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Kratom’s Growth and The Local Economy

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Kratom’s growing popularity over the last few years has led to an increase in the number of kratom-related business establishments and opportunities, all the way from Southeast Asia to the U.S., where kratom is now available through a variety of online vendors and local brick-and-mortar shops. This provides economic benefits to local communities where these businesses are located while also driving the growth of the kratom industry regionally, nationally, and even internationally.

This post highlights kratom‘s growth over the years and its impact on the local economy in its native Southeast Asia and the United States, where kratom consumption has grown exponentially.


Kratom’s Growth in Southeast Asia and Its Impact

Starting in the early 2000s, kratom use, production, and consumption has been thriving in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia (Sumatra), Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea, where it naturally grows in wild forests. Thousands of hectares are also allocated for commercial and sustainable kratom farming every year – an expansion that provides livelihood to hundreds of people and stimulates agricultural growth throughout these regions.


A look closer at the entire kratom supply chain reveals sustainable trends and a positive impact on the local economy in different ways:


More Income for Local Farmers

For example, kratom farmers earn more income from their products, and a high level of trust is formed with buyers who often become loyal customers after they have experienced a reliable supply chain. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved as they continue to trade and benefit from kratom’s effects.


Enhanced Infrastructure

Kratom production also leads to better infrastructure in these regions, such as roads connecting plantations with local markets or even airports that serve as an entry point for shipments abroad. Building materials are made available for kratom farmers, and new jobs are created for those who would like to work in the industry. Kratom production is also great for the environment as more farmers move away from palm oil farming.


Increased Foreign Exchange

Kratom exports provide more foreign exchange earnings, leading to better national trade balances of these Southeast Asian countries. On average, every exported kilogram can potentially buy a family’s daily needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Kratom‘s link to the thriving local economy and production growth is part of why more farmers embrace it.


Huge Win for Small-Scale Enterprises

In addition to its agricultural benefits in some regions, many small-scale enterprises also benefit greatly from selling kratom leaf powder as a raw material for producing kratom-based products from a plantation or a small family business. For example, about one ton of dried leaf powder is needed in order to produce 100 kilograms of a commercial kratom product.


Overall Quality Standards Remain High

By working closely with local farmers who supply vendors and raw-material supplies, kratom producers are assured that many quality standards are met, which helps them maintain their reputation in the industry. This is why authentic kratom products come with different guarantees of purity and potency for use – something consumers should take advantage of to experience its beneficial effects without worrying about getting lower grade or counterfeit ones.


Kratom’s Growth in the USA and Its Impact

In the U.S., kratom and its huge supply chain have directly impacted the local economy and job market. Kratom has opened up new opportunities for people who want to stay employed and stable in a recovering economy where other jobs are lacking. Since kratom started gaining popularity in the west, Americans have found a reliable way to increase their income. As the overall kratom industry grows, so does the demand for distributors, suppliers, and other job opportunities related to it.

Here’s how kratom has impacted local economies positively across the U.S.:


Small Businesses Selling Kratom are Thriving

As kratom becomes more widely available and accessible to customers, the small businesses in the local economy benefit most. Small businesses with an online presence have seen the biggest impact on their profits since kratom’s surge in popularity. As demand increases, small business owners are finding it easier to sell more of these products. Some are seeing huge spikes in traffic and sales due to kratom.

As the industry’s profile increases, more people are finding success in selling kratom products online. 


A Source of Income for People Working in the Kratom Industry

With millions of Americans using kratom, there’s no doubt that kratom’s supply chain in the U.S. and the number of workers who are able to get employment from kratom is rapidly growing. In 2016, the estimated number was about 100,000 people, and by 2020, that number could have reached 200,000 or even higher.

The most important positions needed for kratom businesses involve processing leaf, which requires a skilled workforce who can perform tasks like drying, powdering, weighing/packing, and manufacturing capsules or tablets from dried leaves. This category accounts for the majority of kratom workers. People involved in sales and marketing are also an essential part of the industry, as they provide information to customers about products offered by vendors.


Brick and Mortar Vendors Great for the Local Economy

Kratom vendors who operate out of brick and mortar stores are also helping to drive the economy. If you live in a town where kratom is legal and regulated, there’s probably at least one storefront that sells it. These shops need clerks and managers who can help customers learn about the product they carry — much like any other retailer or restaurant — but these jobs also greatly affect the local economy.

Kratom vendors also offer regular incentives to draw in new customers. Some may give free samples, while others will take specific percentages off the total cost of a kratom order if placed before a certain time or dependent on the size and weight of that particular purchase. These offers keep the business thriving. Additionally, kratom vendors often partner with charities to give back to the community. They may offer discounts or free products on days dedicated to those causes or host fundraisers where they donate a percentage of their proceeds.


Nationwide Kratom Vendors are Creating More Jobs

Nationwide vendors like Kratora are also creating jobs and helping to expand the economy. When you consider that over $1 billion in revenue is generated by the kratom industry in the U.S., it’s easy to see how companies that operate nationwide play a role in creating more jobs. From the shipping department to the warehouse, there are many different jobs that kratom businesses need in order to function. Ultimately, the kratom industry and its wide reach are helping to improve the economy in many ways.


We Can Do More To Supporting Kratom and Its Positive Impact

happy customer

Kratom use has been a hot topic over the past few years, especially due to the fact that the FDA does not yet regulate it. While it’s legal in the USA but banned in some states and local jurisdictions, kratom shows great potential as a medicinal herb. More research is needed to guide kratom’s future, but it is already clear that the plant has great value to local economies. Kratom’s future is a discussion that deserves attention, and there’s no better way to support it than advocating for it

Here’s what you can do:

  • Support local laws and legislations in favor of kratom protections
  • Buy kratom products only from reliable and reputable vendors
  • Support your local kratom vendors and sellers
  • Join local kratom advocacy efforts in your area
  • Engage with other kratom users and online communities


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There’s so much to learn about kratom and its impact on the local economy, how to be a good advocate, and much more in our blog. At Kratora, we bring you fresh, organic, and all-natural kratom products and inform, educate, and inspire you with the latest insights into the kratom industry.

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