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Understanding the American Kratom Association

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The American Kratom Association (AKA) is the nation’s leading advocacy group for kratom buyers. You may not know their name, but if you order kratom anywhere in the U.S., you’ve seen the effects of their advocacy. 


What Is the American Kratom Association?

Founded in 2014, the American Kratom Association is an organization dedicated to educating the public about kratom and also defending the rights of kratom consumers. The organization was founded by a group of kratom users in response to efforts by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to shed a negative light on kratom and ultimately ban its use in the U.S. 

The AKA’s mission can be summed up by its five primary goals: 

  • Support consumers. First and foremost, the AKA is a consumer advocacy group, and they support consumers in every way that they can—by countering the misleading negative narratives about kratom; by pushing for legislation that supports consumer freedom; and by ensuring that consumers have access to safe, reputable kratom products (just to name a few examples). 
  • ‍Educate the public. There’s still a lot of confusion surrounding kratom, as its properties and benefits still aren’t widely known in the western world. The AKA provides educational resources to help consumers understand what kratom is, how it works, and how to achieve the optimal benefits. 
  • Speak the truth about kratom. The AKA is dedicated to giving a voice to kratom consumers and ensuring that their stories are told. Passionate advocates understand the edifying benefits of kratom firsthand, but these benefits are often underscored or contradicted in popular discussions about kratom. The AKA works tirelessly to change the conversation. 
  • Global awareness. The AKA believes in safely regulating kratom, not banning it. In accordance with this mission, they work with governments, health officials, and influencers around the world to help make kratom safe and available for all. 
  • Protect natural resources. The AKA supports responsible harvesting techniques that are sustainable and protective of our natural resources. They’re committed to protecting kratom forests and encouraging eco-friendly initiatives throughout every phase of kratom production, from the grow cycle to the manufacturing. 

Right now, the AKA is hard at work countering anti-kratom ballot measures across the nation. For example, as of this writing, the state of Tennessee is pushing a house bill (HB No.2043) that would criminalize the use of kratom in the state. The AKA is working to mobilize citizens, educate legislators, and prevent the bill from ultimately becoming law. 


Misconceptions Addressed by the American Kratom Association 

Though the organization now focuses on broader advocacy, they began primarily for the purposes of education. The following are among the misconceptions that they’ve worked tirelessly to address: 

  • The misconception that kratom has the same addictive properties as opioids (the AKA has hosted public debates to debunk this misconception). 
  • The misconception that kratom offers no therapeutic benefits (both clinical research and countless consumer testimonials contradict this notion). 
  • The misconception that kratom is dangerous to consume (like any product, kratom should be consumed responsibly). 
  • The misconception that kratom is an illicit drug or narcotic (kratom is a natural herb derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, a member of the coffee family). 

Education remains a pivotal part of the AKA’s mission, as it is instrumental in helping to effect policy change and ensure that consumers have the information necessary to consume kratom responsibly and derive the maximum benefit. On the AKA’s Kratom Science page, consumers can learn about the latest research pertaining to kratom, its safety, and its effects. 


Kratom & the FDA 

The American Kratom Association does not oppose the FDA nor the FDA’s role in regulating kratom. On the contrary, the AKA believes that kratom and the FDA go hand in hand from a regulatory perspective. The AKA would like for the FDA to take an active role in setting clear safety standards for kratom manufacturers, thus ensuring that consumers are adequately protected from disreputable manufacturers. 

As the industry stands right now, kratom is largely unregulated—and this is a problem. Products sold aren’t always as advertised, and consumers don’t always know what they’re getting. Certain kratom products may contain bacteria, heavy metals, molds, and other impurities that can endanger human health. You can minimize these risks by purchasing kratom from a company like Kratora that subjects its products to third-party lab tests. But with FDA oversight, we would have higher standards across the board. 

When it comes to kratom, the FDA has a golden opportunity. The American Kratom Association doesn’t have an issue with the FDA in and of itself; rather, they take issue with the FDA’s continued negative and inaccurate characterization of kratom and its effects. One of the AKA’s primary goals is to work with the FDA and encourage the administration to alter course in their approach to kratom. The effort is ongoing. 


How the American Kratom Association Is Moving the Kratom Industry Forward 

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The AKA is committed to promoting specific policy initiatives in the interest of sensible kratom laws

  • Kratom should be safe and legal for adults to access
  • The FDA should take an active role in regulating kratom for sale, ensuring optimal safety and quality 
  • Kratom should be sold in child-resistant packaging 
  • Kratom purchases should have minimum-age requirements  
  • Any marketing claims related to kratom should be consistent with DSHEA standards

The AKA has made a lot of progress over the past decade, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. For anyone who would like to join the AKA’s mission of promoting safe, legal kratom in the U.S. and throughout the world, the American Kratom Association has created a helpful advocacy website. Visit to get involved today. 



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