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Is Kratom Legal in Arizona?

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Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation, but if you’re looking to call it home (or even if you’re just paying a visit), it’s important to acquaint yourself with the unique laws, regulations, and requirements that govern the Grand Canyon State. And if you’re a fan of kratom, that means you’re probably asking the obvious question: Is kratom legal in Arizona? If you’re looking to enjoy the finest Southeast Asian botanicals from the comfort of Phoenix or Tucson, there’s good news. 


Is Kratom Legal in Arizona?

Yes, kratom is legal in Arizona, and you’re free to enjoy it without fear of legal reprisal. There was one effort to ban kratom in Arizona in 2014, but the effort never made it as far as the State Senate. At that time, a group of legislators argued that the primary alkaloids in kratom—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—should be classified as Schedule I controlled substances. The bill was ultimately rejected due to a lack of scientific basis for scheduling the alkaloids. 

In 2019, Arizona became one of the few states to officially regulate kratom. State House Bill 2550 established Arizona’s Kratom Consumer Protection Act, a series of measures intended to protect the public from dangerous and poor-quality kratom products. As a result of its passage, Arizona is one of the best places in the nation to buy kratom. 

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey, who clarified that his primary motivation was to keep kratom out of the hands of minors. Gov. Ducey has also called upon the federal government to enact kratom regulations at the national level. 


About the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act 

We know that kratom is legal in Arizona, but what regulations are in place to protect consumers? That’s where the KCPA comes in. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is a series of measures originally drafted by the American Kratom Association (AKA), a national advocacy organization that pushes for safe, legal kratom and sensible regulations. 

Aside from Arizona, the KCPA has been enacted in states like Utah (the first to officially recognize it), Nevada, Oregon, and Georgia. The specific guidelines are pretty consistent from one state to the next, albeit with occasional modifications (for instance, some states limit kratom sales to buyers over 18, while other states set the minimum age to 21). 

In Arizona specifically, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act has three primary aims: imposing strict labeling requirements, preventing the sale of adulterated kratom, and preventing minors from purchasing kratom. 

  • Kratom vendors are prohibited from selling kratom to anyone under 18 years old 
  • Kratom manufacturers and vendors are prohibited from selling kratom products with synthetic ingredients, synthetic alkaloids, or foreign non-kratom adulterants 
  • Kratom manufacturers and vendors are prohibited from selling kratom products with contaminants that may affect the quality or safety of the kratom (this, in effect, means that kratom manufacturers must subject products to third-party lab-testing, as foreign contaminants can compromise a product without the manufacturer’s knowledge) 
  • Kratom manufacturers and vendors are prohibited from selling kratom products containing more than 2% of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine 
  • When selling kratom products (like kratom gummies), vendors must clearly disclose on the label that the product contains kratom 
  • Kratom product labels must contain accurate ingredient lists and alkaloid concentrations 

In other words, all kratom in Arizona is required to be all-natural/organic, clearly and accurately labeled, and sold exclusively to adults. 


Why Arizona Is a Great Place to Buy Kratom

The reason why laws like the KCPA exist is because kratom is still largely unregulated at the federal level. There is little recourse if an unscrupulous manufacturer sells a tainted product made with synthetic alkaloids or inadvertently sickens their customers with salmonella due to poor manufacturing practices. 

Because Arizona is one of the few states to impose kratom regulations, these dangers are less of a concern. There are certain safeguards in place to reduce—though not eliminate—the chances of poor-quality products making their way into herb stores, smoke shops, and specialty retailers. 


Why It’s Still Better to Buy Kratom Online 

If you know that kratom is legal in Arizona (and also regulated), you might feel good about purchasing kratom powder from your local brick-and-mortar shop. And while it’s true that you’re better off buying smoke-shop kratom in Arizona than in most states, your best bet is still to shop online. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It’s much easier to research and compare kratom products online. There are many different types of kratom, each distinguished by its location of origin, vein color (leaf maturity), genetics, and other factors. If you’re trying to compare products or achieve a specific effect, online shopping is your best bet. Online product descriptions tend to be more detailed and robust than a product package allows, and you can also take your time and conduct supplemental research on both the products and the vendor. 
  • You have access to a much larger product selection. There is a wealth of kratom products out there, but in-store selections tend to be very limited. If you really want to hone in on the ideal strain or variety for your needs, it pays to buy from a dedicated kratom supplier (most of which exist online). 
  • You have access to much better deals. When you buy kratom online, you don’t have to deal with the overhead costs and markups. You can usually get a much better value for your hard-earned money, and you may even be able to earn kratom rewards for repeat purchases if you buy from a company like Kratora. 

Is kratom legal in Arizona? Yes, 100%! And the best place to buy kratom in Arizona is from Kratora. We offer a robust selection of all-natural, lab-tested kratom—and all orders over $75 qualify for free same-day shipping. Get the most from your Arizona kratom experience, with premium products that exceed the most stringent quality standards! 


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