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Let’s Talk About Kratom in Idaho

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With its scenic mountains, breathtaking wilderness, and other outdoor wonders, Idaho is a beloved destination for nature lovers, adventurers, and anyone who appreciates a good potato. Whether you’re trying to escape the heat of Nevada or the cold of Montana, Idaho is a great place to hang your hat for a short trip or even a lifetime. But if you’re thinking of bringing your favorite kratom powders along for the ride, you’ll first want to brief yourself on the legal status of kratom in Idaho


Is Kratom Legal in Idaho

Yes, kratom is legal in Idaho, and in all jurisdictions therein. There are no restrictions pertaining to age, product types, or possession limits—so long as your kratom product isn’t adulterated with controlled substances. There have been efforts to restrict kratom in individual municipalities, but no such measures have been successful thus far. 

Unfortunately, the unrestricted legality of kratom in Idaho is both a blessing and a curse. While you can enjoy the benefits of kratom without restriction, you have to be extremely careful about the products you buy. As of this writing, there are no safety regulations in place to ensure product quality. You have to do your homework when buying (more on that later).  


Efforts to Regulate Kratom in Idaho

In 2020, the Idaho House of Representatives introduced a bill that would have regulated kratom in the state. The bill was based on the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), a set of common-sense kratom guidelines established by the American Kratom Association (AKA). The AKA is a national grassroots advocacy organization that’s working with legislators in an effort to get the KCPA passed in each state. 

Among other things, the Idaho bill specifically sought to: 

  • Impose detailed, accurate labeling for all kratom products in the state
  • Require kratom vendors to register with the Idaho Department of Agriculture
  • Ban any kratom containing synthetic alkaloids 
  • Require an independent lab analysis for all kratom products sold in the state
  • Prevent the sale of any kratom products that test positive for contaminants like salmonella or E. coli  
  • Ban the sale of any kratom products containing more than 2% of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Ban kratom sales to anyone under the age of 21 

Neighboring states Utah and Nevada have already adopted the KCPA, but unfortunately the Idaho bill died in committee and was never made law. Still, the issue of kratom is very much on the radar of Idaho state legislators, and it may be taken up again in the future. If you’d like to see safety regulations for kratom in Idaho, contact your local representatives and urge them to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The American Kratom Association has email templates you can use when reaching out to your elected officials. 


Why We Need Safe Kratom in Idaho 


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Kratom in Idaho has been a hot topic since 2019, when it was the subject of news reports connected to adulterated kratom. As noted by experts in these reports, kratom in its natural form possesses little risk, but altered kratom products present real risks which might be mitigated through proper regulation. This position is in line with that of the AKA, which has long noted that the safety issue isn’t with kratom itself—it’s with adulterated and unregulated kratom products. 

If kratom in Idaho were to be regulated according to the AKA’s proposed guidelines, buyers would have access to safe and tested kratom for sale.

Where to Buy Kratom in Idaho

Kratom is easy to find in Idaho. It’s available in smoke shops, liquor stores, gas stations, herb stores, and similar retail locations. However, as we’ve emphasized already, you have to be extremely careful as a buyer. 

Because kratom in Idaho is still unregulated, your best bet is to buy online. It’s easier to ensure that you’re getting a quality product, as the online shopping experience allows you to: 

  • Research brands carefully and ensure that their products are all-natural, lab-tested, and sourced from the places where kratom grows naturally (Indonesia, Thailand, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia). 
  • Review certificates of analysis to ensure that the product you’re buying is free from adulterants, contaminants, and non-kratom ingredients. 
  • Browse product reviews from other shoppers (not just on the vendor’s website but on other sites as well, if available). 
  • Compare different brands and products (most brick-and-mortar retailers will limit you to one or two brands, which may or may not be high-quality). 

As an added bonus, the online shopping experience at Kratora affords you the freedom to browse a much wider selection of kratom powders, kratom capsules, and specialty products like kratom extracts and kratom gummies. You can browse dozens of strains in red-, green-, and white-vein varieties and achieve just the type of effect you’re looking for. 


The Future of Kratom in Idaho 

To sum it all up, kratom is legal in Idaho right now, and there’s no indication that the legal status will change in the near future. However, we’ll keep you notified of any new legal developments on the horizon. In the meantime, the best thing we can all do is encourage Idaho legislators to reconsider the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Also, be careful when traveling out of state with kratom. Six states have banned kratom altogether (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin), as have several local cities and counties throughout the country. 

So know what you’re buying, know where you’re traveling, and enjoy the benefits of pure, all-natural kratom in Idaho and beyond. 

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