom – This is a common variety of Borneo kratom. It can produce a stimulating effect and can elevate the user’s mood.

These strains give you a good place to start as you experience the new possibilities of trying our all-natural herbs like kratom.


How Borneo Kratom Benefits the Environment

Over the years, there have been many concerns about whether natural herbs like kratom are grown sustainably. The good news is that Borneo kratom, and many varieties of kratom, are responsibly produced. It’s grown sustainably and carefully so as not to harm the local ecosystem and biodiversity in any way. 

In fact, environmentalists hope that Borneo kratom can help the environment by providing an alternative income for farmers who may be able to produce more crops without having a negative impact on their land or forests. This is where you would find villagers farming Borneo kratom instead of logging trees from old-growth rainforest areas as would happen before conservationists became involved with their communities.


How to Use the Borneo Kratom


Green Vein Borneo Kratom

Borneo Kratom is available as loose powder, encapsulated powder, or an extract.

The effects of Borneo kratom are gentle and calming rather than stimulating like what you would experience with more common strains such as Red Thai. It’s perfect for people who want to feel relaxed without feeling sedated or experiencing other side effects. Few other options will achieve this same unwinding effect while retaining your mental clarity.


Where to Buy Borneo Kratom

Wondering where to buy Borneo kratom? If you’re interested in this strain or others, Kratora specializes in selling extremely high-quality, all-natural, fresh kratom. We work with the same individual growers to provide our customers with reliable, reputable products. 

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Borneo Kratom

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