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5 Common Ailments & How Holistic Treatments & Ethnobotanicals Can Help

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While doctors and health professionals are trained for dealing with illness and injury, there are several common complaints that are easy to deal with at home using holistic remedies like ethnobotanicals. In fact, some of these holistic treatments and botanical supplements are so common that you probably have them in your garden or kitchen at home!

Five Holistic Remedies for Common Ailments:

Upset Stomach

Abdominal pain, bloating, cramps and nausea are enough to ruin anyone’s day and can stop you from enjoying the meals and activities that you have planned.

One of the most common causes of abdominal discomfort is a gastrointestinal infection — either bacterial (from contaminated food or water) or viral (caught from an infected person). Another common cause of stomach upset — and especially bloating — is eating something that doesn’t agree with you. This could be a reaction to a food to which you are sensitive or intolerant (for example wheat or lactose), or eating a large amount of refined foods like pastries, white bread, candy, and fries.

While the best holistic treatment for tummy trouble is to choose fresh, properly-prepared whole foods, studies and anecdotal evidence support the following holistic remedies for an upset stomach:


Ginger, or Zingiber officinale, is an ethnobotanical root from Asia that has long been used as a holistic treatment remedy for nausea, morning sickness during pregnancy, and seasickness. Ginger can be taken in a number of forms depending on your preferences with many choosing to take powdered ginger root, chewing on ginger candy, or brewing a fresh ginger-root tea.

Herbal Teas

According to popular tradition, an infusion of aniseed, peppermint, or localized herbs (such as muña from the Andes) can also be helpful as a part of a holistic treatment plan for indigestion and nausea.


Constipation is another ailment that can be very uncomfortable and often sends people looking for pharmaceutical help. Has it been a while since you had a decent bowel movement? Do you feel like you’re pushing out bricks every time you go? Although constipation is a common condition that affects 4 million Americans, it is not the biological norm and can have serious consequences if left untreated.

The first part of any holistic treatment plan for constipation will involve taking a close look at your diet and gut flora to identify and correct imbalances. For many people, a significant increase in the amount of green, leafy vegetables, fermented foods, whole grains, and water in their diet will help to get things moving. If you’ve already established an excellent diet and still struggle in the bathroom, try adding these remedies to your holistic treatment strategy:


A 1990 study of 99 healthy young men and women found that a cup of regular or decaffeinated coffee was enough to stimulate a bowel motion in around 30% of subjects around 4 minutes after drinking (and up to 30 minutes).

Hemp Seed

Hemp and CBD oil both have a broad range of uses in holistic treatment and have been used as holistic remedies in Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) for centuries. In a clinical trial, a hemp seed pill used in TCM was tested and found to be helpful at a dose of 7.5g twice a day for bringing on a complete, spontaneous bowel motion and reducing the need for straining.

The Common Cold

Cold viruses are among the most common infectious illnesses and can cause significant discomfort with sore throats, inflamed sinuses, and a runny nose. Holistic treatment for a cold or flu virus generally involves taking echinacea, vitamin C, and zinc (echinacea can also be taken preventatively), as well as the traditional lemon-honey tea combination and homemade chicken soup.

If you’d like to give your immune system an extra boost, try these two herbal remedies:

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American Ginseng

North American ginseng or Panax quinquefolium is a native form of ginseng that has a long history of use in North American herbal medicine. This holistic treatment is currently available in several standardized forms. According to a study in 2006, 2 capsules a day of COLD-fX can be effective in preventing and shortening the length of acute respiratory illnesses when taken.

Aromatic Essential Oil Blend

f you don’t have access to American ginseng, essential oils may present a more accessible holistic treatment approach for combating the symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection. A 2011 randomized double-blind controlled trial in Israel found that an aromatic spray containing the essential oil of Eucalyptus citriodora, Eucalyptus globulus, Mentha piperita, Origanum syriacum, and Rosmarinus officinalis reduced the severity of symptoms (sore throat, cough, and hoarseness) when applied five times a day for three days. The effect of this blend of holistic remedies was only effective for three days at a time.

Low Energy

Not having enough energy to go about your daily activities is frustrating when you have a lot to get done. While it is essential that you find the root of your energy problem and address the issues with holistic treatment, ethnobotanical stimulants can help you to keep going in the short term. Kratora sells a number of herbs that are traditionally used for fatigue, including kratom, sakae naa, akuamma seeds, kanna, and Mitragyna hirsuta.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Trouble sleeping and low energy go hand-in-hand, so how can you improve your sleep naturally? If your difficulties falling asleep are due to stress,  red-vein kratom may be helpful. If you would prefer to try an external holistic treatment for sleep, inhaling an aromatherapy blend with equal parts of Lavender angustifolia, Salvia sclarea, and Origanum majorana has been shown to be effective for improving sleep quality.

For more tips and tricks on holistic living, be sure to check out our blog and start putting your favorite ideas into practice straight away!

Please note that none of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

Want to learn more about kratom quality and value? Start here:

Why Buying Cheap Kratom Can Be Dangerous

Please note that none of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

Want to learn more about kratom quality and value? Start here:
Why Buying Cheap Kratom Can Be Dangerous

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