A sampler containing some of the best kratom strains from Kratora.

Kratora’s Best Kratom Strains: Our 5 Most Popular Varieties of Kratom

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It can be confusing trying to find the best kratom strain for your needs. With so many kratom varieties available, narrowing it down to the right one for you is a daunting task — especially for those new to kratom. For many people, however, there are a few strains that stand out. Whether you’re looking for an entry point to start educating yourself about kratom or you’re an experienced kratom purchaser who wants to branch out into something new, Kratora’s popular kratom powder for sale offers a great opportunity to find just what you’re looking for.

Kratom Varieties: What’s In A Strain?

If you want to find the best kratom strain, it helps to know exactly what a “strain” is. Unlike with other plants where the term “strain” means a separately identifiable set of genetics, for kratom the term “strain” relates to the country of origin, the color of the veins in the leaves used for a specific product, and the type of product it produces. These different strains of kratom help create a nomenclature that lets experienced kratom purchasers know about the characteristics and potency of a product. There’s a good reason why kratom is divided this way.

The kratom plant, Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree related to coffee that grows throughout Southeast Asia. Nourished by slightly acidic, mineral-rich soil in the jungles and rainforests of the area, the leaves of the tree develop strong concentrations of the active alkaloid compounds mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in the warm. Tended in both the wild spaces where civilization has yet to reach and in small garden-farms, experienced kratom farmers raise and maintain their plants the same way they have for generations.

While largely similar, each geographic area, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Bali, offers a slightly different nutrient set which affects the final chemical composition that determines the best kratom strain for those seeking different levels of the active compounds. Since these active compounds create the characteristics of the potent aromas kratom is known for, understanding this regional variance is important to selecting the kratom variety that gives you the most desirable outcome.

In addition, as kratom leaves mature on the tree, their stems and veins shift in color from white, through green, to a mature red. This change in color mirrors the way the ratio of mitragynine to 7-hydroxymitragynine shifts as the leaves mature. Red leaves, in general, show a higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine relative to mitragynine, altering the characteristic aroma of the leaves from invigorating to relaxing.

Finally, the best kratom strain for you will partially rely on its form. Plain leaf powdered kratom is simply the dried leaves ground into a fine, fluffy powder. Enhanced kratom extract — like our Ultra Enhanced Indo or Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da — build on this base by adding in additional amounts of the active compounds to create a more potent product within the same volume.

While enhanced kratom and extracts offer great value for experienced buyers, those new to kratom should be careful as the aroma of these kratom varieties can be much more potent than plain powder.

kratom powder from Kratora’s best kratom strains.

Our Most Popular Kratom Strains

Put together, names can tell you a lot of information about the kratom varieties being offered. Our most popular strains earn their rankings by being the best kratom strain for a large number of our customers who have come to know and trust the consistent quality we provide. That makes them a great place to find your new favorite.

  • Premium Bali This popular red-vein strain of kratom is known as a gentle starting point for new kratom buyers, but don’t let that fool you. Gentle can still be plenty potent, and the soothing aroma this strain offers makes it both the perfect introduction to kratom and a great way to reset your senses while looking for a new favorite strain.
  • Thai Red Vein – This is perhaps the most popular kratom strain on the market. Thai red is used extensively in the most popular blended kratom products and is a perennial favorite among kratom connoisseurs. For many, its relaxing aroma is the standard by which all other red vein kratom strains are measured, and it has earned its place on our list of the best kratom strains we offer.
  • Maeng Da – With a name that translates roughly to “pimp-grade,” potency is not in question. Maeng Da plants were selectively bred to create higher concentrations of the active compounds that make kratom popular. Its energizing aroma can be the perfect scent when you need a pick-me-up.
  • White Vein Maeng Da – Made from the finest white-veined Maeng Da leaves, this strain is high in mitragynine for one of the most exhilarating aromas available. It is one of our most potent base strains for those who have to keep going throughout the day.
  • Enhanced kratom And Extracts When a base kratom powder isn’t potent enough, it’s time to look at the best kratom strains that have a little extra. From our enhanced strains with added active compounds to our potent extracts that are concentrated to as much as 50X, there are kratom extracts available that give you a great value.

Kratora Quality


All of our powders are ground ultra-fine to make sure you’re getting a light, fluffy product that is fresh from the moment you open the bag. Taken from mature leaves, our kratom is professionally dried, deveined, and then processed rapidly to ensure both quality and potency. With our affordable shipping, you can discover our best kratom strains firsthand.

At Kratora, we proudly offer a wide range of kratom varieties so everyone can find the right kratom products for their needs. If you have any questions about our shipping, call our customer service line for more information. Browse our curated selection and order the best kratom strain today to receive same-day shipping on orders submitted before 3 PM EST Monday through Friday and 1 PM EST on Saturdays (excluding holidays).

Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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Colleen and the team at Kratora are dedicated to providing the best quality botanicals on the market along with the best customer service. They believe their loyal customers are what makes Kratora so special! Over their many years in business it has always brought them joy to work with their customers and see how botanicals are changing lives for the better.

Kratora’s vision is to help their customers live a better life by consistently providing the highest quality, safest, and purest botanicals on the market. Colleen and her team specialize in regular kratom, kratom extracts, liquid kratom, even kratom gummies — plus a lot of kratom alternative products. Kratora is always looking to expand their product line while remaining true to their high standards.

Colleen believes in transparency between the Kratora team and the expert farmers in South Asia which is why they follow Fair Trade policies. Without these farmers, Kratora would not have any products to sell. As part of Colleen’s commitment in providing the highest quality botanicals, Kratora invests highly into third-party lab testing for all of the products they sell.

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