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Does Kratom Expire? Kratom Shelf Life & Expiration Facts

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To enjoy dried kratom powder to the fullest and retain its maximum health benefits, you should ensure you store your kratom properly. This begs the question: does kratom expire? Here, the experts at Kratora will answer all your questions about kratom degradation, kratom shelf life, and kratom expiration. Learning as much as you can about the herb is the best way to ensure you have the best experience possible!

Does kratom expire?

In short, yes, kratom does expire. Kratom is a plant, and like all living matter, it will naturally decay over time. When kratom is properly dried and preserved, however, it can last for an impressive amount of time.

Think of kitchen herbs. Many people are unaware that their store-bought spices expire, but over time, even well-dried and preserved herbs can lose their flavor and any potential benefits. Have you ever tried to use a ten-year-old jar of oregano only to find that not only did it fail to enhance your meal, but it also had a stale, unpleasant flavor? Likewise, have you ever brewed a cup of tea with an old teabag you found in the back of the pantry, only to find the taste was less than satisfactory, and the caffeine wasn’t hitting your system at all? 

The same can happen with kratom expiration. Expired kratom is not likely to hurt you, but it’s not going to have the same fresh aroma or desired effects.

Additionally, certain chemical effects can cause kratom to expire. Prolonged exposure to oxygen can cause the alkaloid mitragynine, found in kratom, to degrade into a less effective substance. We’ll go through how to store your kratom properly below.

How long does kratom last?

This answer can be surprisingly complex, because it depends on a variety of factors:

  • The strain of kratom
  • How the kratom is preserved (e.g. dried powder, liquid, or capsules)
  • In what temperature, light, and humidity you store the kratom
  • In what container you store the kratom
  • Where you purchased the kratom from

Generally, kratom powder doesn’t expire if kept in optimal conditions for 1-3 months. The more recently your kratom was growing fresh in the ground, the better, so try to buy only as much kratom as you think you’ll need in the next couple of months. If you have multiple people in your household using kratom on a regular basis, you shouldn’t have to worry about kratom expiration if you follow the right storage advice and purchase your kratom regularly.

For kratom capsules and liquid kratom, the manufacturing process can vary. There is no universal instruction we can recommend for these products because of how widely they vary, so find this information on your individual product. No matter the type of kratom you purchase, always refer to the kratom shelf life details on your individual package!

When kratom does expire, can it harm me?

Expired kratom won’t hurt you, but it won’t have the same potency, either. If you use kratom after the recommended shelf life is over, you’re unlikely to experience the maximum benefits that make kratom use so popular, such as:

Mold, however, can make you very sick. Throw away moldy kratom. Do not use kratom exposed to moisture and fallen victim to any kind of mold. It’s not enough to pull off the mold and use the kratom beneath: any amount of kratom that has been partially exposed to mold can contain microscopic, invisible spores that can be just as harmful. Don’t risk it! 

How can I best preserve and store my kratom?

For dried kratom, store it much in the way you would store fine herbs or tea leaves. So your kratom doesn’t expire prematurely, follow these instructions:

  • Keep kratom in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate your kratom, as that can introduce moisture and promote mold.
  • Keep it away from direct UV light.
  • Store kratom in an airtight container to minimize oxygen exposure.
  • Purchase your kratom from a trusted, high-quality supplier.
  • When storing a new package of kratom, don’t mix it with the old kratom — use a separate container, or empty the old one first.

This is just a brief overview of correct kratom storage. To best avoid kratom expiration, read our extensive guide on how to store your kratom properly. 

Buy your kratom from a trusted source

The best way to ensure your kratom will stay fresh for longest is to purchase it from a trusted source. The higher quality the kratom is from the moment it starts growing in the ground, the longer the kratom shelf life you’ll have.

Kratora is a high-quality kratom retailer that prioritizes safe storage and transportation so your kratom product will arrive at your door in excellent condition. At Kratora, we have sourced our kratom from the same trusted suppliers since 2013, ensuring quality control and purity the entire time. When you purchase your kratom from Kratora, you can enjoy the maximum natural benefits this incredible plant has to offer without worrying about a quick expiry time.

We hope this guide has given you valuable information beyond just answering the question “does kratom expire?” For more information on this remarkable natural plant, peruse our extensive Kratom blog. The more you know about kratom, the better effect it can have on your overall wellness and happiness!

Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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