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What Science is Saying About the Latest CBD Research

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It’s clear that CBD is the latest craze in the world of natural health. But, unlike other health fad products, CBD’s benefits are backed by dozens of studies. CBD research has underlined the cannabinoid’s inflammation-reducing and sleep-inducing properties, while also hinting at the possibility of greater medical applications.

However, despite the emergence of promising studies, researchers still are unsure of how CBD affects the brain exactly. Some scientists believe CBD has much to offer, while others claim the cannabidiol CBD provides few perceivable benefits. In this highly-contested landscape of scientific uncertainty, only the latest CBD information will help light the way towards clarity for CBD consumers and producers alike.

What The Latest CBD Research Studies are Saying

CBD as an Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is a natural defense process of the body during which our white blood cells fight off bacteria and viruses. However, prolonged or chronic inflammation — a state in which our bodies are continually “on-guard” despite the absence of a biological threat — can cause our defenses to attack friendly tissues instead of foreign invaders.

Chronic inflammation can be a precursor to many painful and unpleasant medical conditions, such as arthritis and even heart disease and stroke. As a result, some CBD research has focused on the anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabinoid and how CBD can help with conditions like arthritis.

In a 2007 study, a team of researchers explored CBD’s effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory in rats. They administered oral CBD doses to the rats and observed a reduction of several inflammatory mediators, including prostaglandin, lipid peroxide, and nitric oxide. The authors concluded that the results indicate a potential therapeutic use of CBD for pain.

The CBD information presented by other CBD research also suggests anti-inflammatory applications elsewhere in the body, such as the skin. In a study published in 2014, researchers found that topical CBD oil benefits could include preventing the elevation of TNFA, a culprit of acne vulgaris, which is an inflammatory skin condition. After making this observation, the authors noted that “CBD could have anti-inflammatory actions on human sebocytes,” and that “CBD’s universal sebostatic action … would be very much desired in the clinical treatment of acne vulgaris.”

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CBD & Mental Health

To assess CBD’s benefits for mental health, researchers reviewed 23 scientific articles published on the topic which included randomized controlled trials, case reports, and other forms of research.

Cognitive Benefits for Cannabis Users

CBD research has established that cannabinoids synergize with one another to enhance cannabis’s psychoactive properties in a phenomenon called “the entourage effect.” However, recent evidence suggests that the benefits of CBD could extend to mental health, too.

In a reviewed study published in 2018, one research team set out to assess the mental health benefits of CBD in regular users. After evaluating the baseline psychological and cognitive performance of their participants, the authors administered 200mg of CBD daily to each participant for ten weeks.

After the CBD information trial period concluded, the study’s participants reported “significantly fewer depressive and psychotic-like symptoms” and demonstrated improvements in “attentional switching, verbal learning, and memory.” Additionally, no side effects were reported. Given the results of the study, the authors concluded that CBD could be effective at reducing the cognitive and psychological impairment associated with prolonged cannabis use.

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CBD and Anxiety

Another promising area of CBD research is the cannabinoid’s utility in addressing various anxiety disorders such as how CBD can be used for social anxiety.

In a 2019 study, the authors evaluated CBD’s effects on anxiety by giving 72 adult participants with diagnosed anxiety or sleep disorders a daily dose of CBD. Most participants received 25mg of CBD a day, a few were given 50/75mg a day, and one patient with schizoaffective disorder and trauma was given a dose of up to 175mg a day.

During the trial’s first month, 79.2% of participants reported decreased anxiety, and 66.7% reported increased quality of sleep. According to the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index scores, the participants experienced overall improvements at ratings of 65-80%.

The CBD research team concluded their studies by affirming that “CBD displays promise as a tool for reducing anxiety in clinical populations” and that “CBD appears to be better tolerated than routine psychiatric medications.” However, they also noted the limitations of their study and emphasized the need for more randomized and controlled CBD information trials.

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The Importance of CBD Product Quality

Aside from highlighting CBD’s beneficial properties, contemporary research has also shed light on the variability of CBD product quality. Though you may think you’re getting the best CBD oil on the market, a lack of regulatory scrutiny has led to a deficiency of enforceable standards and a market flooded with unregulated and untested CBD products.

In 2017, a team of CBD researchers assessed the CBD market by ordering and analyzing 84 CBD products from various online sellers. They found that 26% of the products were over-labeled, meaning that they contained less CBD than the product’s manufacturer claimed. The authors noted that the information on these CBD products “could negate any potential clinical response,” making those CBD products ineffective for consumers expecting medicinal benefits.

The authors were even more disturbed to discover that 18 CBD products tested positive for THC. The authors noted that the THC content of these products was high enough to intoxicate or impair unknowing consumers, especially children.

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