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Blue Lotus Benefits

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Nymphaea caerulea appears to have been one of the world’s earliest used ethnobotanicals, and it continues to delight thrill-seekers and wellness enthusiasts today with the many compounds and properties it contains. Depicted in ancient Egyptian rock paintings along with wine, the blue lotus flower has become synonymous with euphoria and enhanced libido. However, the blue lotus benefits go far beyond its ability to give users a good time—this plant truly is a wonder. Read on to discover our experience with the potential benefits of blue lotus for health, healing, and well-being in general.

Infographic of Benefits of Blue Lotus

Traditional Uses

While the blue lotus flower is thought to have originated along the Nile River in Egypt (where it still grows today), the plant was spread through trade and travel to India, China, and Central America, where it grew in cultivation and was used for medicinal purposes.

Active Compounds

To better understand the blue lotus flower effects, botanists in India have recently identified the bioactive compounds of Nymphaea caerulea and described how these compounds might contribute to the plant’s wide range of effects. Seeing as the widely regarded blue lotus benefits have not yet been confirmed using clinical trials, looking at the flower’s constituents individually can help us build a picture of its full potential.

1. Alkaloids for Euphoric Mood Enhancement

You’ve heard about the alkaloids in kratom, kanna, and akuamma—the compounds that produce these plants’ psychoactive and mood-enhancing effects. Where kratom has mitragynine and 7-OH, kanna has mesembrine, and akuamma has akuammine, many of the blue lotus benefits can be linked with its two primary alkaloids: nuciferine and aporphine.

According to research, nuciferine and aporphine promote mood enhancement by activating certain receptors in the brain. In addition to its potential for producing euphoria, nuciferine has also piqued the interest of researchers for its potential with certain conditions and its inflammatory aspects.

2. Anthocyanins for Immune Support

We all love a good dose of alkaloids, but the blue lotus benefits don’t stop there. The alkaloid anthocyanin, present in the flowers, leaves, and roots of blue lotus, is thought to potentially boost the immune system and help protect against viral infections.

3. Anthraquinones for Digestive Issues

Found in the flowers and leaves of blue lotus and rhubarb, anthraquinones have traditionally been used for stomach aches and as a natural laxative. Anthraquinones may also offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Powerful Antioxidants for Health

A glass of red wine held on a slant.

We have been reminded frequently online of the importance of antioxidants for free radical protection, cardio health, and more youthful skin. The coumarins, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds in blue lotus provide antioxidant benefits that could help promote health in these important ways.

5. Flavonoids for a Natural Antibiotic

Covering the last three points and more, the flavonoids in Nymphaea caerulea contribute to the blue lotus benefits in several important ways. As well as acting as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, flavonoids assist with chelating metals and can also inhibit antibiotic-resistant microbes.

6. Glycosides for Heart Health

Glycosides in the flowers, leaves, and rhizomes of blue lotus are said to provide natural support for a healthy heart.

7. Tannins and Leucoanthocyanins for Wound Healing

Astringents are important in topical medicine for tightening wounds and speeding up the healing process. Blue lotus contains two compounds with proven astringent properties—tannins and leucoanthocyanins.

Used for tanning as well as medicine, tannins are produced by plants as protective substances and are valued for their astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antidiarrheal activity. Lesser-known leucoanthocyanins have been studied principally for their role in giving unripe fruit its tart flavor and for their role in stabilizing stored wine and juice.

8. Triterpenoids for the Relief of Pain and Inflammation

If you’ve read our past blogs about blue lotus flower effects, you will know that the traditional blue lotus benefits include general relief for mild discomforts. This effect appears to be linked to the presence of triterpenoids (molecules made up of three terpene units) that exhibit analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

9. Steroids for Increased Sex Drive

And finally, the effect we’ve all been waiting for—the blue lotus benefits for your sex life! The ancient Egyptian paintings of blue lotus in erotic scenes were definitely not wrong.

Making the Most of the Blue Lotus Flower Effects

Whether you’re in the market for fresh or dried blue lotus for sale, many of our customers enjoy the benefits of blue lotus in the form of a tea or tincture which is prepared cold to conserve the potency of the plant’s natural alkaloids. As blue lotus is mildly psychoactive, it is a good idea to avoid its use when you need to operate machinery or make decisions (or when you are around children) and should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Quality is Assured with Kratora’s Blue Lotus

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As blue lotus is a product of nature and subject to natural variation, our blue lotus preparations are covered by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love the batch you receive, simply return the packet with 80% of the original volume remaining and we’ll return your money with no questions asked.

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Blue Lotus FAQ

Is blue lotus legal?

Blue lotus is 100% legal in the United States. There are a few countries that have restricted or banned lotus (namely Russia, Latvia, Poland, and Romania), but you won’t run into any legal issues in the U.S.

Can blue lotus increase your energy level?

More research is still needed in this area, but some users have anecdotally reported feelings of mild energy when using blue lotus flower. Researchers are still working to understand the full range of blue lotus benefits. As new research becomes available, we will keep you updated right here on the Kratora blog.

FDA Disclaimer: Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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