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Why It’s So Hard To Buy Kratom With A Credit Card

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Kratom is a popular herb that many use for a variety of effects, from easing discomfort or quieting a busy mind to an elevated mood or feeling more alert. However, a lot of people have discovered they can’t buy kratom with credit cards. PayPal and other third-party processors are rejecting payments for kratom, as well. The credit card companies and other transactional third-party systems consider kratom a high-risk product because of its wavering legal status in some parts of the world. Now, it can be a challenge to find a kratom vendor who takes credit cards


Why Is Kratom Considered High-Risk?

Credit card companies and other payment platforms categorize several industries as “high-risk”. These industries include dating websites, event tickets, high-priced online retail such as jewelry, furniture, and appliances, travel companies, and products such as kratom and CBD. It’s easy to think that “high-risk” refers to the product, but as the above examples show, it is the risk of an industry that is volatile for whatever reason. With kratom, the industry risk is its legal status, making financial institutions unsure of allowing customers to buy kratom with credit cards or debit cards. 


What About Risk to Vendors?

Purchases from customers who would buy kratom with credit cards usually have a low chargeback rate, because of customer satisfaction. Some processors that allow kratom transactions charge vendors high service fees. Several also hold funds from purchases for a longer period of time, which can have numerous negative effects on vendors. Vendors must also do their due diligence when selecting a payment processor — some who accept payments in high-risk industries are a scam or have little stability. Processors that come and go quickly are not an efficient part of any retail model.


What Are Alternative Payment Options?

It may be difficult to find a kratom vendor that takes credit card payment, but it is not impossible. Fortunately, even retailers who do accept credit cards usually accept several forms of payment. These include e-checks, cryptocurrency, and money orders.


Cryptocurrency for Kratom Purchases

Many times where you can’t buy kratom with a credit card, cryptocurrency is a valid form of payment. This can be confusing if you’re new to this financial area. You acquire your cryptocurrency, Bitcoin for example, from a reputable exchange service. When checking out, select cryptocurrency as your form of payment. You can read more about making purchases this way at Kratora by reading our Cryptocurrency User Guide.


E-Check or Similar

Most vendors offer you the opportunity to pay with an e-check, now considered safer than your typical paper check. At Kratora, we accept payment through eDebitDirect, which acts similarly to a check but without the requirement of a physical check or wet signature.


The great news? At Kratora, we can accept credit cards for most purchases. If you have any questions about our payment options or range of kratom and other ethnobotanical products, reach out to our friendly team


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