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How to Reduce Stress Naturally

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Stressed out? You’re not alone. A 2019 survey reports that U.S. citizens are among the most stressed people in the world. If you believe that feeling stressed is normal or doesn’t need to be addressed, you may want to think again. Stress can lead to significant health concerns and could even shorten your life expectancy. Stressful behavior begets more stressful behavior, which can lead to a domino effect of unhealthy habits that can ultimately impact your quality of life.

Let’s get a handle on the stress issue. Read on to discover helpful tips on how to reduce stress naturally in your life.


Woman reducing stress naturally through exercise

The importance of exercise in effective stress management cannot be overstated. When learning how to reduce stress naturally, carving out time to sweat and get your heart rate going is an absolute must.

Don’t let exercise scare you. If you’re someone who isn’t inclined to force yourself to sweat, take it one step at a time. Start with a brisk walk a few times a week, and don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two. Working out releases endorphins, which make you feel good and allow you to put your daily worries into a healthier perspective. Exercise is also a natural mood-enhancer that offers physical benefits as well as positive feelings.

Figure out what kind of workout you enjoy. If you hate running, you probably shouldn’t force yourself to run. Instead, check out some yoga videos on YouTube or try to switch it up and hold a plank to your favorite song.

Quit Your Vices

Stress seems to go hand-in-hand with unhealthy habits, which can quickly become a vicious cycle. It’s far healthier to reduce stress naturally than depend on chemical substances or other vices. If you’re a smoker or a heavy drinker, try to cut back gradually over time until you feel that you’re ready to call it quits. If you’re concerned that you may be struggling with substance abuse, seek help in a professional, compassionate setting.


Woman reducing stress naturally through meditation

Meditation is perhaps one of the most widely used practices to reduce stress naturally and clear the mind. Meditation is a natural way to reduce stress in your life simply by focusing on your breathing. Just like exercising, it’s important to gradually work your way up; don’t force yourself to try to meditate for an hour on your first go.

Meditation can be as simple as setting aside five minutes from your busy day to focus on deep breathing. If you’re new to meditation, begin by breathing in for five long inhales, holding for two, and then exhaling for five. Repeat this for as long as it feels right. Over time, you can play around with more intensive meditation. This will become easier the more you do it, so don’t give up if you find yourself distracted on your first few (or many) tries.

Choose Healthful Foods

We are what we eat. So why not prioritize the healthiest foods? It’s no surprise that poor eating habits are linked to countless health issues and can lead to a number of disorders and diseases. Research healthy and intuitive eating, and incorporate recipes into your diet that include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Maintaining a balanced diet not only keeps you in good physical shape, but also helps boost your mood and energy, helping to reduce stress naturally.

Find Natural Stress Relief

More and more people are turning to natural supplements and alternatives for reducing their stress. Whether you’re looking for something to incorporate into your daily wellness routine or something stronger to help you calm down on days when stress is high, there are natural options available. One of the more popular options to help you feel calm naturally is red-vein kratom. This powder is produced from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree’s leaves and offers a calming aroma.

Make Quality Sleep a Priority

Couple sleeping in a bed

Hustle culture seems to have demonized sleep. It’s become fairly normal to hear someone brag about how much sleep they’ve sacrificed to accomplish their goals. This narrative needs to stop. Poor sleep is not something to brag about. In fact, a lack of sleep actually tends to increase stress and also makes it harder to deal with stressful situations. Putting effort into healthy sleep habits that enable you to get seven to eight hours every night can reduce stress naturally and make you feel more focused and alert during the day. Depriving yourself of sleep is the antithesis of something to be celebrated. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

The company you keep plays a major role in managing stress in your life. If you are seeking options for how to reduce stress naturally, try making an honest assessment of the people you surround yourself with. Are your friends supportive of you and your goals, no matter how lofty? Remember, this is where reciprocity is key. When you uplift your friends and family, you’re more open to being uplifted by them in return.

If your evaluation reveals that you’ve been surrounding yourself with negative people, it might be a good idea to make a change. Try to limit the time you spend around people who don’t support you, and notice how in doing so you create more space for supportive relationships to blossom.

Stay Organized

Organization goes hand in hand with stress relief. When learning how to reduce stress naturally, organizing yourself should be one of the first steps you take. Set aside time to sort through your belongings and find a place for everything. If there’s no space for something, it might be a good time to toss it, or better yet, give it to someone who can benefit from it. Removing excess clutter from your life will help you feel more organized and less overwhelmed.

Life will never be stress-free, so it’s important that you learn how to effectively manage when stressful situations arise. Knowing how to reduce stress naturally can help you live a long, prosperous, and happy life.

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