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How to Store Kratom Leaf Powder

In order to maximise kratom’s efficiency and freshness, you must store it in a cool environment that’s free of humidity, oxygen and ultraviolet (UV) light. The methods utilized for storing a fine tea are typically suitable for storing kratom as well.

To store kratom to prevent degradation and staleness, follow these steps.

Begin by placing the kratom in small plastic bags. It’s best to place a small one- or two-day supply in each bag. Dividing the kratom powder into small bags will enable you to use the kratom in small batches, so the remaining powder can remain in airtight, cold storage until right before you’re ready to use it. This helps to ensure optimal freshness.

Next, remove the air from the bags. This can be accomplished with a vacuum sealing device or you can do this manually by zipping the bag closed, with a straw positioned in the very corner. Hold the zipper closed right up to the side of the straw and suck out the air. Use caution to avoid placing the straw up against the tea, or you may get a mouth full of kratom powder! Once you’ve sucked out all the air, keep a suction on the straw as you remove it from the bag; immediately press the rest of the zipper closed to seal the bag. This must be done in one quick motion to prevent air from entering the bag.

Once the bags are sealed, place them inside a tin or an opaque plastic container that will prevent light from entering.

Then, place the tin or container inside the freezer for storage. The cold conditions will serve to maintain the kratom’s freshness indefinitely.

If you store more than one day’s worth of tea in each small bag, you’ll want to store the remaining tea in the refrigerator inside a tin or other light-blocking container.

Storing Kratom Tea

Some individuals prefer to pre-brew the tea, which can then be stored for a period of approximately 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator or indefinitely in the freezer.

Kratom tea can also be combined with alcohol to allow for long-term storage.

Mix 7 parts kratom tea with 3 parts alcohol. Clear spirits such as 80-proof vodka tend to work best.

When storing brewed kratom tea, it’s best to use a sealed plastic container, such as a water bottle. Avoid glass bottles.

Also remember that liquids expand when they freeze, so leave about 1/5 of the bottle empty to allow for expansion. Otherwise, the container may explode during the freezing process.

Effects of Stale Kratom

It’s believed that kratom loses potency as it degrades and ages, though further research is required to determine the precise mechanism and nature of the degradation process.

According to some sources, it’s believed that the mitragynine compounds found in kratom may gradually transform into a mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, which is said to have minimal painkilling properties and it may even act as an opiate antagonist.

So proper storage will help ensure kratom potency and efficacy. According to anecdotal evidence, kratom can remain fresh for decades if it’s stored in a proper manner.

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