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Learning to Deal with Disappointment Through Healthy Living

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Disappoint can occur at any point in our lives. From failed relationships to being passed up for exciting opportunities, living with disappointment is a common feature of everyday life. As painful as disappointment can be, it’s essential that we keep on thriving no matter how much it hurts. So how can we learn to deal with these feelings in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and our progress forward? Dealing with disappointment through simple, healthy living tips can help us navigate through the hardships of downfalls we never saw coming.

Healthy Living Tips for Dealing With Disappointment

Life After the Fall

Dealing with disappointment is especially hard because the expectations that we built up in ourselves make the fall harder when the unexpected happens. Putting our life back together and looking towards a modified future can be a long and difficult process, but it’s not impossible. In fact, the same healthy living tips that can help when things are going well can also be the key to finding stability and power in the depths of disappointment.

Dealing with Disappointment Emotionally: A Complex Web of Emotions

Whether the disappointment comes as a surprise or appeared to come about as a direct result of your or another person’s failure(s), it is often an emotionally complex experience. Grief, guilt, shame, and fear mingle with sadness and dejection and stop you from moving forward. However, before dusting yourself off and plowing ahead, it can be helpful to spend some time acknowledging your feelings and working through the events that have taken place.

Mindfulness Meditation

Holistic living practices like mindfulness meditation is a particularly helpful tool for dealing with disappointment, as it can help you to experience your emotions more fully without being crushed by them. Observe each feeling as it comes, acknowledge it, and allow it to pass by without suppressing it or criticizing yourself for feeling that way. 

Once you start to feel more comfortable with your feelings and they don’t hit you quite as hard, you can then take the opportunity to examine the way your expectations and assumptions led you to feel so disappointed when things didn’t work out the way you planned. By observing your patterns of expectation and disappointment, you can use this awareness to keep things in perspective and build your resilience for coping with other disappointments in the future.

A Positivity Diary

The best practical healthy living tip for dealing with disappointment emotionally is to write down the positives of every day. At the beginning of the day, write down three things for which you are grateful and repeat them to yourself as needed. At the end of the day, write down a list of all the things that went well. You might be surprised at how this stress management tip helps the previous disappointment to fade as you notice all the things that are going well in your life!

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Stay Connected

This can seem like a hard thing to do when you’re feeling down, but staying connected with a few people that you trust can help you wade through the pain. Hiding away and wallowing in your feelings of despair might seem to be the most attractive proposal right now for dealing with disappointment, but when you stay there for too long, you’re more likely to start feeling worse rather than better.

Leave the house, walk the dog, and invite a friend over for a coffee. There might even be a place where you can go and simply hang out without having to engage in deep conversation or do anything strenuous. Volunteering is another great tool for dealing with disappointment and reviving your spirit. Doing something for others not only helps you to feel better about yourself, but it might also be an effective way to help you feel like you can compensate for the anticipated event that didn’t work out as hoped.

Dealing with Disappointment Physically: Daily Habits to Regain Your Peace

On a physical level, healthy living tips can work to restore a sense of normalcy and calm. They will also protect you from starting on a downward spiral and help you to head back in the direction of happiness and success.

An early morning jog, organic green smoothie, and five-minute meditation will help you to feel grounded and increase your resilience to whatever you’ll have to face during the day. Maintaining a sense of routine is also extremely reassuring when all hope appears to be lost. Life really does go on!

Get Moving

No matter how much your life has changed, dealing with disappointment will be much easier when you activate your muscles and get those endorphins pumping. If you’re able, joining a sports team or enrolling in a dance class provides exercise at the same time as routine and company (all of which are helpful for dealing with disappointment!) Healthy living tips such as learning a new skill can also boost your self-esteem; however, if your physical capacity has become much more limited, some gentle stretching, slow movement, or even deep breathing could provide the wake-up that your body needs.

Eat Well

Ice cream has long been a favorite in times of grief and loss. However, studies have shown that sugar, in particular, could actually take your emotional wellbeing for a dive. To increase your emotional resilience and boost your immune system, healthy fats are actually a much better choice. Wild-caught salmon, fresh avocado, and free-range eggs are some of the best foods you can eat as you deal with disappointment, and they will help you to feel satisfied so that you don’t go rummaging through the snack drawer for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

For additional support when things are particularly rough, healthy living tips such as natural supplementation and aromatherapy with organic plant products such as kratom, CBD oil, and ethnobotanical kratom alternatives can provide a much-needed lift. Use supplements only as indicated and see a health professional if your symptoms don’t improve after a few days.

Keep Healthy Sleeping Hours

This one goes without saying, but no matter how bad things are, you still need to go to bed at a reasonable time, and you still need to get up in the morning. Late nights watching tragic movies and late morning lie-ins followed by days in pajamas are not the way to bounce back when dealing with disappointment

Go to bed when you feel sleepy (between 10 pm and 10:30 pm is when our melatonin levels are at their peak) and get up as soon as you wake up the next morning. Once you’re up, enjoy a warm glass of water with fresh lemon juice, get dressed, make the bed, and start your day. A successful morning routine tends to make the rest of the day flow more smoothly and reminds you that: “Today is a new day!” As you continue to put these healthy living tips into practice, dealing with disappointment should begin to become easier — give yourself time to allow change to happen for a brighter, better future. 

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