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What Is Kratom Used For Around the World?

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In recent years, Kratom has gained popularity in many countries in North America and Europe. While it has long been used as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia for centuries, kratom’s reputation worldwide has been growing as more research reveals its potential as a medicinal herb. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what kratom is or what it’s used for, its effects, and its legality worldwide. That has led to many misconceptions about the plant.

Today, kratom’s reputation is an important issue to discuss because the positive effects of kratom are often ignored. What seems like a natural remedy or herb is viewed negatively due to the lack of information about what kratom actually is. This post will discuss kratom’s reputation in five countries where it’s legal. 

Around the World

United States

Kratom’s reputation in the United States is widespread, and it’s widely used throughout the country. Many people view this ethnobotanical plant as a potentially beneficial natural herb, especially due to its aromatic effects, which are often considered uplifting, soothing, calming, and stimulating.  In the United States, kratom is not regulated at a federal level, and legislation surrounding it varies from state to state. In Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Rhode Island, kratom has been made illegal in some capacity.

Despite this, the American Kratom Association notes that kratom is mostly legal in the U.S., and its reputation is generally positive. You might be wondering: what is kratom used for? Well, most buyers in the U.S. use kratom for their own well-being. Most reviews online reveal how well kratom is received.



Kratom’s reputation in Germany is good. It’s currently not listed in the German Narcotics Act (BtMG), and it’s, therefore, legal to use. However, kratom products can’t be sold in Germany as products for human consumption and must be labeled as such. However, this doesn’t mean that users can’t enjoy its effects. Most people buy kratom to enjoy the amazing effects of its aroma. Products are widely available in what are known as “smart shops.” This means that they sell things for cognitive improvement, bodybuilding, or in this case, aromatherapy.

Germany has a huge online kratom community where people can share insights and sell kratom to each other for their own personal use. As more people use kratom in Germany, we can expect their knowledge to increase and their community to grow larger. The overall reputation of this natural product is growing every day across Germany. Like in other countries, anyone new to kratom might wonder what kratom is used for. It’s mainly used in Germany as a stimulant or energy booster. 



In Austria, kratom is not listed in the Narcotics Act or any of its successive amendments, so it’s currently legal. Its reputation in this beautiful Central European country is steadily growing. Its use is currently limited to those in Austria who have embraced this natural product to treat discomfort, and what they can conclude about kratom so far has been positive. There are no specifically popular Austrian resources dedicated to kratom.

What you can find is a growing number of international sites and forums where Austrians can share their experiences with kratom. Such online communities are vital in helping those new to kratom understand what it is used for and what it can do. Over the coming years, we can only hope that more and more Austrian resources with kratom information will develop.



The Dutch have a tolerant policy, which has attracted a small but passionate following of kratom users and vendors. Kratom is currently legal in this country under Opium Law. Its reputation is mostly positive, and it’s available in online stores and specialized kratom shops. It has gained the attention of politicians, but for now, kratom’s legality remains unchanged. You might wonder what kratom is used for in the Netherlands. Like other countries, it’s generally used as an ethnobotanical plant with amazing aromatic-derived effects that soothe and relax. 

canal in Amsterdam

Most people interested in buying kratom in the Netherlands are looking for strain reviews. For instance, one of the most popular is “Thai Red Vein.” It has a lot of positive feedback online, and it’s even available in capsule form at some stores. A closer look at other kratom strain reviews reveals that users also like “Green Borneo” and “White Vein Maeng Da.” Overall, kratom’s reputation in the Netherlands is good too. 



Greece is recognized for its illustrious history and turquoise blue seas, and great beaches. Fortunately, kratom is lawful in the country where some of the world’s greatest thinkers once lived. It’s currently legal and not listed in Law 4139/2013 – the law on addictive substances and other provisions in Greece. Over the years, it has gained quite a reputation among ethnobotanical enthusiasts and natural herb proponents. The kratom experience in this country is what many buyers love, going by the numerous reviews online. 

Greece was among the first countries where medical cannabis gained popularity as a natural alternative treatment option due to its efficacy and minimal side effects. It’s therefore not a surprise that the country has been an early adopter of kratom, with most users describing it as something they’d rather keep for themselves. Kratom’s reputation in Greece is generally positive, but there are some misconceptions about what this plant can do for the people who live here, just like in other countries. 



Spain’s rich culture and gorgeous beaches complement the kratom lifestyle. In Spain, kratom is becoming increasingly popular, and it may be purchased lawfully in stores throughout the nation. It’s considered legal under the Lists of Narcotics and psychotropics or Human medicines. As more people embrace kratom, we can anticipate more new and exciting information to answer critical questions like what is kratom used for when it comes to things like physical discomfort? Are there any possible side effects? 

Spain coastline

The exploration of kratom is still in its infancy in Spain and most parts of the world, but what we do know is that it has long been used traditionally in Southeast Asia as a stimulant and to treat physical discomfort. Historically, farmers used to chew the kratom tree’s leaves to help combat various aches and pains, and fatigue. However, in Spain, kratom is used primarily as an aromatic herb with calming and soothing effects. Its reputation is growing among online communities and forums as a means to enhance and enrich well-being. 


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Kratom’s reputation worldwide can vary depending on what country you’re in or what people have heard about it before. If you want to learn more about what kratom is used for, visit our blog at Kratora or contact our kratom experts. We bring you fresh, organic, and all-natural kratom products from the same reliable growers since 2013. Shop with total confidence and enjoy a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. 

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