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Microdosing CBD: What You Need to Know

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Microdosing is a concept that has more recently entered the mainstream media with the growing popularity of CBD. The idea behind CBD microdosing is basically to take a very tiny and consistent dose to enjoy the oil’s effects in a more subtle way. Read on to learn what this trend is all about and how to go about figuring out CBD and microdosing in the context of your own situation.

What Is Microdosing?

CBD microdosing is just what it sounds like — taking only a tiny fraction of a standard dose of CBD. In most cases, this means dividing a standard dose by ten and taking only that amount each day. It also refers to the practice of dividing your daily dose by ten and taking that amount consistently throughout the day.

If you think about coffee, for example, dividing your cup into ten “shots” or drinking only 1/10 of a cup could provide a gentle lift without giving yourself a case of the jitters or an urgent trip to the bathroom. The idea is the same with microdosing CBD. By taking only a tiny amount at a time, you can gently and gradually enhance the activity of your endocannabinoid system from the cellular level.

How to Calculate CBD and Microdosing

For CBD microdosing, you would divide the standard 10mg beginner dose by ten — giving you a daily microdose of 1mg. That’s the equivalent of 0.25mL or only a few drops of our 125mg-strength CBD oil.

As explained in our CBD dosing guide, your personal CBD dose will need to be adjusted according to your weight and the severity of your symptoms, and it can be raised each week until you find your “sweet spot.” If you are already taking a standard dose or suffer from severe and complex symptoms, you may find that the best approach to microdosing is to simply divide your daily dose into ten smaller doses. For new users with mild to no symptoms, beginning with only one microdose per day can provide a gentle effect, and then you can gradually increase it until you achieve your desired goal.

The Official Guide to CBD Microdosing

The “official” schedule for CBD microdosing comes from the book CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis — Healing without the High by Leonard Leinow, Juliana Birnbaum, and Michael H. Moskowitz, M.D. (2017). Converted into imperial weights, the total daily dosage would be as follows:

Bodyweight Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
90 lbs 1mg 3mg 5mg 7mg 9mg
110 lbs 1mg 3mg 6mg 8mg 11mg
132 lbs 2mg 4mg 7mg 10mg 13mg
154 lbs 2mg 5mg 8mg 12mg 15mg
176 lbs 2mg 5mg 9mg 13mg 18mg
198 lbs 2mg 6mg 10mg 15mg 20mg
220 lbs 2mg 7mg 11mg 17mg 22mg

As you can see, the doses in week 5 start to look like the beginning doses for a standard CBD dosing schedule. The difference is that you get there more slowly and give your body more time to respond. Some people even find that the smaller doses are more effective, so CBD microdosing could help you find your sweet spot with less frustration and a lot less money.

Charting Your Symptoms

Whether you’re looking at taking CBD for arthritis-related pain or simply wanting to boost your health, it’s important to define your goals before starting a regimen of CBD and microdosing. Before you begin CBD microdosing, select one or two symptoms to track in a diary where you will also make notes of the doses taken. If you suffer from multiple ailments, it will be much easier to notice the effects if you focus your efforts on one symptom at a time.

When you’re ready, measure out your beginning microdose, squirt it under your tongue, and hold it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. The active compounds in the oil will be absorbed by the sublingual capillaries and released into the bloodstream. An hour to an hour and a half after taking your microdose, observe how you feel and write it in your diary. Three to five hours after your first microdose, take another dose of the same strength, then observe if and how the effects are sustained. If you don’t feel the desired effects, up the microdose after a few days until you reach the amount that does the trick.

When to Microdose

In many cases, CBD microdosing can help you achieve a general feeling of enhanced wellness, but the effects are understandably more subtle. For those who want to help support their sleep and relaxation, one larger dose before bed might help you drift off. If you wish to alleviate any other issues, the larger doses suggested here might provide more effective relief.

However, if you find that your regular CBD dose produces unwanted side effects like dry mouth, sedation, or nausea, dividing your standard CBD dose and microdosing throughout the day could provide the effects you want (more slowly) without the discomforts.

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