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Maximum Freshness: How and Where to Store Your Kratom Powder

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If you’re a new kratom user, you may be wondering how to store your kratom to keep it fresh. In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about storing kratom correctly so that you can get the best use out of your product.

How Long Does Kratom Last?

When purchasing kratom, you might be wondering if it’s worth buying a large quantity and storing it to save on shipping costs (or to take advantage of a special). Even when it is stored correctly, kratom is best used within one to three months if you want to enjoy the maximum potency and freshness.

How to Store Fresh Kratom Powder Correctly

In kratom powder storage, your three greatest enemies are light, oxygen, and moisture. Let’s consider each of these and how to minimize them for the freshest possible kratom and the longest shelf life.


To keep your kratom in top condition, it needs to be stored in a cool environment, away from ultraviolet (UV) light. How long does kratom last if stored in the window or on the table? The answer is “not very long.” If your kratom has been exposed to light, you can expect the leaf color to fade and the potency to go down quickly.

Instead, choose a dark spot in the pantry or the fridge where you can store your kratom with the door closed. Each day, remove only the amount that you will use and put the rest back into its dark, sheltered storage space.


How long does kratom last if air gets in? When exposed to oxygen, the shelf life of fresh kratom powder decreases rapidly. You might notice that your kratom has been exposed to too much air if the scent begins to fade or the leaf color pales. To minimize the amount of air to which your kratom powder is exposed, store it in an airtight container—preferably one that features a vacuum seal.

The best airtight containers for kratom storage include:

  • Mason jars with a rubber-seal flip lid
  • Food-grade vacuum-seal bags
  • Ziploc bags with all of the excess air removed


How long does kratom last if it gets wet? By introducing moisture to your kratom powder, you are multiplying the likelihood of mold growing all through your precious powder—rendering the entire lot useless. To avoid corrupting your kratom powder with moisture, store the powder in glass jars and make sure to use instruments that are completely dry to scoop out and measure the amount that you wish to use.

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How Long Does Kratom Last in Your House: Designing a Foolproof Kratom Storage System

If you know that you plan on using kratom—and especially if you will be purchasing more than one strain at a time with our variety packs—it’s a good idea to prepare your kratom powder storage area and containers ahead of time with these easy-to-follow steps:

1. Obtain the Storage Containers

Calculate how many strains of kratom you will want to store and buy that number of mason jars or airtight food-storage bags before your kratom delivery arrives. How long does kratom last if stored in plastic bags? While your kratom may still last a while if stored in food-grade plastic bags, we prefer glass containers, as any kind of plastic has the potential to leak chemicals that can alter the flavor and chemical composition of your kratom.

As the largest quantity of kratom that comes in any of our packets is 1 ounce (28 grams), a 30 mL sized jar will do the job. An alternative is to save used condiment jars, wash them thoroughly and sterilize with boiling water, and leave to air-dry completely. You can then use these jars to store your fresh kratom.

2. Label Each Jar Correctly

As well as asking “How long does kratom last?” you could easily find yourself asking “Which strain of kratom is in this jar?!” Prevent this problem with some quick and easy labeling. Using sticky labels or swing tags, label each jar with the strain and brand of kratom you plan to store in it, the date you opened the packet, and the best before date of the powder. These labels will need to be updated after you’ve finished the kratom in the jar and are getting ready to reuse for another batch.

How long does kratom last if you leave it sitting on the shelf? In general, try to finish each packet before opening a new one of the same strain to avoid accumulating expired products on your shelf. A good approach is to use the FIFO system: “first in, first out.” That means that new kratom packets will go at the back and older ones at the front.

3. Prepare Your Kratom Powder Storage Area

Whether you plan to keep your kratom in the pantry or the fridge, you’ll need to clear out a space that is solely dedicated to kratom storage. After moving other items out of the way, wipe the area clean, remove any excess moisture with a cloth, and leave it to air dry.

How long does kratom last in a clean cupboard? You may find that your kratom lasts longer because you will have removed the mold and moisture from its immediate environment.

4. Leave the Packet Intact Until Use

The final step in our storage how-to guide is to only open a packet when you are ready to use the powder. As soon as you dry-scoop your first dose, empty the rest of the powder into the corresponding glass jar, tighten the lid, and pop it in the pantry or fridge.

The Best Way to Enjoy Fresh Kratom

How long does kratom last? In general, the higher the quality of kratom that you purchase, the longer it will stay fresh. Even though it may cost slightly more, high-quality kratom will last longer and provide a more potent effect from the same amount of powder as a low-quality kratom. For example, the effects of premium kratom can last anywhere from two to ten hours whereas low-grade kratom designed for aromatherapy often produces an effect that lasts for at most an hour.

How long does kratom from Kratora last? At Kratora, we sell the highest-possible quality of pure, premium kratom that comes from our trusted suppliers and is handled carefully for maximum freshness every step of the way. With correct kratom powder storage, you should be able to enjoy your kratom for the longest amount of time possible.

Buy our premium kratom and discover the difference that quality makes!

Please note that the US FDA has not approved this product to be sold for internal use. Sold for external use only.

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  1. I freeze it in large quantities and it lasts ages.
    I refrigerate in smaller quantities and refill as it gets used up.
    Lasts as long as I need it to.

  2. The store I used to buy kratom from keeps their kratom in glass jars with loose lids…
    You can definitely tell the difference in their kratom quality and potency.
    Thank you Kratora for another article of great information.

  3. If I keep the kratom in small containers away from light and heat I honestly don’t notice much of a difference even 6-12 months after receiving the packets.

  4. Hi
    How much longer do you think the kratom will stay fresh using the sealed mason jars vs. resealing the bags they come in and following the other storage directions? Just asking about resealed original packaging vs. resealed mason jars.

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for visiting Kratora. Like we say in the article, “kratom is best used within one to three months if you want to enjoy the maximum potency and freshness.”

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