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Kratom Liquids Vs. Extracts: What’s the Difference?

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With our recent launch of liquid kratom, it’s understandable that you might be wondering what this innovative product is and how it compares to a plain kratom powder or kratom extract. The good news is that kratom liquid is the same kratom you know and love — now in a form you can use on-the-go! Learn all about this type of super-concentrated kratom, and how liquid kratom compares to kratom tincture vs. kratom extract and more! If you are looking to buy kratom then it is vital that you understand which form is the best option for your needs!

The Latest Take on Kratom Tea

If you think about how kratom was used traditionally, you will realize that liquid kratom has always been around — in the form of kratom tea! Similar to kratom tea, kratom liquids offer kratom in a convenient liquid format that is ready to use anytime, anywhere. The difference between kratom tea and liquid kratom, however, is that with liquid kratom products, you don’t have to wait for your tea to boil and can more easily control the strength of dose.

How is Kratom Liquid Made?

Liquid kratom can appear in three different formats, all of which offer something slightly different than the next

Liquid Extract

When we talk about making liquid kratom we’re really talking about a super-concentrated kratom liquid extract. To prepare liquid kratom extract, fresh kratom is boiled down (sometimes with the presence of a solvent), strained, and then boiled again until it becomes a thick paste. Finally, the paste is either mixed with water to form a liquid concentrate or dried and ground down to make a kratom extract powder.

This form of kratom is much stronger than plain leaf powder, but the strength of your kratom liquid extract will be determined by how much leaf material is used and for how long the entire mixture is boiled down.

Kratom Tincture

A second kind of kratom liquid is kratom tincture which is made by submerging the leaf material in ethanol or another kind of alcohol for several weeks. Using alcohol as a medium allows all of the organic compounds to break down without losing alkaloid potency, resulting in an especially strong product.

Kratom Isolate

The third and final kind of kratom liquid is kratom isolate — the type of liquid kratom we produce and sell at Kratora! While the first two methods are easier to produce, we have opted for this more complex and cutting-edge extraction method to produce a super-concentrated kratom product that is free from any solvents or residues and maintains the same chemical profile as the original kratom leaf. Liquid kratom from different kratom strains — such as a green liquid kratom or red liquid kratom — will have varying strengths and effects.

Liquid Kratom vs Extract: Which One Is Right for You?

Now that you know what liquid kratom is, you might be wondering how it compares to other enhanced kratom forms (like powdered extract) and how to choose between the two. There are three main differences between kratom isolate and kratom extract powder that are important to keep in mind:


While kratom extract powders are stronger than plain powders, this doesn’t necessarily hold true for kratom liquid products. Rather than making the naturally-present alkaloids more concentrated, liquid kratom simply isolates the active compounds in the leaf and serves them in their entirety but in liquid form.

In contrast, kratom extract powder condenses the entire leaf — cell walls and all — into a smaller, super-concentrated kratom powder that is approximately four to five times more potent than the same amount of plain leaf powder.


As a consequence of these different modes of preparation, kratom extracts will vary in strength and the amount of alkaloids present. In comparison, the extraction process used to create a liquid kratom isolate allows us to know and control exactly how much of each alkaloid is present for more consistent and standardized strength.


The final consideration when comparing kratom extracts and liquid kratom is the format that best suits your goals and lifestyle. For example, kratom extract powders are great for at-home use and crafting unique kratom blends. However, many people find that kratom liquid is a much more convenient option when you’re taking your kratom on-the-go.

How to Store Your Liquid Kratom

As a natural plant isolate that has not been pasteurized, liquid kratom — just like kratom powder — is best used fresh. When storing your kratom at home, place it in a cool, dark place, and make sure the cap is replaced securely after use.

Why Choose Kratora’s Liquid Kratom Products

After considering the benefits of super-concentrated kratom, many users find that the convenience and consistency of kratom liquids make it a great product to include in their kratom collection for when they need an aromatic boost while on-the-move. However, when shopping for liquid kratom online, it’s important to be aware that not all liquid products are equal. As explained above, not all forms of liquid kratom are the same. Some forms of liquid kratom are made with solvents or alcohol and generally contain potentially-harmful chemicals and additives.

At Kratora, we work hard to provide the best kratom online. We use only premium, organic kratom to produce a liquid isolate that is free from all additives and fillers. We also have our super-concentrated kratom products 3rd-party lab-tested to ensure they are potent and free from heavy metals and adulteration. Learn more about our premium products by referring to our Frequently Asked Questions page, and shop our liquid kratom before 3 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday and 1 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturdays (excluding holidays) for same-day shipping.

Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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