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Which Type of CBD Product is Best For You?

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Because CBD can be readily extracted and added to various products, CBD oil products are more varied than ever. Today’s customers can inhale CBD through vape pens, snack on flavorful CBD edibles, and even absorb CBD through the skin with CBD topicals!

Although this broad selection of CBD products is empowering for consumers, it can also be overwhelming. With so many choices, it can be difficult to determine which type of CBD product is best for you!

So, what do today’s CBD products offer, and which one is most compatible with your lifestyle? Let’s take a look!


Types of CBD Products & What They Have to Offer

CBD Oils

While the CBD market has expanded to include many new products, online CBD oil products have retained their popularity — and for good reasons. These potent, no-frills liquid extracts contain isolated cannabidiol at various concentrations and are easily administered under-the-tongue using the included dropper.

Overall, CBD oils are sensible and pragmatic CBD products. However, some consumers might find the sublingual route of administration required and bitter botanical flavor to be off-putting. To address these shortcomings, some manufacturers flavor their CBD oils to taste more like fruits, mint, and/or desserts.

Unfortunately, while adding flavors can help mask the cannabinoid’s natural bitterness, manufacturers can’t do much to improve the portability of CBD oil products. As a liquid, CBD oils are easy-to-use, but they’re also likely to be spilled or leak, especially while in transit. As a result, other types of CBD products that offer mobile convenience — such as CBD edibles and topicals — might be preferable for on-the-go users.



CBD Topicals

CBD oil topicals creams, gels, and lotions are among the newest CBD products to hit the market, but they’ve already caught on with consumers. After being applied to the body, these cannabidiol (CBD) gels are designed to absorb through the skin and provide localized relief of discomfort and joint pain.

Although the cannabidiol found in oral CBD products — such as oils and edibles — is less readily absorbed by the skin, recent studies have corroborated that there are a range of anti-inflammatory properties available in CBD topicals such as gels or lotions.

To increase their effectiveness, some manufacturers infuse their CBD oil products with other soothing botanical ingredients like menthol and camphor. While these ingredients can aid in alleviating localized aches and pain, they also add natural fragrance to the products. Most people are unaffected by these fragrances, but those with sensitivities might want to steer clear of scented CBD gels or opt for unscented products instead.

Ultimately, CBD topicals offer impressive ease-of-use and convenience, especially for those seeking localized relief. However, for shoppers desiring the holistic benefits of CBD, other types of CBD products might be preferable.

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CBD Skincare

CBD oil skincare products are similar to CBD topicals but emphasize nourishing the skin rather than providing localized symptom relief. Although the CBD in skincare products is even less readily absorbed than the CBD in topical products, studies have confirmed that CBD ointments are effective at relieving inflammatory skin conditions, reducing wrinkles and even scars.

It’s also worth noting that, unlike CBD gels, CBD skincare products generally don’t contain menthol and/or camphor. This makes them suitable for use on sensitive areas of the body, such as the face.

However, due to poor permeability, the benefits of CBD skincare products are skin-deep. While CBD moisturizers and balms might soothe external irritation and soften skin, it’s unlikely that they’ll reduce internal inflammation or help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re after the internal, holistic benefits of CBD, you’re probably better off with fast-acting edible CBD or a CBD oil product.

CBD Edibles

With the advent of high-quality industrial CBD extraction, manufacturers began adding CBD to various foods and beverages. These edible CBD products are commonly sold as gummies and snacks, although the market has recently expanded to include many other edible types of CBD products, including CBD drinks.

Like CBD oils, the CBD in edible products is readily absorbed through the mouth and stomach. This direct route of administration allows for improved bioavailability and holistic benefits in comparison to other CBD products, such as gels and moisturizers. However, the tradeoff is that CBD edibles are less effective at relieving skin ailments or providing localized symptom relief.

In comparison to CBD oil products, CBD edibles are arguably more convenient and enjoyable. Users can travel with most CBD edibles without encountering leakage or spills, and the seamless infusion of CBD into candies and sodas makes consumption effortless.

That said, CBD edibles are generally more expensive than CBD oils. CBD oils also tend to last longer than CBD edibles with comparable amounts of CBD, making CBD oil the better buy for overall value.

A man vapes a CBD oil product.

CBD Vapes

Like CBD, vaping has taken the world by storm. Perhaps it’s no surprise then, that CBD vape products have found their footing in an ever-expanding CBD market.

CBD vapes are most similar to CBD oil products in that they offer fast-acting and bioavailable CBD in various flavors and concentrations. Vaping CBD is as easy as filling a CBD-compatible vaporizer with CBD vape liquid and inhaling the desired amount. However, unlike CBD oils, CBD vape products are exceptionally portable and don’t typically carry the risk of leaks or spills unless they’re improperly maintained.

That said, CBD vapes do have some notable downsides in comparison to other types of CBD products. You’ll need a powered vaporizer to consume the CBD, and the costs of maintaining these devices can quickly add up.

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