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Is Kratom Legal in Texas?

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Fun fact: Tigers, flamethrowers, and military surplus tanks are all legal to possess in the Great State of Texas. But what about kratom? Whether you already hang your hat (and spurs) in Corpus Christi or you’re just planning a relaxing vacation in Austin, you might be wondering if your favorite Indo kratom will get you on the sheriff’s bad side. So is kratom legal in Texas? Thankfully, the law is pretty straightforward on this matter. 


Is Kratom Legal in Texas

The good news for kratom lovers is that, yes, kratom is legal in Texas. There are no state or local laws prohibiting the possession, use, sale, manufacture, or distribution of the Mitragyna speciosa plant. Of course, common sense still applies. For instance, you cannot purchase or possess kratom products that are adulterated with any controlled or illicit substances.  

Interestingly, Texas is one of the few states where there have been no major legislative efforts to restrict kratom or its two dominant alkaloids: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OH). A majority of states have at least debated the issue at one time or another, largely in response to guidance from the DEA and FDA, which have identified kratom as a substance of concern even though the World Health Organization more recently investigated kratom and found no major cause for concern

So given the Lone Star State’s traditionally positive attitude toward kratom, it’s unlikely that kratom products will be restricted in the foreseeable future. But there’s still the issue of regulation. 


Regulating Kratom in Texas 

Kratom is legal in Texas, but legality can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, people who benefit from kratom can access it without fear of reprisal. On the other hand, the lack of legal oversight has created a kratom marketplace that’s a lot like the Wild West (we promise, no more cheesy Texas puns or allusions). 

The kratom market in Texas is completely unregulated, which means there’s nothing stopping dishonest kratom manufacturers and vendors from cutting corners and flooding the market with poor-quality and dangerous kratom. Unfortunately, such products are everywhere. 

For this reason, Texas has made multiple efforts to regulate kratom. In 2021, two separate bills were introduced, one filed by a Republican Senator and the other by a Democratic Senator. HB1097 and SB821 both had the same goal: To establish a set of kratom safety regulations in accordance with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). 

The KCPA is a set of guidelines developed by the American Kratom Association, a national advocacy organization. The KCPA imposes kratom labeling/disclosure requirements, quality requirements (for instance, no contaminants or synthetic ingredients), minimum age requirements, alkaloid limitations, and other safety measures designed to keep dangerous kratom out of the marketplace. Unfortunately, both bills died in committee despite the fact that HB1097 garnered both House and Senate support. But advocates with the AKA continue to work with Texas legislators in the hopes of ultimately achieving a safer market. 

So far, seven states have passed kratom protection laws: Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Georgia. If you’d like to see similar legislation passed in Texas, you can visit the AKA website or protectkratom.org to learn more about getting involved. 


How to Shop for Kratom in Texas 

Since kratom is legal in Texas without restriction, you should have little trouble finding products. You can easily find kratom in Austin, Texas, as well as Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Waco, El Paso, and just about everywhere in between. The following are just a few locations where you can potentially find kratom for sale in Texas: 

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  • Smoke/vape shops 
  • Convenience stores 
  • Gas stations 
  • Herbal stores 
  • Head shops 
  • Select health and nutrition stores
  • Specialty kratom shops 
  • Online  

When shopping for kratom in Texas, you have to be a discerning buyer. While there are many places to buy, your best bet is to buy kratom online. There are a few reasons for this. Perhaps most importantly, successful online brands must follow the requirements of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act if they want to stay competitive. Otherwise, they would be prohibited from selling in all seven states where the KCPA has been enacted. 

So even if there are no kratom safety regulations in Texas, the best national brands will adhere to the requirements of the strictest U.S. states. That means you’re more likely to find kratom that is: 

  • All-natural (free of synthetic and non-kratom ingredients)
  • Free of contaminants, including bacteria like E. coli and salmonella
  • Accurately and descriptively labeled 
  • 3rd-party lab tested
  • Processed with safe alkaloid levels (typically below 2% 7-hydroxymitragynine) 

Buying online also affords you the freedom to research brands and products more carefully. You can compare product reviews, research the brand, look for consumer reports, and dig deeper into the effects and benefits of each product. You can also gain access to a much wider array of products, from kratom powders to kratom capsules and even unique and hard-to-find products like kratom gummies


Get the Best Kratom in Texas 


Is kratom legal in Texas? Yes! Is it easy to find? Yes! But is all kratom high-quality? Unfortunately, no. 

If you’re looking to stock up on kratom in the Lone Star State, we invite you to explore the premium options at Kratora. Our kratom is pure, organic, lab-tested, and sourced from reputable farms in Indonesia. We’ve been one of the nation’s most trusted kratom suppliers since 2013, and we know you’re going to love what we have to offer. We’re so confident, in fact, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

So whether you’re looking for kratom in Austin, Texas, or up north in Amarillo, browse our full selection of kratom for sale, and get more from your botanicals. 


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