Does kratom go bad like rotting potatoes do?

Does Kratom Go Bad?

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There’s nothing like fresh kratom. You open the packet, and the jungle scent wafts up from the vibrantly colored kratom powder. After a few weeks, however, you find that you still have kratom leftover and stick the packet in the back of the fridge. When you rediscover your kratom months later, you’re not sure what to expect. Does kratom go bad? Will it still have the same aroma that it did before? Read on for everything you need to know about signs of decay and freezing kratom.

Does Kratom Go Bad?

Short answer — yes. Long answer — it depends. Just like any other natural product that’s 100% pure and doesn’t contain preservatives, kratom will eventually start to go bad if it’s exposed to the elements or not packaged correctly. These are a few signs that your kratom may be past its heyday:

  • Loss of color
  • Loss of smell
  • Visible mold spores

Obviously, we would never recommend using kratom that has gone moldy! However, if the only signs of freshness loss are a faded color and smell, it’s probably not dangerous to use it. It just won’t have as much of an impact. All things considered, it’s better to compost the powder and start again with a fresh pack of kratom.

Why Does Kratom Go Bad?

It might seem ironic that the exact same factors that are needed to help Mitragyna Speciosa trees grow are the ones that can cause its downfall after it’s been dried, ground, and packaged. As you’ve probably guessed, these are:

  • Light
  • Air
  • Moisture
  • Temperature

Let’s take a brief look at each of these factors and how they can make kratom go bad.


As we all know, light is essential for plants. Without light, plants couldn’t perform the vital task of photosynthesis and create the glucose that they need to grow. However, once the leaves have already been harvested, they no longer perform photosynthesis, and exposure to light begins a process known as photodegradation. This process is basically what it sounds like: the powder begins to lose color, flavor, and bioactives such as alkaloids.


Living plants take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen as part of a process called transpiration. However, once the leaves are harvested and no longer “living,” they stop breathing and start to break down instead. The longer your kratom is exposed to air, the more chance that the powder will start to fill with microorganisms, including yeast and mold, and that your kratom will start to go bad.

Before we ship your kratom to you, we test the batch for yeast, mold, and aerobic plate count to make sure your powder is free from these key ingredients for deterioration. Once the powder gets to you, it’s up to you to keep your kratom sealed or consider freezing your kratom so that you won’t find yourself wondering, “does kratom go bad?”


Nothing breaks substances down as quickly as moisture does, and that’s why we sell our kratom dried to a crisp and packaged immediately after grinding. When moisture enters your packet of kratom, any microorganisms inside the powder use this moisture to fuel the chemical reactions and dissolve the contents. 


All of the processes described above are types of chemical reactions. If your kratom is exposed to high temperatures, these reactions will accelerate and your kratom will spoil much faster.

Prevent Your Kratom from Going Bad

Freezing kratom


We’ve written about kratom storage before, with tips for both short-term and long-term. Let’s explore how appropriate storage can prevent you from reaching the point where you have to ask, “does kratom go bad?”

1. Airtight Packaging

The airtight packaging we provide with our kratom products should keep your kratom fresh for months, but that only applies while the packet or liquid kratom remains unopened! Once you open your premium kratom, be sure to seal the ziplock closure securely after pressing out all of the excess air. This helps to minimize the amount of air and moisture that get in and start to spoil your kratom. 

Usually, customers who have made kratom part of their daily routine will separate out their daily portions into small, individual ziplock bags to avoid exposing future day’s portions to air and moisture until it’s time for use. Capsules provide an extra level of airtight protection and are generally fine when portioned out into small plastic containers with a lid. We find that most people use up their liquid kratom fairly quickly after opening the bottle, and this is certainly the best way to enjoy the liquid extract’s aromatic profile.

2. Out of the Light

For short-term use, storing your kratom in a drawer or in a shaded spot in the kitchen pantry is usually sufficient for keeping it fresh. If you plan to keep your kratom for longer than one month, freezing kratom is the best solution.

3. Cool vs. Cold

Remember how we explained that the ambient temperature has a big effect on the question, “does kratom go bad?” For medium-length storage (1-3 months), keep your kratom in the fridge to ensure a stable temperature. For long-term storage (3-12 months), freezing your kratom is the best way to keep any microbial growth to a minimum.

4. Preparing Stored Kratom for Use

So you’ve taken the issue “does kratom go bad” seriously and frozen weekly amounts of powder in vacuum-sealed or straw-sealed bags. Now, it’s time to thaw your kratom safely so that it doesn’t spoil. The first step is to remove the packet from the freezer and place it in a protected spot to thaw gradually overnight. You’ll want to keep the packet sealed to prevent air and moisture from spoiling the product. Then, check that the color hasn’t faded, it doesn’t smell “off,” and no mold has developed on the surface of the powder. You’re now ready to divide the week’s supply of powder or capsules into daily portions and place them in your pantry or kratom drawer for immediate use.

Start with the Freshest Kratom

The best way to prevent yourself from having to ask “does kratom go bad” is to start with ultra-fresh, lab-tested kratom. The capsules and powders that we sell at Kratora come from recently harvested and dried leaves that are shipped to us in securely sealed bags. We then grind the leaves into a silky-fine powder and have every batch tested to ensure that your kratom is free from adulterants, heavy metals, and bacteria. Learn more about using and freezing kratom by reading the Kratora blog and order kratom now* for same-day shipping.

*Before 3 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday and 1 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturdays (excluding holidays).

Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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