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Why Buy Wholesale Kratom?

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In today’s thriving world of e-commerce, there are many ways to order kratom. Buyers can choose from a variety of kratom strains, vein colors, and product formats to suit their needs.

That said, of these options, buying wholesale kratom is among the most economically viable. By purchasing kratom in bulk, you can cut down on shipping costs and keep your inventory stocked while saving time and energy.

Buying Kratom in Bulk: Get More Kratom for Less

Typically, most kratom vendors sell their kratom powder in small quantities, such as 25g, 100g, and 500g. While these smaller product sizes might be enough to satisfy infrequent buyers, the same can’t be said for bulk buyers or resellers.

Thankfully, wholesale kratom is usually sold at quantities of one kilogram or more which can make a single bulk order equivalent to several, if not dozens, of smaller orders. Additionally, many vendors often provide wholesale kratom products at discounted rates. While you might expect prices to scale linearly, these bulk discounts can drop the cost substantially below what you would normally pay for the same amount of kratom when distributed as smaller quantity products.

That said, the advantage of receiving more product when buying kratom in bulk can quickly become a disadvantage if the quantity exceeds your usage. For resellers, buying kratom wholesale is often sensible because ordering a large supply allows them to meet customer demand.

However, if you’re buying wholesale kratom for personal use, you might end up with more kratom than you know what to do with. In this scenario, purchasing bulk kratom is far less advisable. Because kratom is a natural product and has a finite shelf life, its potency can degrade with time — a process accelerated by improper kratom storage and exposure to sunlight and air. As a result, a wholesale quantity of kratom purchased for personal use could “spoil” long before you have the chance to use it all.

Stay Stocked Up

One of the most obvious advantages of buying wholesale kratom is having large amounts of kratom on-hand. Not only is this advantageous for resellers running businesses, but it can also be more economical in the long-run for regular customers.

For starters, while buying kratom in smaller quantities is convenient in terms of storage, many customers quickly find themselves short-handed within a few weeks or months after their last order. Upon realizing that they’re running low on kratom, they might scramble to place another order, only to discover that they won’t be able to receive more until a later date.

However, by buying wholesale kratom, you’ll have plenty of kratom to go around for weeks, months, if not years. And, when your supply does start to run low, buying kratom in bulk will ensure that your inventory is sufficiently replenished promptly.

Purchasing a wholesale quantity of kratom also allows you to bolster your inventory of favorite strains, even if they go out of stock or out of season. While kratom is an evergreen tree, some strains aren’t available year-round and, as a result, vendor inventories can fluctuate. In these cases, running out of a specific strain at an inconvenient time can leave you empty-handed for weeks or months. Thankfully, purchasing wholesale kratom can keep you stocked up and worry-free.

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A More Consistent Product

Because kratom is a product of nature, its properties can vary slightly from batch to batch — even when sourced from top-quality suppliers. Factors like the time of year, growing conditions, and climate can all individually affect a kratom harvest.

As a result, purchasing in bulk is a great way for resellers to ensure their kratom products are consistent which is appealing to customers. In contrast, buying small batches infrequently — each of which might possess slightly different characteristics — can frustrate customers who are expecting some degree of product uniformity.

Those buying wholesale kratom for personal use can also benefit from greater product consistency: personal buyers who are meticulous about the properties of their favorite strains will appreciate the product consistency of bulk orders. Additionally, many vendors offer their regular kratom selection in wholesale quantities, so you’re not necessarily sacrificing variety by opting to buy kratom in bulk.

What to Look for When Buying Wholesale Kratom

Whether you’re shopping for kratom in regular or bulk quantities, assessing product quality is always prudent. However, because ordering kratom in larger batches is riskier and more expensive, it’s especially important to ensure the vendor in question meets your expectations before placing a bulk order.

For starters, the best wholesale kratom is sourced from reputable kratom farmers in Southeast Asia, where kratom has grown natively for hundreds of years. The quality of kratom is highly dependent on its climate, and if the kratom in question doesn’t originate from Southeast Asia, you may receive an inferior-grade product that was grown in an unsuitable environment.

Product purity is another indicator of high-quality kratom. Some vendors add filler ingredients to their kratom to boost profit margins — an unscrupulous practice that reduces the product quality and the end user’s experience. To ensure you’re getting nothing but the best, opt for all-natural wholesale kratom that contains nothing but 100% ground kratom leaves.

Finally, because kratom’s potency degrades when exposed to air and sunlight, secure product packaging is especially essential when buying in bulk. After all, even the highest-quality kratom will be devalued if it arrives in an opened and compromised state.

Get Premium-Grade Wholesale Kratom Delivered to Your Door

At Kratora, we’re proud to offer our diverse selection of reputably-sourced and all-natural kratom for sale at discounted rates for wholesale buyers. To learn more about buying our kratom in bulk, contact us or register as a wholesaler buyer today!

Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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