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How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best CBD Oil & Not Filler

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Due to CBD’s surging popularity, consumers shopping for CBD now have more options than ever. However, the market’s exponential growth has also caught the attention of companies looking to cash in on the CBD craze by producing inferior products. Sadly, not all CBD is created equally, and it’s essential to purchase high-quality, filler-free CBD to receive the best CBD products’ full benefits.

But, in an immense, thriving marketplace encompassing hundreds of CBD products and brands, how does one ensure that they’re getting the best CBD oil possible?

Let’s take a look!

What Makes the Best CBD Oil?

CBD oils are often regarded as the best CBD products due to their value and versatility. As highly-potent extracts, CBD oils can be administered under the tongue where they’re rapidly absorbed by the tissues of the mouth, or added to foods and beverages.

Although most CBD oils only contain one ingredient — CBD oil — the resulting product quality depends heavily on how that CBD oil was extracted. Unlike other botanical products, CBD is fat-soluble and cannot be dissolved in water which necessitates highly-specialized means of production.

While CBD can be dissolved by organic solvents like pentane and hexane, many of the solvents used in this process are toxic to consumers, while others degrade the quality of the resulting CBD oil. As a result, the best CBD oil is usually manufactured via CO2 extraction — a process that utilizes supercritical gaseous CO2 to dissolve cannabis and extract CBD, producing a pure, potent CBD liquid. When shopping for CBD oil, it’s well worth your time to investigate how a CBD brand produces its products. Always be wary when vendors don’t include manufacturing information.

Generally, high-quality CBD oil is a golden-yellow color, uniform in consistency, and doesn’t contain any floating plant matter. While premium CBD oils can be more expensive than their inferior-grade counterparts, it’s worth investing in a higher-quality product to ensure that you’ll be getting the best possible CBD oil experience.

Are the Best CBD Products Made from Hemp or Cannabis?

The vast majority of CBD oils are either derived from hemp or cannabis. Although both sources of CBD are technically the same plant (cannabis sativa), there are apparent differences between hemp vs. CBD.

Hemp-Derived CBD

Hemp-derived CBD oils are made from industrial hemp which is the same plant that manufacturers use to produce rope, textiles, foods, health products, and other goods. Because hemp is cultivated almost exclusively for industrial purposes, it only contains trace amounts of psychoactive cannabinoids like THC — or tetrahydrocannabinol — at concentrations of no more than 0.3%.

However, unlike cannabis, hemp also contains a lower concentration of cannabinoids overall — including CBD. As a result, the best CBD oils are usually produced using CBD-rich cannabis rather than hemp.

Nonetheless, the lackluster cannabinoid content of hemp hasn’t stopped manufacturers from using it to create hemp-derived CBD oils. By using a significant quantity of industrial hemp to compensate for lower active CBD concentrations, manufacturers can produce CBD oils that are effective, but ultimately less potent in comparison to their cannabis-derived equivalents.

Cannabis-Derived CBD

Unlike hemp, cannabis is bred specifically for its cannabinoid content, which makes the plant well-suited for producing the best CBD oils. Most cannabis contains high concentrations of available cannabinoids, with up to 20% CBD in comparison to the meager 3.5% often found in hemp.

However, as the best source for CBD products, cannabis’s greatest strength is also its weakness. Because cannabis contains more naturally-occurring cannabinoid content overall, the plant also includes higher levels of THC than hemp. As a result, cannabis-derived CBD products are subject to tighter regulation due to the psychoactive nature of THC. For instance, the best cannabis-derived CBD oils are technically illegal in most US states, while other states have designated the products as prescription only. Meanwhile, hemp-derived CBD can be legally purchased nationwide due to negligible levels of THC.

That said, the stricter regulation surrounding cannabis-derived CBD is a double-edged sword for consumers. Because manufacturers of cannabis-based CBD must satisfy stringent product testing and labeling requirements, cannabis-derived CBD products are often more reliable and pure than their hemp-derived counterparts.

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Choosing the Best CBD Oil: What to Look For

Aside from evaluating manufacturing specifications, the labeling on CBD products can be a great way to determine what’s really in the bottle. In most countries, CBD oils are largely unregulated, so it’s often up to you to know exactly what you’re getting and what is the best CBD oil.

Product Strength

CBD oils are commonly manufactured and sold with varying CBD concentrations. To distinguish between product potencies, manufacturers measure the CBD content of their oils and label them on the bottle in milligrams. While some users will require more CBD than others, it’s important to note that more CBD content isn’t necessarily indicative of the best CBD oil

Sometimes, manufacturers only specify a CBD oil’s total cannabinoid content which can make it difficult to determine the product’s actual CBD content. In this case, it’s reasonable to assume that you’re not getting a 1:1 ratio of total cannabinoids to CBD. For instance, if a CBD oil label states that the bottle contains 500 mg of hemp extract, it might only contain 200 or 300 mg of actual CBD content.


Typically, the best CBD oils only contain one ingredient, either in the form of hemp extract or cannabis extract; however, it’s not uncommon for CBD oils to also contain product flavoring as an additional ingredient.

Often, some CBD oils also include ingredients designated as MCT, hemp seed, or other oils. If this is the case with a CBD product you’re evaluating, don’t worry — in most cases, these oils are present as “carriers” for the product’s fat soluble CBD content. Take note, however, that when a product lists multiple oils as ingredients, it’s possible that you’re getting less CBD and more filler.

CBD Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum CBD: Which Makes for the Best CBD Products?

When searching for the best CBD oil — whether online or off — you’ll likely be given the opportunity to choose between CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD. While neither CBD type is necessarily inferior to the other, it’s very likely that one is better suited to your needs.

CBD Isolates

In the simplest terms, CBD isolate is pure CBD. With isolates, you won’t find any additional components of hemp or cannabis tagging along for the ride. Any naturally-occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, or compounds that aren’t CBD will be excluded.

Generally, CBD isolates are the best CBD oils for buyers who want the benefits of CBD without the risk of involuntarily consuming other parts of hemp or cannabis, including THC. However, some critics argue that you’ll lose out on the holistic benefits of cannabis/hemp by choosing CBD isolates over full-spectrum CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Unlike CBD isolates, full-spectrum CBD oils retain all the terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals that are naturally present in hemp and cannabis plants. As a result, the best CBD full-spectrum products typically offer a broader range of benefits in comparison to isolated CBD.

However, because full-spectrum CBD is less “pure,” buyers run the risk of unwillingly ingesting other cannabinoids besides cannabidiol CBD, including trace amounts of THC. For these reasons, full-spectrum CBD oils are best-suited for buyers who want an authentic, holistic CBD experience — even if it includes the presence of other cannabinoids. 

Topical CBD: Is it Any Good?

Aside from choosing the best CBD oil products, today’s customers also have the option of purchasing CBD oil in the form of various cosmetics, including lotions, balms, and salves.

When applied topically, CBD oil-based cosmetics often tout additional benefits like collagen protection and sun damage prevention; however, although CBD can be absorbed through the skin, this route of administration isn’t very effective. A topical CBD product would have to be highly potent to successfully permeate through the skin and instill the same benefits as a few drops of the best CBD oils. In addition, topical CBD oils are generally made with hemp seed oil — a food-grade oil that often contains little to no active CBD. 

Ultimately, while it might be tempting to enjoy CBD as a fragrant skin lotion, sublingual CBD oil is a much more effective and reliable way to reap cannabidiol’s many benefits.

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