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Mixing Kratom Strains At Home: How To Mix Kratom Blends

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Know Your Foundation

Since every strain of kratom has different alkaloid concentrations, consider the three different vein types when mixing kratom strains together. 

White-vein leaves are generally saved for mornings, since the plant can offer an effect similar to coffee. Or, late afternoons when you might be feeling more sluggish. 

If you are looking to even out your experience, you might choose to mix it with green-vein leaves, which balances out the aroma. 

Red-vein leaves are more frequently recommended before bed or after a long day of work — whenever you need to settle in for the night and don’t plan on getting much done. 

The mixture of green and red-vein leaves is used together frequently at the same times of the day. The mixture is better than combining white and red-vein leaves which are used at opposite times of the day. 

Do some research around kratom itself and its origins. Learn how kratom was used traditionally among the Indonesian tribes and how you can use the aromas for your own benefit. 

This can give you more ideas on how to mix your own kratom strains at home. What’s going to also help is if you know which strains are actually best to use for mixing kratom blends at home. 


Best Strains for Kratom Blends

Before mixing kratom strains, it’s important you have experience with the aromas from each individual strain before mixing. This will give you the best idea about which strains will match well with each other. 

The “best” strains are obviously subjective but what you want to keep in mind is how the strains interact with each other. Be knowledgeable about the effect of the aroma of each vein color. Then, pick out specific strains in that leaf type and you’ll have a solid place to start mixing kratom strains

Some of the most popular strains for mixing are below:



Mixing kratom strains can lead to a more tailored experience and educate you further about the process and leaves. This can also reduce strain fatigue, which sometimes occurs when you become accustomed to a particular aroma, causing it to have less effect. 

Once you get used to mixing the different kratom strains, you can begin to mix the kratom extracts for an even more potent kratom blend. If you get involved with the kratom community, you can learn about the blends and ratio amounts other users have tried to find even more mixing methods. 

This is also one of the best ways to stretch your supply. By adding different ratios you won’t be relying on one strain only.


How to Mix at Home

Spoon of kratom powder

First step is to pick out the kratom strains that you want to start mixing. Start mixing kratom strains you’re already familiar with to avoid wasting a batch because it didn’t have the aroma you were expecting. 

There are kratom charts you can use to identify which strains will mix better with others. Beginners can use a white and red-vein leaf mix to balance out the aromas. More experienced users will enjoy adding extracts to their kratom blend of powders. 

When you are blending, stick to mixing powders instead of the crushed leaves. This will give you better measurements, which is important for beginners. 

Next, choose the ratios you want to use when mixing kratom strains. Most beginners will choose a 50-50 mix for the first time but more experienced mixers will tailor the ratio to fit their preferences. When you begin to get more experienced, you can experiment with adding more than two strains. 

A good pro tip is to only make enough for a one-time mixture. Then, you can always make more if that meets your expectations. As you get comfortable with mixing, you can start to incorporate your own ratios and store a batch mixture into containers for later use. 

The third step is actually mixing the kratom strains together. Start with a bowl and use a hand whisk for 2–5 minutes to get it mixed evenly. Avoid using a blender or any type of food processor because those cause a lot of waste. 

If you start with smaller amounts when you’re blending, you can get a feel for the different aromas and eventually create larger amounts for future use. You can even make enough to share with friends or trade some of your best kratom blends with some of theirs. 

Now, you have a perfect blend of your chosen strains ready to go. The more you get into mixing kratom strains, the more you’ll get involved with the process and learn more about what kratom may offer you. 

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Mixing Kratom Strains - infographic with three steps for mixing at home.

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