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What is CBD Isolate?

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CBD’s rampant popularity has taken the world by storm, and demand for the cannabinoid has led to a diversified market. From CBD oils to CBD edibles, consumers have demonstrated an interest in all types of CBD products, many of which make CBD consumption easier or more accessible.

However, few CBD products stand out from the product line like CBD isolates. As an isolated form of CBD, isolates — like CBD isolate oils — are popular among consumers who are interested in the benefits of CBD but are otherwise apprehensive about consuming cannabis products.

Whether you’re venturing into the world of CBD for the first time or you’re curious about the benefits of isolates in comparison to traditional CBD products, here’s the low-down on isolates.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a highly pure, crystalline form of CBD. You might think of it as “bare naked” CBD: unlike other CBD products, CBD isolates don’t contain residual components from hemp or cannabis plants (such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, or terpenes).

Sometimes, isolate powders are used to produce CBD isolate oils and other forms of CBD; however, contrary to popular belief, isolates aren’t synthetic. Just like many other CBD products, they’re manufactured using raw hemp or cannabis.

Isolated CBD is often considered the alternative to full-spectrum CBD products. Full-spectrum CBD is produced similarly to isolated CBD but retains many of the terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural components of hemp and cannabis plants. In addition, unlike CBD isolates, full-spectrum CBD products usually also contain a small percentage of active THC — the cannabinoid that’s primarily responsible for cannabis’s trademark “high.”

A person applies CBD isolate on their hand.

How is CBD Isolate Made?

Although manufacturers can create isolates through various means, many CBD extraction methods are non-viable. For instance, CBD can be affordably extracted with solvents like hexane and pentane, but these processes can degrade the CBD’s quality and render it toxic to consumers.

Instead, the best CBD oil isolates on the market today are produced via supercritical CO2 extraction. The process involves using gaseous CO2 to extract CBD oil from hemp plants. From here, the CBD isolate oil is purified to remove all plant matter and waxes, producing a pure, refined CBD powder. The resulting CBD powder can then be sold as-is or in other product forms, such as CBD isolate edibles or oils.

The Benefits of CBD Isolates

Although CBD isolates are bonafide CBD products, their unique production process imbues them with properties that differentiate them from non-isolated CBD.

For instance, CBD isolate oils are especially useful for those who are interested in the benefits of CBD but don’t want to ingest any other components of the hemp and cannabis plants. This is because psychoactive cannabinoids like THC can be present in even the most purified, non-isolated CBD products. As a result, CBD isolates are popular among consumers who want to avoid testing positive for cannabis use.

CBD isolates are also much more accessible than their full-spectrum or non-isolated counterparts. Because they don’t contain any THC, the legal status of CBD isolate products are up in the air in many countries around the world — including those where all other forms of cannabis are prohibited.

Finally, most consumers would probably agree that isolated CBD is generally better-tasting than other forms of CBD. Due to their crystallized structure, powdered CBD isolates are practically flavorless. And, for those who aren’t keen on flavorless CBD products, many companies offer a variety of flavored CBD isolate oils online.

CBD isolate in a small brown bottle sits on a spread out hemp leaf.

The Disadvantages of CBD Isolates

Despite the many benefits of CBD isolates, these highly-pure CBD products don’t come without drawbacks. In fact, the most apparent disadvantage of isolated CBD stems from the purity of these products.

Because CBD isolates are heavily refined, some consumers assert that they lack the broader, holistic benefits of full-spectrum CBD. During isolate production, CBD manufacturers remove many natural components of the hemp plant, such as their CBD terpene and flavonoid content. However, research has established that, when left intact, these components can synergize to enhance the therapeutic value of CBD.

What Kind of CBD Isolate is Best?

If you’re in the market for CBD isolates, you’ll have plenty of choices at your disposal. From isolate CBD gels to CBD isolate oils, isolated CBD is available in a broad assortment of product formats.

But, with so many options to choose from, one product format will likely be preferable for you over the others.

CBD Isolate Powders

In contrast to oils and creams, CBD isolate powders are, as their name suggests, powdered products. Their powdered and tasteless composition allows them to be measured accurately and added to a variety of foods and beverages for easy, convenient consumption.

Although powdered CBD isolates are probably the most pragmatic CBD product, some consumers might prefer the flavored or scented experiences of other products.

CBD Oils

Like isolates, CBD isolate oils are renowned for their ease-of-use, but administration can get a little messy due to their oil-based composition. Most CBD oils are used sublingually (under-the-tongue) and are available in a variety of tasty flavors that can make them more enjoyable to use than CBD isolate powders.

CBD Creams, Lotions, and Salves

Designed for topical use, CBD isolate creams, lotions, and CBD facial moisturizers are especially useful for anyone consuming CBD for localized pain relief. Using these products is as easy as applying similar cosmetic products: simply spread and rub the cream within a designated area on the skin.

Although some studies have verified the effectiveness of topical CBD, not all CBD products are transdermal, meaning that they can’t absorb through the skin and enter the bloodstream. As a result, the efficacy of these products can vary.

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The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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