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Everything You Need to Know About Super Indo Kratom

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Super Indo kratom is an enhanced product with an intensely satisfying aroma that produces some incredibly powerful effects. However, is it a genuine kratom product, or simply a marketing ploy? Exactly what is Super Indo kratom?

Named for its sheer strength, Super Indo gets its power from the high concentrations of alkaloids derived from its much larger and older leaves and the potency they deliver. Due to the increased potency of this herb, it’s gained a lot of popularity among some kratom enthusiasts. So why is it not found among Kratora’s product menu? Because we are committed to providing you with premium-quality, genuine products, not just something that sounds good to make a few extra bucks.

Here, we will learn more about Super Indo kratom effects, its origins, how it’s different from regular Indo kratom, and more.

What is Super Indo Kratom?

Super Indo kratom is a unique product that’s supposedly more powerful and longer lasting. Depending on your source of information, you may read it is harvested from the remote rainforests of Indonesia, where it grows in the wild. While traditional or regular Indo strains are often harvested during peak times in the annual season, Super Indo is often harvested after the kratom trees have reached full maturity or superior heights.

The Mitragyna Speciosa tree can grow up to 100 feet in height over its lifetime, which is the perfect point at which to harvest the leaves. You’ll hear that Super Indo kratom is made from these larger, more mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees rather than younger ones like you would find in traditional Indo strains. The harvesting process involves picking only the top branches of each tree to ensure that every leaf on the plant has reached its full size and potency. However, while the maturity of the leaves does affect the end kratom product, this is not something consistent with “super” varieties. There is, in fact, no consistent indications of what makes a strain “super.”

It’s also available in the form of liquid kratom, enhanced extracts, and capsules, providing a versatile way to enjoy it and its well-known Super Indo kratom effects.

Origins of Super Indo Kratom

Super Indo kratom comes from Indonesia, where kratom has grown for centuries. Indonesia is known for its rich biodiversity, and therefore, it is easy to see why kratom has adapted so well in the area. With vast rainforests and hot, humid weather, it’s a perfect plant for Indonesia. The history of Super Indo was not documented until recently when it gained popularity in the West, and people began to wonder where this unique kratom product came from.

Effects of Super Indo Kratom

Super Indo supposedly provides a long-lasting, powerful effect that lasts for several hours without wearing off too quickly. Thanks to its strong aroma and ultra-pure alkaloids, it offers unique properties that are both therapeutic and psychoactive. It packs quite the punch at the right amount, offering an effect that will leave you feeling energized and euphoric. Since there is no way to determine what product each vendor is selling as a “super” variety, there is no way to verify what effects you might experience as you could with a traditional strain.

Vendors of Super Indo kratom claim it’s one of the best kratom strains for boosting moods, staying more focused on the task at hand, helping combat fatigue, and enhancing energy levels after a long day at work or school. Effects may vary from one person to another, but most people report feeling euphoric, happy, and relaxed after using this product.

Super Indo is available in super-red, white-, and green-vein varieties. Red veins are known to have sedative effects, while white veins tend to be more energizing and work best as a mood enhancer. Green-vein Super Indo is known to induce a level of mental and physical stimulation that may help provide an extra boost throughout the day.

How is Super Indo Kratom Different from Regular Indo Kratom?

Promoters of Super Indo will have you believe it’s different from regular Indo kratom in many ways. It is different, as it is an enhanced product, but without specific guidelines on what makes Super Indo so “super,” it isn’t possible to consistently name these differences. Depending on who you talk to, it offers a unique blend of effects and aroma that can’t be found in any other kind of kratom. The most significant difference between Super Indo and regular Indo is its strength, which feels more “energizing” than the latter. Some say Super Indo kratom has higher levels of alkaloids, which is why it has a longer-lasting effect than regular Indo.

Super Indo kratom effects are also said to be “more stimulating” compared to regular Indo. Its effects are often reported as “uplifting” and “energizing.”

Final Thoughts About Super Indo

The kratom industry is quickly evolving as the plant continues to gain popularity. Marketing gimmicks such as Super Indo can quickly become popular among kratom users who are less familiar with genuine strains. As a growing number of people look for more potent strains, Super Indo kratom will continue to rise in popularity. While some of these products may in fact be of good quality, there is no consistent agreement on what this product truly is.

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Where to Buy Super Indo Kratom

Now that you know the answer to “what is Super Indo kratom?”, there are a few more important details to cover. When it comes to buying kratom, you’ll want to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable vendor. So, on top of checking the reviews and ratings left by others about their experience with your chosen vendor, also make sure they have quality control measures in place to ensure that only unadulterated products make it out onto their shelves for purchase.

If you’re looking for a more powerful ethnobotanical, check out Kratora’s UEI kratom (Ultra Enhanced Indo) instead, a lab-tested product with 20% higher alkaloid levels. Have questions about other products that seem to be a marketing fad? Ask our friendly team for more information! Shop premium quality kratom and ethnobotanicals from Kratora today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Super Indo kratom an extract? 

It depends on the manufacturer. Extracts are made from pure kratom alkaloids that are stripped from the leaf and concentrated. Some “super” kratom products are indeed made from kratom extracts (or from pure kratom that has been combined with kratom extract), but many manufacturers simply claim to use whole-leaf kratom that has grown to its maximum maturity. So you have to read the labels carefully.

Is Super Indo kratom safe? 

Once again, it depends on the product. Kratom products are extremely well-tolerated, but when you’re dealing with enhanced kratom, it’s important to read the label carefully. You generally want to ensure that your product contains no more than 2% 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Is Super Indo kratom grown in Indonesia? 

Most commonly, yes. In fact, the vast majority of kratom products in general are grown in Indonesia, as the country not only offers the ideal environmental and soil conditions but also has cultivation-friendly laws. Many other Southeast Asian countries, like Malaysia and Vietnam, impose tight restrictions on kratom cultivation. So even though Indonesia’s native strain doesn’t have to be grown in Indonesia, it usually is.

What is a good alternative to Super Indo kratom

If you’re looking for a kratom strain that’s highly potent, Maeng Da kratom will not disappoint. If you’re looking for something more concentrated while maintaining Indonesian genetics and effects, our aforementioned Ultra Enhanced Indo is the way to go. Kratora offers a full line of kratom extracts that are ideal for experienced users seeking more from their botanicals.

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