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Is Ultra Enhanced Kratom Better?

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When shopping for the right kratom strain, you’ll come across various types of kratom, from plain leaf powders, liquid kratom, capsules to enhanced extracts. If you’re new to kratom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many options available. It’s even more confusing when you come across terms like “ultra enhanced kratom” or “super kratom,” which are all over the internet.

Basically, ultra-enhanced kratom falls into two categories: plain leaf powder and liquid extractions. The former refers to regular dried leaves that have been crushed or powdered, while the latter involves extracting alkaloids from standard powders through various methods to produce an ultra-enhanced product that is more potent. 

If you’re wondering if ultra-enhanced red, white, or green vein kratom is better, the answer is “maybe.” This really depends on the user’s preferences. And, how much more potent are ultra-enhanced strains in comparison to regular or enhanced powders? Let’s learn more. 


What Is Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

Ultra enhanced kratom is a highly concentrated form of kratom containing a higher amount of alkaloids than in a typical leaf powder. The ultra-high concentration allows users to get their desired effects without having to use too much of the product at once. In short, it’s simply a more intense version of kratom powder or liquid kratom, meaning it packs higher concentrations of its active ingredients. 

The end product has an ultra-concentrated level that’s as much as ten times stronger than regular powder. It’s commonly used by experienced kratom enthusiasts who find that normal kratom strains simply aren’t enough to produce the effects they desire. 

Ultra enhanced kratom strains are also preferred for their potency and duration. These strains last even longer than enhanced kratom extracts, with some users reporting a high lasting over six hours. Ultra-enhanced strains have also been described as being more relaxing, soothing, and euphoric than normal strains due to the increased intensity of effects from start to finish.


How Is Ultra Enhanced Kratom Made?

The best strains are harvested only when the leaf is fully matured, usually between 18 to 24 months of age. Harvesting at this stage ensures that the alkaloid content is richly concentrated within each leaf. The leaves are then dried and treated using a supercritical fluid extraction technique that ensures higher alkaloid extraction. 

The process helps create an ultra-enhanced kratom extract that contains 30% more alkaloids. In short, plain leaf powder is soaked with a solvent to remove the alkaloids known to increase potency and provide the desired effects. The resulting solution can range from a brownish liquid to thick syrup consistency, which is then dried to create an ultra-enhanced powder or liquid extract.

Another process that some manufacturers use involves using an alkaloid-specific solvent to remove only certain types of alkaloids, such as Mitragynine, and leave behind other undesirable types in ultra-enhanced kratom. This method ensures higher purity levels than supercritical fluid extraction because it is capable of separating specific alkaloids from the rest.

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How Does Ultra Enhanced Kratom Differ From Enhanced Kratom

So, how do ultra enhanced and enhanced kratom defer? The ultra-enhanced strains are the ultra-potent version of regular enhanced kratom strains. They’re made by utilizing an advanced extraction method to extract more alkaloids from the leaf, which increases its potency and effects drastically. While enhanced kratom is still considered ultra-potent, ultra enhanced kratom is even more powerful. 

Ultra enhanced strains are ideal for experienced users and those who want ultra-potent kratom with maximum effects. The difference in the two kratom strains is simply in their alkaloid content, potency, effect hit, and duration. The good thing is, as more ultra-enhanced strains hit the market, it’s easier to find premium ultra-enhanced kratom that will work for your needs.

Ultra-enhanced kratom strains contain high levels of alkaloids. So, while super kratom can be beneficial in offering more potent effects, it’s best for experienced users.


Different Types of Ultra Enhanced Kratom

There are different types of ultra-enhanced kratom available in the market. Some of these kratoms are labeled as super red, white vein, and green vein ultra enhanced. You can choose any ultra-enhanced strain depending on the effects you want. Some of the available strains include: 

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo –  This enhanced strain provides an intensely satisfying aroma meant for experienced kratom enthusiasts. This ultra-enhanced Indo initially starts as a premium Indonesian kratom powder before being enhanced with specific ultra-pure alkaloid extracts to increase its potency. This ensures you get a more powerful version of this popular kratom strain, so you get a more awesome aroma you’ll love.
  • Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da – Ultra enhanced Maeng Da starts with the superior and popular Maeng Da kratom, then adds alkaloid extracts to further increase potency. This ultra enhanced kratom provides one of the most powerful aromas available from kratom powder, making it the perfect energizing scent to help you seize the day. With its complex aroma, this discerning powder is only meant for experienced kratom buyers who want to get more for their monea.
  • Super Enhanced Bali Kratom – This super-enhanced strain starts with local Balinese families harvesting these leaves at their peak point of maturity and drying them using expert techniques. Vendors then process the plant material to create ultra-enhanced Bali kratom. Bali kratom is well known for its calming and soothing effects, making it a perfect choice if you want to enjoy a peaceful evening.


Where to Buy Ultra Enhanced Kratom 

When it comes to buying any ultra-enhanced kratom, you’ll want to ensure you’re buying from a reputable vendor. There are many companies out there who claim to have ultra or super kratom strains but don’t, so it can be difficult trying to find one that has the real deal. One place you could buy premium ultra-enhanced red, white, or green vein kratom strains is at Kratora

Kratora specializes in selling extremely high-quality, all-natural, fresh kratom. We work hard to work with the same individual growers to ensure we provide their customers with reliable, reputable products. We bring you a wide range of different ultra-enhanced kratom products for purchase, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your needs, whether it’s for relaxation, mood enhancement, or an energy boost. 

Order now and enjoy fast and affordable shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and our generous rewards points program. 


Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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