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How to Be a Good Kratom Advocate

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Without the diverse kratom community and ongoing advocacy to ensure that kratom remains legal, this herb would likely already be listed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, making it impossible for law-abiding citizens across the US to buy. While kratom is a legal botanical across most states in the US, the FDA has been working hard to have kratom banned

Some states have also been considering banning this herb, but there’s no conclusive evidence that supports a total ban. Advocates for kratom know that regulating kratom, instead of banning it, would be a huge step in helping purify it and protect it for what it truly is. The good news is that the American Kratom Association is working to keep kratom legal for users. 

Whether you use it for health and wellness, or you’re a retailer, a wholesaler who depends on a robust and safe market, or into scientific research that’s exploring the potential of kratom, your continued advocacy matters and will play a significant role against calls to have kratom banned


What Will You Be Fighting for as a Kratom Advocate?

As a kratom advocate, you’ll be part of a growing community that will be fighting against various distinct threats against the botanical use of kratom. 

  • Misinformation about kratom and its actual use
  • Legal smear campaigns by government agencies and other entities
  • Irresponsible kratom manufacturers and dealers
  • Little known information outside the kratom community 

Here’s how to be a good kratom advocate: 


Start With People Around You

One of the first steps to begin advocating for kratom is starting with people around you. Talk to your family and close friends about your kratom experience and bring up some science-backed data to support your claim, like the Kratom 8-Factor Analysis. You can also recommend watching documentaries and research videos about kratom. 

Remember, your ultimate goal is not to have kratom banned and support its legality with factual information. While talking to close people may seem insignificant, it’s a powerful advocacy tool as most family members and friends have no information at all or very limited info about kratom. 


Continuously Educate Yourself About Kratom

Ensure you’re up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of kratom. This way, you’ll stay informed about any new developments, federal/state updates, and research so you can offer factual information when responding to questions about kratom. Subscribe to the industry-leading newsletter from the American Kratom Association.   

You can set up Google alerts on kratom so that you can get the latest news updates and events. Also, educate yourself about the latest kratom trials, studies, and regulatory issues. You must also be a responsible kratom user yourself. Everyone can play their part to not have kratom banned.


Connect Online – Stay Active On Forums, Blogs, and Social Media

For many kratom users, online platforms are the best place to advocate to keep kratom legal. Connect online with other kratom advocates, stay active on social media, interact with others on popular forums, and read and comment on kratom blogs. Search Facebook groups and online boards for information about kratom regulation, legalization, and how to get involved. 

Go ahead and share your experience and positive feedback, and information about kratom. You can also create your own online community of kratom users. By connecting with others online, you can develop advocacy ideas on how to support each other. Educate people online who write negative comments or who want kratom banned but do it politely and in a civil manner.  


Support Best Practice Supplies

Advocate further by supporting reliable supplies that can prove they follow the best practices in sourcing, producing, and managing their kratom products. Like any other product, some companies or suppliers will use illegal means to make money, which means unwanted substances are mixed with natural kratom — this contributes to calls to have kratom banned

Avoid any companies that make unproven medical claims about their kratom products. By supporting reliable companies, you also protect yourself and play a role in the growing efforts to keep kratom legal and ensure a healthy kratom industry. Ask about product testing, check the info provided in the packaging, and ask whether they support kratom research and its legality. 


Support Kratom Advocate Organizations

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Many organizations, small and large, are advocating to keep kratom safe and accessible for years to come. It all starts with you, your local community, and large groups online and offline. If you don’t want kratom banned as it is in these states, you have to join the fight and support the organizations that stand for the legality of kratom. Also, take part in actionable initiatives with like-minded people so you can make a difference in your local community, state, and country.   


Contact Your State Legislators

If you’re ready to further your kratom advocacy, go ahead and contact your state legislators and share your experience, story, and advocacy journey. Let them know you support access to kratom by responsible adults and encourage them to introduce and support the industry-changing Kratom Consumer Protection Act to prevent kratom from being banned. 

The American Kratom Association provides an advocacy toolkit that breaks down everything you need to talk about when approaching your state legislators. It’s always good to take a stand for what you support and hold your legislators accountable, especially when you have any pending legislation. Your steps will help keep kratom legal and prevent it from being banned. 


Learn More at Kratora


If you want to learn more about Kratom and how you can continue supporting its legality, don’t hesitate to talk to us at Kratora. We specialize in selling extremely high-quality, all-natural, fresh kratom. All our products are purchased from reliable, stable growers and 3rd party lab-tested. We’re reputable; been in business since 2013. 

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How to Be a Good Kratom Advocate

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