Congressmen to Act on Kratom Ban – Need Your Help!!

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Congressmen Pocan (D-WIS) and Salmon (R-AZ) have drafted a letter to stop the ban (copy of the letter here). We can save Kratom but we need your urgent help! Congressmen Mark Pocan and Matt Salmon have drafted a “Dear Colleague” letter to stop the ban and they need your local Congressmen to sign the letter and support it as well. If it gets enough support, we will win this battle!If you care about Kratom, it is very important to take action and urge your local representative to sign the “Pocan-Salmon Dear Colleague Letter”. Follow the steps below to make an impact and urge your local representative to sign. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH. The letter is to be distributed early in the week and Pocan/Salmon have asked kratom supporters to take action ASAP. Time is of the essence. This letter will determine the fate of Kratom in our country. Lookup your local Congressman with your zip code by using this link. https://www.house.gov/representatives/find/Call (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your local Congressman’s office. It is not uncommon for an intern to answer these phone calls. Do not be nervous! Keep in mind that these people generally WANT to hear from their constituents and these phone calls are important. Explain that you would like your congressman to sign the “Pocan-Salmon Dear Colleague Letter” in support of Kratom for whatever personal reasons you choose. As a word of advice, be polite, keep it short and stick to the facts. Do not go off on a tangent about conspiracy theories. Keep in mind, it is this Congressman’s job to represent YOU and if they want your support they need to do just that.

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