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5 Mood Elevating Kratom Strains

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The kratom plant, mitragyna speciosa, has deep roots in the history of the world. For thousands of years, various populations within the plant’s native region of Southeast Asia have used the plant both medicinally and recreationally. Today, thanks to the influence of global trade, kratom’s influence has spread abroad, and the plant has become popular in many other countries.

Although kratom’s aroma is frequently described as being relaxing and soothing, the plant also possesses prominent mood-elevating properties. With so many strains to choose from, however, finding the most euphoric kratom for your needs can be challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered five of the most mood-elevating kratom strains to help you narrow down your search!


The Differences Between The Most Euphoric Kratom Strains

As a botanical product, no two kratom leaves are exactly alike. Various factors — including the region of growth, climate, and seasonal circumstances — can drastically affect the characteristics of kratom resulting in kratom products that are more euphoric than others.

To distinguish between the dozens of unique kratom variants, or “strains,” kratom products are usually named after their distinctive traits or region of cultivation. To provide further clarification for buyers, most vendors also organize their kratom strains into one of three color groups: red vein kratom, white vein kratom, or green vein kratom. For instance, Red Malay is the red-veined variant of the Malay family of kratom strains which grow near the borders of Malaysia.

Of the three major kratom colors, green kratom is generally considered to be the most euphoric kratom. Typically, the robust aromas of green-vein kratom are mood-elevating and somewhat stimulating, while red and white kratom strains are more relaxing and energizing, respectively.

However, as users have noted, all kratom strains appear to be at least somewhat mood-elevating, which is why this list includes a diverse assortment of kratom strains.

#5 — Green Malay: The “Strong” Option

Sourced from the Kapuas Hulu region near Malaysia’s borders, Green Malay kratom is widely considered to be one of the most euphoric kratom strains. The strain is prepared from matured kratom leaves and features a strong uplifting aroma that has earned the strain considerable praise.

In addition to its mood-elevating properties, Green Malay’s aroma is somewhat energizing in nature. As a result, this green kratom strain is likely best-suited to users who prefer an invigorating aroma over a relaxing one. However, like most of the strains on this list, Green Malay’s aroma isn’t very soothing and is not considered the best kratom for pain.

#4 — White Borneo: The “Well-Rounded” Option

The Borneo rainforests of Southeast Asia are home to an abundance of life, including hundreds of naturally-occurring kratom trees. White Borneo, one of several white kratom varieties sourced from the Borneo region, is frequently cited as one of the most euphoric kratom strains.

According to users, White Borneo’s aroma is highly mood-elevating while being paradoxically energizing and somewhat relaxing. In comparison to other strains on this list, White Borneo is the most “balanced” offering making it ideal for users who are partial to well-rounded kratom aromas.

#3 — Red Malay: The “Relaxing” Option

As the red-veined counterpart of Green Malay, Red Malay is produced exclusively with matured kratom leaves grown in the Kapuas Hulu region of Southeast Asia. The resulting strain’s aroma is strongly mood-elevating and highly relaxing, making it ideal for users who are seeking a natural mood enhancer or euphoric kratom strain that’s capably uplifting but less energetic in nature.

However, Red Malay’s aroma doesn’t appear to be very soothing, which is somewhat atypical for a red strain.

#2 — Green Thai: The “Balanced” Option

Although the name “Green Thai” suggests that the strain is grown in Thailand, most Thai kratom is cultivated outside of Thailand in areas where kratom remains legal.

Characteristically, Green Thai is comparable to White Borneo. The strain’s aroma appears to be equally mood-elevating and energizing providing users with a balanced experience that’s unlikely to cause fatigue or overstimulation. These qualities make Green Thai an excellent candidate as one of the most euphoric kratom strains.

However, because Green Thai’s aroma is balanced in nature, some users may notice that the strain is less potent in comparison to the other green kratom strains on this list.

#1 — Maeng Da: The “Energetic” Option

Wrapping up our list is Maeng Da, a remarkably potent variant of Thai kratom that’s highly-acclaimed within various kratom communities.

Maeng Da kratom’s aroma is perhaps best described as highly energizing and capably uplifting. Many even believe it is the best kratom for energy! Although Maeng Da’s aroma might be slightly less mood-elevating than other strains like Red Malay and Green Malay, the strain’s highly-energetic nature makes for a fragrance that’s exceptionally invigorating overall.

As one of the most euphoric and energizing kratom strains on this list, Maeng Da is best-suited to users who want to increase their mood while simultaneously raising their energy levels.

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