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DIY Holiday Gift: Kratom Soap

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There is nothing quite like a handmade holiday gift. It brings out our innate creativity while giving you free rein to personalize your gifts. For someone who loves kratom or natural beauty products, try this DIY soap recipe with your own custom blend of kratom, essential oils, and other botanicals.

Why DIY Kratom Soap?

Over the last few decades, people have become more aware of the ingredients they put into their bodies and on their skin. Many are opting for formulas that are infused with nourishing botanical ingredients. Kratom — while more of a niche ingredient in beauty products right now — has a history of topical use in Malay and Thai cultures and contains antioxidants that could help rejuvenate the skin. Modern enthusiasts of kratom soap also claim that it can help with redness, dry patches, and uneven skin tone.

For a gently cleansing homemade soap, customize our DIY soap recipe with the botanical ingredients of your choice. It’s the perfect way to make a gift that’s sure to be used and appreciated!

DIY Soap Recipe: What You’ll Need

Kratom Soap Placed in a Plate

Before you begin, prepare your workspace, put on an apron, open the window, and gather your ingredients:

  • Glycerin or neutral soap base
  • Moisturizing oils (infused with kratom)
  • Kratom powder for exfoliating soap
  • Dried flowers
  • Essential oils
  • Vegetable dye

We’ll go through each of the steps and explain how to make your own DIY kratom soap.

Blue flame on a gas burner ring

1. Melt The Soap Base

For this DIY soap recipe, take the same amount of glycerin flakes or premade soap that you would like to produce for your holiday gifts. If buying soap bars, it helps to grate these first to reduce the melting time.

Slowly heat the flakes in a bain-marie or suspend a smaller saucepan over a larger saucepan with boiling water to create steam and melt the flakes. Now, you’re ready to customize your soap!

Person holding a brown bottle

2. Add The Oils

This is where you can start to tweak your DIY soap recipe for your gift recipients (and for yourself). Consider the following oils for enhancing your soap:

  • Dry skin — jojoba oil
  • Red, itchy skin — tea tree oil
  • Stretch marks — argan oil
  • Combat fungus — coconut oil
  • Balance sebum — hazelnut oil

The recommended ratio is 1 cup of botanical oils for 2 lbs glycerin soap base — this can be a mixture of oils or 1 cup of only one kind of oil. Adjust the amount as needed for the number of soap bars you want to make. Remember that solid oils like coconut oil will lead to harder soap bars than soap made with liquid oils.

If you want a smooth consistency for your DIY kratom soap, infuse 6 oz. of kratom into olive oil or the oil of your choice and strain the resulting green-colored oil into the melted soap flakes directly.

3. Add Botanicals And Vegetable Dyes

Glass jars of botanicals on a wood table

After mixing the oils into the soap flakes, allow the mixture to cool to room temperature and add in your dried flowers, essential oils, and vegetable dyes. For oils and vegetable dyes, you should only need a few drops. If you want an exfoliating DIY soap recipe, add the kratom powder directly to the mix. You can also add liquid kratom rather than the powder or infused oil. Be sure to add just a little to avoid making your soap too soft.

Large pink soap bar on a pale pink background

4. Have Fun With Shapes

Once your DIY soap recipe is complete, you’re ready to put the soap into molds. For holiday gifts, you could choose something fun like sea animals, teddy bears, stars, or go for generously-sized soap bar molds to make the bars easier to handle.

As you pour the mixture, distribute any flower petals so they don’t all sink to the bottom, and apply a few squirts of rubbing alcohol to prevent any unsightly bubbles from forming.

Dried orange slices next to hand made soap

5. Cure The Soap

Now that you’ve poured your soap into molds, all that you need to do is wait for the bars to harden. If using a glycerin base for your soap, this process should only take 24 hours. For DIY soap recipes that are heavy on liquid oils such as olive oil, you might need to move the soap to a flat, aerated surface and turn the bars daily until they harden.

Four soap bars neatly presented.

6. Final Touches

Your DIY kratom soap is ready! Now comes the fun of decorating and gift wrapping. For easy personalization, etch the recipient’s initials or name into their bar(s) of soap before packaging it in a box or gift bag. Add a ribbon and gift tag to decorate the gifts, and your holiday soap bars are good to go!

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