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Sakae Naa Benefits: Ultimate Guide

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There are so many botanical treasures hidden in nooks around the world that we might never have had the privilege to see — let alone purchase — if it weren’t for the amazing power of the internet. One such herb is Sakae Naa or Combretum Quadrangulare — a prized medicinal tree that grows wild in the jungles of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Join us as we explore the known and potential benefits of Sakae Naa in traditional and modern medicine

I’ve Got the Magic in Me

Ever feel like you need a little more magic in your life? Traditionally, locals in Southeast Asia considered this tropical tree to hold magical powers — specifically, the powers of White Magic that were and still are utilized in several religions common to the region.

Whether or not that’s your particular cup of tea, it can’t be denied that Sakae Naa’s benefits are rather special. In rural areas, indigenous people used the leaf to boost sexual health and to kill parasitic worms, as well as chewing on the fresh leaf as with kratom to alleviate discomfort and increase stamina during long days of demanding physical work.

Sakae Naa’s Potential

Like most plants, Sakae Naa and its benefits were initially known in a restricted geographical area. However, when the 1943 kratom ban was announced in Thailand and Sakae Naa increased in popularity, this herb gained an international platform for becoming known alongside kratom.

As the herb came within reach of scientists and researchers, it was analyzed to identify its specific bioactive compounds.


The most abundant compound in Sakae Naa that underpins its benefits is Combretol — an O-methylated flavonol that also occurs in the unrelated Madagascan plant Cassipourea Madagascariensis and the plant Rhodomyrtus Tomentosa that is also found in Southeast Asia.


It’s a bit of a mouthful, but this known gallic acid derivative is the other main chemical that researchers have found in the Combretum Quadrangulare plant and started to test for potential Sakae Naa benefits. When tested in cultured mice-liver cells, this substance showed “potent hepatoprotective activity against D-GalN/TNF-alpha-induced cell death.”

Other Reasons to Love Sakae Naa

You know about Sakae Naa’s evidence-based and reported benefits, so now let’s go through a few more reasons to add Sakae Naa to your home collection:

It’s Relaxing

Just like kratom, Sakae Naa has that incredible ability to change its aroma depending on the quantity. With just a small amount, you might sense some mild stimulation. With a larger amount, be prepared for relaxation, soothing, and even euphoria. While this herb is described as being different from kratom, enthusiasts enjoy this herb in its own right when measured out correctly and purchased from a reliable vendor (hello, Kratora!).

It’s Accessible

Far from the days when you would have needed to pick the leaves fresh, the benefits of Sakae Naa are now available to everyone with dried-and-micro-powdered Sakae Naa that’s sold in an airtight packet. At the time of writing, Sakae Naa is not well known. This means that it functions as an alternative product in states or countries where kratom is banned.

Discover Sakae Naa’s Benefits with Kratora

Curious about sakae naa but not ready to fully commit? The best way to sample the aroma of this magical jungle plant is to order our Ethnobotanical Kratom Alternatives Variety Pack. In this economical pack, you will receive small packets of all our alternative products:

  • Sakae Naa
  • Mitragyna Hirsuta
  • Akuamma powder
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  • Blue Lotus powder
  • Muira Puama

As with our kratom and, our premium Sakae Naa powder is:

When you purchase ethnobotanical products at Kratora, your purchase is guaranteed to deliver — every time. While we think this herb is pretty special, natural variation means that our premium Sakae Naa and its benefits might vary from batch to batch. If for any reason you don’t love your powder, simply send us the packet with at least 75% of the original volume remaining and we’ll happily refund the full purchase price. Want a sample of Sakae Naa? Simply request a sample with your regular Kratora order and we’ll send you a small packet — completely free of charge!

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Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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