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Help us Keep Kratom Legal!!!

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Are you aware the government is trying to Criminalize Kratom?
Do you know that 2 States already made Kratom Illegal?
Do you know how easy it is to help keep this plant legal?

There are currently 3 states that are actively planning a ban kratom or the active alkaloids. They are Indiana,  Louisiana and Wisconsin. Please click links to see how you can help in each state.

Please get involved and help us fight this legislation, we need everyone on board for this. Even if this doesn’t affect you personally, every state we lose makes it easier for other states to follow suit. If it isn’t your problem now, it will be soon.

We’ve discovered that simply making our Representatives  aware that Kratom has many medicinal properties and is not a danger to public health, nor a danger to public safety is helping with the race to outlaw kratom and can actually keep Kratom legal!

With a recent concerted effort on the ground in Arizona by the Botanical Defense Team, as well as a flood of letters from voices just like you, we were able to get Kratom removed from a bill that was going to place it on schedule I.

Please join the fight to keep kratom legal by simply making yourself heard and sending them a letter that Representatives WILL listen to. However, your personal testimonials telling how kratom has helped you and what it would mean if it became scheduled  is the most powerful letter.

  1.  The most effective form of communication is a letter  sent by mail to the Represantive sponsoring a bill against Kratom.
  2. The second most effective from of communication is an email.
  3. Lastly sign any change.org online petition.

Remember to include Hthe bill reference number with any communication.We thank you in advance for helping to keep Kratom legal. One way these legislators can be encouraged to change their minds is by receiving a mountain of letters from the general public. Please don’t think that someone else will do it; it needs to be you!

If you’re then interested in continuing the fight, there are many ways to get more involved. You can stay on top of any news related to the banning Kratom by visiting www.botanicallegaldefense.org. Find current medical studies as well as the current bills that need to be amended or blocked. Talk about it with your friends. Help our government to focus on the many potential benefits of Kratom before they blindly and misguidedly outlaw it. We won in Arizona; let’s take the fight to the rest of the
USA, and make a difference today!

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