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Is CBD Legal Everywhere? How to Shop CBD & Stay Safe

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So you’ve heard about cannabidiol CBD oil and its supposed benefits, but you’re not sure whether you can buy CBD oil online and have it arrive at your doorstep without problems at customs—or worse, getting into trouble with the local authorities!

To examine the question “Is CBD legal?”, we need to begin with a definition of what CBD is and why it is a controlled substance in some places and not in others.

CBD is the abbreviation of “cannabidiol” and refers to one of the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis family of plants. Why cannabis “family?” Because there are several related cannabis species, and this will become important a little later on in our examination of CBD laws.

Cannabidiol CBD Oil: Defining CBD

Types of Cannabis

The two most well-known species of cannabis are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. A third type, Cannabis ruderalis, has also been identified. However, the mixing of cannabis genera throughout history to create the strains we know today means that there are unlikely to be any “pure” examples of any of the three left in existence.

As far as determining “is CBD legal,” the two types of cannabis we need to know about are mostly identified according to their THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. According to United States law, any cannabis plant with a THC content greater than 0.3% is labeled as “marijuana” and any cannabis plant (usually the Cannabis sativa L. genus) with a THC content of less than 0.3% is referred to as “hemp.”

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Is CBD Legal? It Depends…

Variations in cannabidiol CBD oil laws often come back to the plant from which the CBD is extracted. While CBD is present in both marijuana and hemp, CBD oil that is derived from marijuana will naturally contain a much higher concentration of THC (up to 15-30%) compared to CBD derived from hemp (a maximum of 0.3%).

As THC is the compound in cannabis that can get you “high,” it is understandable that governments around the world might want to restrict the sale of products containing this psychotropic cannabinoid.

Definitions that Determine “Is CBD Legal?”

To protect the health and safety of their citizens, most countries have a schedule of drugs and biological compounds that classify them according to the perceived level of threat and restrict their sale, use, and possession accordingly. In the case of cannabis, a schedule could ban all cannabis plants, marijuana and/or hemp only, products derived from certain parts of these plants, or isolated compounds such as THC or CBD.

For example, in countries and states in which marijuana is banned but hemp is allowed, CBD is legal to buy, sell, and possess if it is derived from hemp but not from marijuana. However, in places where both plants and/or cannabidiol CBD oil as an isolate are banned, you would not be allowed to purchase or be found in possession of CBD oil from any source.

CBD With and Without a Medical Prescription

In most countries, hemp-derived CBD is legal if it conforms to certain standards of production, testing, labeling, and contains less than 0.3% THC (or is completely free of THC). Marijuana-derived CBD oil is typically only allowed where recreational marijuana is legal and/or with a medical marijuana license from an authorized medical practitioner. Selected states may also allow you to bring marijuana-derived cannabidiol CBD oil into the state if you have an approved medical condition—even though this product cannot legally be produced or sold within that state.

Where Is CBD Legal?

Now that you have an idea about how CBD is classified and why its sale might be restricted, let’s take a look at the legality of cannabidiol CBD oil in different parts of the world.

The Americas

The United States

In the United States, CBD derived from the mature stalks and/or sterilized seeds of the hemp plant is currently legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill. Beyond this ruling, each state has its own laws regarding medical marijuana, marijuana-derived CBD, and the amount of THC allowed in a CBD product. Nebraska has the strictest laws, with CBD being included as a Schedule I (illegal) compound and banning CBD products almost entirely.

Canada and Mexico

Is CBD legal in Canada? In Canada, recreational marijuana is legal. As such, CBD oil from both marijuana and hemp are legal to sell, use, and possess. In Mexico, CBD from hemp is completely legal.

Central and South America

In most countries of Central and South America, hemp-derived cannabidiol CBD oil can be purchased and used freely. Please refer to individual country laws for up-to-date information.


Is CBD legal in Europe? European countries generally allow hemp-derived CBD, although a number of them do require that you obtain a prescription from a doctor before you can purchase it. In England, CBD from hemp is legal if it contains less than 0.3% THC, and Switzerland allows CBD with up to 1% THC. The Netherlands—of course—permits marijuana for recreational use, so you are fine to use CBD from either marijuana or hemp there. Russia outlaws cannabis and cannabidiol CBD oil completely—so don’t try buying CBD in Russia or taking any over the border!


Is CBD legal in Asia? It varies greatly by country. China and North Korea are two of the largest producers of CBD; however, the substance is illegal in both of these countries and a death penalty does exist in North Korea for some drug-related offenses. CBD is illegal in Malaysia and could get you thrown in jail, but it is legal in South Korea as long as it conforms to their strict standards for testing and labeling.


South Africa legalized cannabidiol CBD oil in May 2019 for 12 months, provided that the user takes no more than 20 milligrams per day and the oil contains no more than 0.0075% CBD and 0.001% THC. Little information is available on CBD oil in other African countries.


In Australia, CBD is legal with a medical license. Unfortunately, the requirements for obtaining this license are still very strict. In New Zealand, CBD products are only available with a medical prescription.

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How to Check Your Country’s CBD Laws

To find out whether CBD is legal in your specific country and region, look for recent news stories on the topic and refer to the drug schedule for your country and state. To purchase THC-free CBD oil from Kratora, your country would need to permit the possession and use of cannabidiol CBD oil, hemp, and hemp-derived products. Our CBD oil contains 0.00% THC, so you shouldn’t have any problems in a country that restricts THC but not hemp.

While we seek to provide accurate and up-to-date information on CBD laws, you are ultimately responsible for checking out the local situation and purchasing only those products that are legal in your country.

CBD Tips for Travelers

If you’re thinking of taking your CBD oil with you when you travel to a different state or country, it’s important to do your research beforehand, find out if CBD is legal and observe and all laws on the use and possession of CBD. Here are our top tips for staying safe with CBD and travel:

Respect CBD Laws—Your Life May Depend on it

As you will have read above, possession of certain drugs could land you in jail (or worse) if you don’t follow all of the applicable laws. If cannabidiol CBD oil is illegal at your destination, don’t take any risks and leave your CBD at home!

Take Your Medical Marijuana Card and Prescriptions with You

If you have been granted a medical marijuana card in your state of origin or have a doctor’s prescription for CBD, make sure that you take this with you when traveling to a country in which CBD is allowed. Is any kind of CBD legal with a medical prescription? You will still need to follow all applicable laws at your destination regarding the origin of the CBD (hemp versus marijuana) and the amount of THC that can be present in your product.

Order Your CBD to be Shipped to Your Destination

Avoid problems on the flight by ordering your cannabidiol CBD oil to be shipped directly to your destination address. That way, you can avoid problems with customs when you arrive and be sure that your CBD is waiting for you—safe and sound. Cruise ships are a more difficult situation to judge. If in doubt, leave your CBD at home and find an alternative solution for your time on the ship.

Purchase CBD Once You Get to Your Destination

If you are going to a state or country in which CBD is legal (with or without a prescription), save yourself the headache of going through customs and simply buy your cannabidiol CBD oil there. If possible, connect with the CBD community at your destination to find out which brands sell the highest-quality and most clearly-labeled CBD there. Be sure to have your medical marijuana card and/or prescriptions with you when you go to purchase CBD.

Ensure Quality by Shopping at Kratora

Is Kratora’s CBD legal? The CBD oil at Kratora comes from organic hemp and is certified THC-free. Our collection also features a range of delicious flavors — like Paradise Punch and Chocolate Sundae — to enhance your CBD experience. If hemp-derived CBD is legal in your state, you can go ahead and shop our cannabidiol CBD oil with confidence to receive same-day shipping on orders submitted before 3 PM EST Monday through Friday and 1 PM EST on Saturdays (excluding holidays).

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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