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Seven Home Remedies for Good Sleep

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Being unable to get a good night’s sleep can leave you feeling sluggish and irritated the following day. But not only that, recurrent poor sleep can have detrimental effects on both your physical and mental health. It’s recommended that people get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night in order to function well. Anything less than that can affect how you operate the next day. Tiredness can lead to mindlessness, which can have significant repercussions. Driving while tired can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

We’re not here to scare you, though. Sleeping better isn’t a simple choice that many people have — it can take changing your habits over some time to get the rest you need every night. Instead of turning to prescription medications that could result in dependency, try a few of our home remedies for good sleep. These are all easy lifestyle changes and can have a big effect in the long run. 


Start Exercising 


People who exercise for at least 30 minutes every day often see improvements in their quality of sleep over time. It won’t take long to see the effects, either. If you work out during the day, chances are good that you will sleep soundly that night. You don’t need to overexert yourself or train for a marathon — taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes or more to get your heart pumping will do the trick.

Make sure to avoid working out too close to bedtime, though. This can have an adverse effect and actually make you more alert, keeping you up instead of putting you to sleep. 



Feet and hands yoga pose

Yoga is a great activity to practice before bedtime. Asanas are essentially body stretches combined with breathing techniques that can foster deep relaxation in a person. Doing these stretches and breathing exercises can calm you down physically and mentally at the end of the day, providing you with total relaxation before sleeping. There are certain poses that are recommended to try for restfulness. These include the wide-knee child’s pose, standing forward bend, legs up the wall pose, and corpse pose, to name a few. 


Melatonin and Natural Herbs


Melatonin and other natural herbs for sleep are supplements that some users say help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. It’s actually been proven to help with insomnia and other sleep issues, when taken for short amounts of time. You should consult with your doctor before trying any new medications, or adding any supplements to your diet. However, melatonin is a relatively safe sleep aid alternative compared to other prescription medications on the market. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in your brain responsible for telling your body to sleep, and the supplement is known to heighten those levels when taken at night. It’s a great home remedy for good sleep. 


No Alcohol


Alcohol may make you feel sleepy after a few drinks, but it is actually counterproductive for a good night’s rest. Yes, it’s been proven that people who have a few drinks before bedtime tend to fall asleep quicker (because it’s a sedative), but their overall sleep through the night is very disrupted. Alcohol reduces the amount of time a person spends in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is responsible for leaving us well rested the next day. 


Try Kratom or CBD


CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years. Kratom is following suit as more people discover the benefits of the soothing aroma of this natural herb for sleep, easing discomfort, and quieting a busy mind. Red-vein kratom strains are often recommended for those looking for a relaxing aroma to wind down their evening before bed.



Stick to a Routine 


Life is unpredictable and going to bed at the exact same time every night isn’t always feasible. However, making an effort to do so will pay off in the long run. The human body runs on a very specific sleep-wake cycle, and keeping that as consistent as possible will provide you with good, quality sleep. Try spending the last two hours of the night doing the same wind down activities. Avoid screens, read a book, soak in the tub, or meditate for a while. Whatever routine you create, sticking with it is a good home remedy for sleep that will benefit your body and sleep quality


Make Your Room Comfortable

Dark, serene-looking bedroom

If you’re a sensitive sleeper, you know the importance of a cozy sleep environment for a good night’s rest. Some people can fall asleep anywhere and anytime, but most need darkness, quiet, and serenity to reach the REM cycle. Your room should reflect this. Consider keeping the air at a cool temperature, and investing in blackout curtains to keep light out. Anything that you may deem distracting should be removed. How you view your bed will reflect how good of sleep you may get there. That’s why when you’re laying down at night, you should make sure you’re in a comfy, ‘sleep only’ zone. 

You could also consider spraying relaxing essential oils like lavender or frankincense in your bedroom, which has been known to promote sleep and relaxation. 

Trying a natural home remedy for sleep when you’re having difficulty nodding off is a great step before resorting to prescription medication. Exercising regularly, practicing yoga, avoiding night caps, sticking to a bedtime routine, and creating a sleep-friendly bedroom will all benefit you over time. Shop soothing ethnobotanicals from Kratora and get fast shipping to your door.


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