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Where Is Kratom Grown?

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Have you ever wondered where kratom is grown? Kratom is native to Southeast Asia in countries like Thailand and Indonesia and has been used for centuries as a natural solution for a variety of concerns. The plant grows wild in these countries and can even be found on roadsides or paths for miles around some villages. 

Kratom is a member of the coffee family. It grows best under shady trees with plenty of rain drainage nearby. That’s why it often grows near rivers, especially because the soil is rich in minerals from running water that helps support growth. Today, kratom is a highly sought-after botanical plant around the world, with growing popularity among herbalists and natural remedy enthusiasts. In this blog, we’re going to discuss:

  • The origins of kratom and where it is grown
  • Ideal kratom growing conditions
  • Why the right growing conditions matter 
  • Growing and harvesting kratom
  • Whether you can grow kratom at home


The Origins of Kratom

Kratom origins are somewhat of a mystery. It’s still unclear whether the herb first grew in Southeast Asia, where modern-day countries like Thailand are located, or on Indonesia’s island of Borneo. Some people say that kratom originated in both these places because there has been an oral history about this with local tribes and villages for centuries. 

What we do know is that kratom was traditionally used for its soothing properties since at least 500 B.C., when it was first written about in a Thai book known as The Laws of Thailand. Today, kratom grows in Southeast Asia and the Pacific regions. It’s predominantly grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, but also other countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, and Nepal. These regions are ideal because of the climate and weather conditions.


Ideal Growing Conditions for Kratom

Kratom thrives best in tropical climates where there’s a lot of sunlight, humidity, and rain. The countries where kratom is grown are located near the equator, where it offers many hours of sunlight, sometimes up to twelve hours a day. 

This helps the plant grow faster and produce more leaves per year than if grown somewhere with more hours between sunrise and sunset. Kratom also thrives best when wet climates exist with plenty of rain that lasts for at least six months out of the year. This is because the plant needs to continually be hydrated, which can only happen with a lot of rain throughout the seasons.

Kratom grows best in humid climates where temperatures are between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius all year long. Temperatures that are too low or high inhibit the growth of kratom plants, so they must be in the right location where they can grow and thrive.


Why the Right Growing Conditions Matter

The right kratom growing conditions matter because they allow the kratom plant to grow as it naturally does with ease. With the ideal conditions where kratom is grown, kratom plants can thrive and produce leaves, stems, and roots that all provide a different level of alkaloid content. This allows people who use this herbal supplement to take advantage of what is on offer from each part of the kratom plant.

That’s why the sourcing of kratom from where it is grown is also critical. It’s the only way to ensure that the kratom is of good quality and will offer all the desired benefits. The right conditions also ensure a healthy amount of oxygen for plant growth to happen as it should be, ensuring that the kratom plant can grow in an optimal way where its leaves have enough space to move upwards towards the sun.

In the right conditions, kratom can be sustainably cultivated in an area where there is plenty of water and sunlight to sustain it and in an area where there’s plenty of space, for example, a forested region or even on top of mountaintops where it can thrive and grow to its maximum potential size without having any serious competition from other plants that might grow in the same region.


Kratom Growing and Harvesting


A growing plant

Kratom grows naturally from seeds collected by farmers and then sold to distributors who export them overseas, where they are sold to the public and where people can buy kratom. Its wild nature means that it can grow in a variety of different natural environments. Villagers living in areas where kratom is grown sometimes grow it in their backyards or on land available to them.

When it comes to harvesting, farmers and villagers usually remove the kratom leaves from the tree, dry them out, and then use a rolling machine to crush it into powder or sell the leaves directly to others who eventually sell kratom powder as the end product. To harvest kratom, farmers must cut down all of the tree’s branches so that they grow back fresh and strong. 

Kratom leaves are harvested three to five years after the tree starts to grow. Harvesting typically happens twice a year, once during the dry season and then again during the wet season. There are two types of harvesting — selective cutting and clumping. Selective cutting involves choosing trees that have matured enough to produce good quality leaves, while clumping is when all trees are cut down regardless of maturity level.


Can You Grow Kratom at Home?

More and more people are interested in knowing where kratom is grown and the right kratom growing conditions. And even more, want to know whether they can grow kratom at home? The truth is, kratom can grow anywhere in the world under the right conditions. But you need to know that it prefers humid climates and temperatures at or near 80 degrees Fahrenheit with around 25% humidity.

Some people have taken the step even to grow kratom in the U.S. in their own gardens. The biggest challenge is where to buy the seeds. Kratom seeds need to stay fresh, and most seeds are shipped dry and need to be soaked before they will sprout. The process of growing your own kratom isn’t an undertaking most should try, and the best way to ensure high-quality kratom is to buy it from a reputable vendor. It’s more convenient, and you know the kratom is safe.


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